Liverpool Dockworkers Salute Oakland Community Picket and ILWU Local 10.

Liverpool general transport strike, 1911.

To the Members and Officers, International Longshore & Warehouse Union, ILWU Local 10, 400 North Point Street, San Francisco, CA 94133. Re: Message of Solidarity.   The Liverpool Dockworkers both past and present salute the actions of Local 10 and the Oakland Community Picket, taken against the Israeli government controlled Zim Line vessels. Furthermore their magnificent actions strike a blow against the Israel apartheid regime for their continued massacre and destruction of Gaza. For far too long people in power have turned a blind eye to the Israeli slaughter of innocent Palestinian men, women and children, now we are seeing the … Continued


It's an Official Unofficial Candidacy: Einstein to Formally Announce Mayoral Run!


Einstein, the dog who would be Mayor, will officially announce his unofficial candidacy for Mayor on the steps of City Hall Thursday, October 2nd, at 10:00 AM. Human-centric bias in election law does not allow Einstein to register as an official candidate, but that has never stopped a canine as dogged as Einstein before, and it won’t stop him now. With a more detailed platform and governing philosophy than most of the Mayoral candidates, why not vote for Einstein? Ranked choice voting allows you to vote for Einstein as your … Continued


Hong Kong Occupy Activists (aka Occupy Central) At the Center of Massive Protests Against New Chinese Anti-Democratic Policies.


Tens of thousands have been on the streets of Hong Kong since Wednesday, enduring tear gas and riot police. They are protesting the chipping away of the freedoms the Chinese government guaranteed them in 1997 when the expiration of a 100 year lease changed Hong Kong from being a British colony to part of China. In particular, a series of election law proposed changes that would give the Chinese government control over who was an acceptable candidate to run for office are at the center of the protests. It is … Continued


Another Ship Bites the Dock Dust.


The Zim Shanghai was successfully blocked from being unloaded in Oakland, beginning on Saturday morning, September 27th, with pickets continuing into the 2nd shift on Saturday evening.  Very, very early on Sunday morning, with the threat of another picket beginning at 5:00 AM, the Zim Shanghai left San Francisco Bay and, at this writing, is steaming south on its way to Los Angeles, some miles out in the Pacific off Half Moon Bay. Zim Shanghai has now left berth 57, turned round, and heading west to. ?? Another berth? The … Continued


Picket of the Zim Shanghai continues!: Saturday 4:30-5PM W.Oakland BART–End the Siege of Gaza

Stop ZIM

We stopped the ZIM from unloading this morning, let’s keep the pressure on this afternoon! Folks will gather at the West Oakland BART, at 4:30 PM if you are marching, at 5 PM for a carpool to the picket.  Previous POST: ALERT: The Zim Shanghai has changed its estimated arrival back to Saturday (September 27th) AM.  The critical picket is back to 5 AM Saturday, 9/27. Gather at W. Oakland BART. We will still be at W. Oakland BART at 5pm tonight to meet anybody who wishes to help plan … Continued


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