We are powerful, we feed each other!

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Despite the horrendous police abuse and repression on the 28th the kitchen managed to provide a loving space to its community this weekend. From what it appears we fed over a thousand people during the two days, sat 28th and sun 29th.  I cant stress enough how important it is to provide these comforts, particularly when we are confronted with such fascist police who attempt to break our spirits by beating and gassing us.  We thank the cooks, people who donated food (a big shout out to Arizmendi and Everett and Jones BBQ) the servers, and other helpers for working so hard, and providing for their community with such passion!  To get involved please contact kitchen@occupyoakland.com.


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  1. wasp

    Our groups and peeps want to come join yours to march for civil Rights reforms get a hold of me I have groups comin in outatown need to know decision u make?