Kitchen Committee

Our mission is to provide meals to Occupy Oakland and throughout the city. Look for us at BBQs, rallies, and in the hood, feeding hungry people and building community.

Justice 4 Alan Blueford Coalition BBQ, Sat. April 13 1:00 PM Arroyo Park

Please join us for a free community BBQ with a health booth, music, activities for kids, and much more.  OPD officer Miguel Masso murdered 18 year-old Alan Blueford last May 6th in Deep East Oakland.  As Alan was laying on the ground with his hands raised his last words were “I didn’t do anything.”  The Justice For Alan Blueford Coalition has been fighting to get officer Masso fired and prosecuted, rallying and marching, shutting down City Council, and occupying the District Attorney’s office.  Come out and share some food and … Continued


Kitchen check in and important information!

Hi Food Justice Community! The Oakland Kitchen wanted to give a shot out to all the amazing and powerful food people. The BBQ crew has been on it! We also have a ton of occupy oaklanders helping at the kitchen farm, also thanks to the crazy autonomous cook and his huge meal actions all over town… know who you are, suspenders and all. Its such hard work and a lot of us know what it takes to cook for dozens and dozens, if not hundreds of people. We wanted to … Continued


Occupy Oakland’s 6 month Birthday Celebration!

On Tuesday, April 10, 2012, Occupy Oakland is having its Six Month Anniversary Party at Oscar Grant Plaza! Come down to Oscar Grant Plaza and enjoy the atmosphere of the camp and the amazing experiences we have all been through together, with a concert, speak-out, feast, and picture and movie slideshows of Occupy Oakland! The evening will end with a dance party, as we re-occupy for one night to honor the space we have all fought so hard for. Get in touch with the Events Committee for more information, and … Continued


Six Month Occupy Oakland Anniversary Party (and How You Can Help the Kitchen or Events Committee) – OGP, Oakland – Tuesday, April 10, 2012 – 5:00 PM

On Tuesday, April 10, 2012, Occupy Oakland is having its Six Month Anniversary Party at Oscar Grant Plaza! This event will start at 5pm. There will be a feast, concert, best of OO slideshow, speak out, and dance party. This is a big deal and we expect tons of people! Here are some ways you can help support the event and dinner. – Bring rice, beans, lentils, salad, fruit, meat dishes, juice, sandwich fixins, or anything you want. – Bring food donations: If you have access to donated food or … Continued


First BBQ Community Event: Sign Up to Bring a Dish – Arroyo Park, Oakland – Saturday, March 17, 2012 – Noon to 5:00 PM

Occupy Oakland is planning our first BBQ and Speak Out event for Saturday, March 17, 2012. It will be in East Oakland at Arroyo Park, near 77th and Bancroft, from noon to 5:00 PM. There will be free medic training hosted by the People’s Community Medics, plus arts and crafts, music, a children’s village, literature, workshops, and free food.  We are requesting help with side dishes and desserts from all cooks who are able to help. We plan on serving at least 400 people, so anything would be amazing. The … Continued


How You Can Help Out with the OO BBQs

To the Occupy Oakland Family and OO supporters across the Bay & beyond: Starting this coming Saturday, March 17, Occupy Oakland will be embarking on a month long movement building project across the city of Oakland in order to connect with those interested in fighting together to take back our Town and organize to meet our communities’ needs. We will be hosting large BBQ & Speak Out events every Saturday in a different Oakland neighborhood. Each event will include free food, music, workshops, the children’s village, arts & crafts, literature … Continued


A New Kitchen Calendar

Hi community. The OO kitchen is starting to use a simple calendar to sign up for food service and to figure out when food service is needed. The link is If you want to bring a meal you can go to “add event.” Simply put your name in the title section, and add details if you want, such as what food your serving and where, etc. Also please color code your post  Yellow for breakfast, Green for lunch, and Red for Dinner.  This makes it a bit easier to … Continued


Update and new ideas from kitchen

Hi community, hers an update on what the cooks are talking about and some upcoming occupy oakland events that would love food support. FUTURE PLANS: -weekly free farmers market, where cooks and the community can offer and take produce for their homes and beyond -promotion of re-usable dish wear, we will hopefully obtain a re-usable dish set. if u can donate some plastic wear please contact us. Otherwise bring your own dish wear to GA’s and OO events -Fruit plucking program. with permission, gathering fruit from Oakland residence to distribute … Continued


Kitchen meet, this sunday the 12th

Hi everyone we are having a kitchen meet this coming Sunday the 12th at 1pm, 19th and telegraph, right before the 2pm GA. please come! with love Agenda, completely flexible as kitchen always is: Face to Face Introduction Calendar/Scheduling App Supply/Goods Coordination/Inventory List Effective Spending, Budget Process and Fund Availability Donations/Support Outreach and Actions at Farmer’s Markets and Businesses How Fucking Awesome We Are! 19403


We are powerful, we feed each other!

Despite the horrendous police abuse and repression on the 28th the kitchen managed to provide a loving space to its community this weekend. From what it appears we fed over a thousand people during the two days, sat 28th and sun 29th.  I cant stress enough how important it is to provide these comforts, particularly when we are confronted with such fascist police who attempt to break our spirits by beating and gassing us.  We thank the cooks, people who donated food (a big shout out to Arizmendi and Everett … Continued