Occupy Oakland Encampments

This information is no longer operative or accurate. It is maintained here for historical purposes.

Police are not welcome inside of Occupy Oakland encampments.  Media are asked to check in when they visit. The camps have dedicated family friendly children’s areas. There are also dedicated safer spaces for people of color and trans/women zones that others are asked to stay out of. We ask that everyone take care of the camps and parks and clean up after themselves.

Oscar Grant Plaza Camp (in front of Oakland City Hall, 14th St. and Broadway)
This was our first location.  It was raided on October 25, 2011, rebuilt on October 27, 2011, and raided again on November 14, 2011. From an initial occupation of a dozen or so tents, it blossomed into the hundreds. Below is a description of some of the services and working groups that made our camp possible.

  • Security
  • Sanitation: Works on keeping the area clean and free of trash. Numerous porta-potties are located throughout the plaza.
  • Medical: Provides medical and health services. Located at the northwest corner of the plaza, between the light poles.
  • Food: We have several tents at the serving stations, a kitchen, and dishwashing area nearest 14th and Broadway.
  • Arts/Crafts/Etc.
  • Info Table
  • Library
  • POC Tent (Safer Spaces): Please respect this as a People of Color space.
  • Women and Trans Zone (Safer Spaces): Men are asked to refrain from entering this area.

19th Street Camp (19th St. and Telegraph Ave.)
Established on November 19, 2011, five days after the second eviction at Oscar Grant Plaza, this encampment lasted one night.  The occupation followed a march on an Oakland Unified School District school targeted for closure.  The camp had a kitchen, vigil tent, and other resurrections from the first encampment.

Snow Park Camp (19th St. and Harrison St.)
The campers at Snow Park suffered less drastic raids, but eventually it was also shut down on November 21, 2011. It had a dedicated family friendly children’s area.

Mosswood Park Camp (37th St. and Broadway)
Established on March 21, 2012.