Kitchen Committee

Our mission is to provide meals to Occupy Oakland and throughout the city. Look for us at BBQs, rallies, and in the hood, feeding hungry people and building community.

Request for Cooks and Food Support for Rise Up Festival/Move-in Day on Jan 28 & 29, 2012

Hi beautiful community! The kitchen is requesting food support and cooks to sign up for the Rise Up Festival next weekend. If you’d like to help you can: 1) Commit to cooking and bringing food during a festival meal time slot. Schedule below (We can transport as well so let us know if you need or would like that assistance.). Please let us know your specific needs, for example: you need us to provide serving gear for your meal, you want to cook but need supplies to do so, etc. … Continued


Occupy Oakland Day of Health – Downtown Oakland – Every Sunday – 12:00 to 5:00 PM

Occupy Oakland wants to invite the community for a Day of Health every Sunday from 12:00 to 5:00 PM in Oscar Grant Plaza (14th and Broadway, downtown Oakland). We will have a medic table, visiting body workers and health practitioners, an art area, workshops, community meets, and lots of healthy food to eat. This is an open invite to anything and everything, most of all to come and participate, be present, and enjoy. If you would like to offer anything such as prepared food, body work, clinical experience, art projects, … Continued


Check-in from Kitchen

I’m sure we are all aware of the unlawful arrests on Wednesday eve [Jan 4th] at the plaza, and the unlawful arrest of Tobbie and one other on Thursday [Jan 5th] in front of the side door at City Hall. For more info. please read the other Occupy Oakland main page posts. We we are still trying to hold space at the plaza. We have no table right now and serving supply is often low. Food support is still very welcome! If you bring hot food to serve, if you’re … Continued


check in from kitchen

Hi everyone. A brief check in from the kitchen. The plaza was raided on Wednesday night. there were many unlawful arrest. everyone was charged as of yesterday with a 647C, blocking/obstructing the sidewalk. Five people as of now are getting bailed and will be released in the next  24 hours, we hope. The rest of the arraignments are on Monday 9am. Tobbi from kitchen was unlawfully arrested yesterday, Thursdays, and is being held under a felony and will have an arraignment on Monday at 2pm. Lets come out and support … Continued


Food support for the Vigil at Oscar Grant Plaza

Hi kitchen community, Just wanted to check in with all the cooks and volunteers. The food aid has been a bit slow since Christmas, if you know you’ve been busy and unable to step back in, pass the torch and encourage someone else to help.  This is a growing community and everyone and anyone can be involved!  Lets spread the word. We particularly need morning support… drinks, bagels, fruit, cooked foods, anything helps. Please contact us with any questions. We can provide some foods if you want to cook but … Continued


Food Support for Christmas Day, OG Plaza

Hi everyone, We are having a Christmas event at the plaza on Christmas day, this Sunday.  We are asking anyone and everyone to bring food and treats, family and friends. We need breakfast support from 9-noon and then support for the 2pm-7ish Christmas meal. Kitchen folks will be providing tables and serving equipment as well as some cooked foods but we need more support!  We are requesting if you can commit to bringing something to email back so we can coordinate around it. Plus if you need any support for … Continued


Kitchen support in OG plaza needed.

Kitchen needs food donations and volunteers! The occupy oakland kitchen is back in Oscar Grant Plaza. We are serving lunch and dinner from 2pm -9pm, but the need for food is constant as there is a 24/7 vigil in the plaza. We are looking for people to bring hot food, snacks and easy prep foods during these times and beyond, anything helps. We are also planning food support for the Dec 12 port shutdown so please contact us if you’d like to help, or provide food. You can reach kitchen on our … Continued


Welcome to the Occupy Oakland Kitchen

Our mission is to provide meals to Occupy Oakland and throughout the community. Planning a new schedule for lunch and dinner at Oscar Grant Plaza. More information to come. Please contact us at for inquiry, kitchen donations, cooked foods for serving, providing places to cook, or to volunteer. Thank you for your support and love. 8115