How You Can Help Out with the OO BBQs

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To the Occupy Oakland Family and OO supporters across the Bay & beyond:

Starting this coming Saturday, March 17, Occupy Oakland will be embarking on a month long movement building project across the city of Oakland in order to connect with those interested in fighting together to take back our Town and organize to meet our communities’ needs. We will be hosting large BBQ & Speak Out events every Saturday in a different Oakland neighborhood. Each event will include free food, music, workshops, the children’s village, arts & crafts, literature and much more. We have set up the website in order to facilitate this process and promote the events.

This project will bring Oscar Grant Plaza to a different neighborhood each week in order to network across our city and explore possibilities for the direction of the movement. Mass door-to-door outreach efforts are already underway and the OO General Assembly has voted to give the BBQs $2500 in order to cover our many expenses. However, there is still a lot that we need from the OO family in order to make these efforts successful. Here are some of the ways you can help:

• Join the outreach:
– teams meet at 19th & Telegraph at noon on Tuesday and Friday before heading out to the various neighborhoods
– or download the PDF flyers from, print them out, and do your own outreach

• Help with the cooking:
– Every Friday before a BBQ, there will be a mass coordinated cooking operation. We need as much help as we can get! We are expecting hundreds of people at each BBQ. Contact or 510-205-4550 for more information. Also, have a house near one of the BBQ locations with a good kitchen we can cook in? Let us know!

• Bring a dish to share:
– Feel free to bring something yummy to share at any of our BBQs. Sides, salads, drinks & desserts are best!

• Make a Donation:
– Hosting four big BBQs that will each serve hundreds of free meals takes a lot of resources (more than $2500!). Make a secure donation online here:

• Donate Supplies:
– grills (charcoal or gas)
– burners/sterno
– cutlery/utensils, dishes
– big food bins to transport food
– hand sanitizer
– tables
– folding chairs
– blank t shirts for silk screening
Contact or come by our BBQ assembly (see below) to donate supplies

• Connect OO with your contacts in the neighborhood:
– Know a group or some people that we should touch base with in our outreach to a specific neighborhood? Come by our assemblies on Wed & Sun and give our outreach team their contact info.

• Join the OO BBQ & Speak Out planning assembly:
– We meet at 19th & Telegraph every Wednesday at 4:30 and Sunday at 12:30

For more information please check out

OO Committees & Neighborhood Groups involved in the BBQs (as of 3/13):
People’s Community Medics, Occupy the Hood, Occupy Patriarchy, OO Kitchen, OO Children’s Village, OO Arts & Crafts committee, Occupy Research, OO Foreclosure Defense Group, OO Sound Committee & the Tactical Action Committee.


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