First BBQ Community Event: Sign Up to Bring a Dish – Arroyo Park, Oakland – Saturday, March 17, 2012 – Noon to 5:00 PM

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Occupy Oakland is planning our first BBQ and Speak Out event for Saturday, March 17, 2012. It will be in East Oakland at Arroyo Park, near 77th and Bancroft, from noon to 5:00 PM. There will be free medic training hosted by the People’s Community Medics, plus arts and crafts, music, a children’s village, literature, workshops, and free food.  We are requesting help with side dishes and desserts from all cooks who are able to help. We plan on serving at least 400 people, so anything would be amazing.

The OO Kitchen’s wish list is:
– salads
– fruit, whole or fruit salad
– desserts
– snacks
– side dishes, veggie options a plus (soups, lentils, pasta, rice, etc.)
– juices – We have some 5 gallon containers and would like to provide healthy options such as homemade lemonade or agua frescas.

Please let us know what your ideas are, how you would like to help, and what support you will need, if any. Please spread the word to others who might be interested. Also, if you are not able to lead a cooking project, but would like to help other cooks, please send an email to us and we can direct you to the main kitchen group for BBQ support. Our email is:

Let’s expand the Occupy Oakland community and make a beautiful meal for everyone!


8 Responses to “First BBQ Community Event: Sign Up to Bring a Dish – Arroyo Park, Oakland – Saturday, March 17, 2012 – Noon to 5:00 PM”

  1. iaminoak

    The weather looks like its going to be good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOORAY!!! Did anyone talk to Everett and Jones? If not, i’ll check in with Dorothy in the AM.

  2. bettagirl

    I’m bringing cornbread. What are the plans in case of, or because of, rain?

  3. Nuggets

    Are there any contingency plans for storms which are forecast for Saturday? I wish organizers would provide guidance here with statement such as “rain cancels” or “rain or shine, lets dine”.

  4. brookse

    Are these veggie barbecues? There must be a lot of vegans involved in Occupy Oakland. I find it hard to believe that consensus was reached by an Occupy group to organize around the gratuitous slaughter of fellow animals in such a hedonistic and excessive class of meat eating.

    The point of Occupy is to end hierarchical domineering, slavery, cruelty, selfishness, and violence for unnecessary and excessive personal luxury; all behaviors exemplified by barbecuing other animals for pleasure and camaraderie.

  5. Shon

    Mary Ann- St patricks day is pretty big. I doubt our little BBQ will effect the festivities in any way :p

  6. Mary Ann

    Did you realize when you scheduled this event it would conflict with St. Patrick’s Day? Probably not but there are St. Patrick’s Day festivities that will be going on all over the country on the day of your BBQ. 🙁

  7. john seal

    C’mon, folks, you at least need to acknowledge you’re using Susie Cagle’s artwork on this post.

  8. dbayer49

    I’ll bring a homemade dessert — either cake or cookies. Also, do you still need bbq grills? I have a medium size Weber but no truck so it would be a bit of a hassle but doable.