Justice for Trayvon Martin Assembly

Wednesday, August 28, 5:30pm, Oscar Grant Plaza STOP THE WAR ON YOUTH OF COLOR Demands: STOP THE WAR ON YOUTH OF COLOR JUSTICE FOR TRAYVON MARTIN – JAIL ZIMMERMAN! OVERTURN ‘STAND YOUR GROUND’ LAWS! End the murder of Black & Brown youth JOBS & EDUCATION NOT MASS INCARCERATION! Support California Prisoners’ Hunger Strike END RACIAL PROFILING OF ALL FORMS! Including Stop-and-Frisk! STOP RACIST POLICE TERROR Drug test killer cops IMMIGRANT RIGHTS NOW STOP DEPORTATIONS! Stop Urban Shield & surveillance of our communities A LIVING WAGE & UNION RIGHTS FOR LOW-WAGE … Continued


Call Out for a Drone-free Alameda County!

Protest the Coming of Drones to Alameda County! Alameda County Board of Supervisors Public Protection Committee Hearing 1:00PM, Thursday, February 14, 2013 1221 Oak Street Board Chambers, Room 512, 5th Floor More event info. Alameda County does not need drones intruding on its privacy or its pocketbook. Alameda County Against Drones (ACAD), a grassroots community organization that formed to oppose Sheriff Ahern’s push to buy a surveillance drone, will attend the Alameda County Public Protection Committee’s drone hearing on February 14th. The Sheriff is understating drones’ threat to privacy and … Continued


Confronting the Many Faces of Repression

Rethinking Repression Over the past year, we have experienced many forms of overt police repression, from the camp eviction and night of tear gas on October 25th, to raids on the vigil, to snatch and grab squads on May Day.  We have come to expect the riot-clad police, with their batons and chemical weapons, although repression comes in other forms as well.  As a community, we have not been sufficiently attuned to these other faces of repression.  As the Anti-Repression Committee (ARC), we too have focused primarily on the overt … Continued


In Memory of Our Fallen Comrades: Tsega & Alex

On Tuesday, July 31st two of our comrades were violently murdered, Tsega Tsagay and Alex Mahan. On Tuesday night, Tsega was beaten to death by her husband. We remember Tsega as such a loving person, she was vibrant, enthusiastic, a constant and unforgettable presence in our camp, at OG Plaza. (…) Alex Mahan, a Stockton comrade, was killed in a driveby shooting the same evening. Everyone remembers Alex as very kind, energetic and totally committed to the struggle we have all been building together. He never missed an opportunity to … Continued


Help Take Tsega’s Body Back to Ethiopia

On July 31, our friend and comrade Tsega Tsegay was beaten to death by her husband. Tsega was a constant and unforgettable presence at the Occupy Oakland encampment – an unceasingly loving person, always laughing, smiling and dancing. She never missed an opportunity to tell someone she loved them, or to get up and dance on stage during GA. We are furious at the way she was taken from us, and heartbroken that she is no longer in our lives. Her sister is currently trying to raise money to send … Continued


Goodbye from the Oscar Grant Plaza Gazette

My involvement in the Occupy Movement has largely been in a supportive capacity: I went on late-night postering runs for J28, I took over the Oscar Grant Plaza Gazette when the original editors dropped out and I became heavily involved in the Anti-Repression Committee. Spending so much time promoting Occupy and trying to keep it alive has of course begged the question: what is this thing that I am working so hard to protect? I know what I have wanted Occupy Oakland to be. Months ago, I saw Occupy Oakland … Continued


Post May Day Self-Care Tip #2

For  individual or group trauma support, mediations and anti-oppression advocacy, please contact Safer Spaces: Tel: (510) 502-9466 Healing can take place in the form of reconnecting with Mother Earth. It can be little steps like birdwatching, hiking, going to the beach or eating freshly picked berries. Ask your five senses what do I see, hear, taste, touch, smell? Have you tried gardening? Or are you already a gardener? What does your body, mind and soul experience when you dig that dirt, plant the seed, water, trim the weeds, ask … Continued


Post-May Day Self-Care Tip#1

SAFER SPACES is available for Post-May Day phone and in-person individual or group trauma support. Please contact us @ (510) 502-9466 or email: Nourishing Mind/Body/Soul/Each Other! From: Mindful Occupation: Rising Up Without Burning Out Protest is physically, emotionally, spiritually, socially, and politically intense. Even moment to moment, it can shift from being exceptionally enriching and energizing to exasperating and exhausting. One of the most effective ways to deal with these desires and disruptions is to establish and sustain a collective, holistic space that nourishes people’s individual needs as … Continued


M1GS Street Action Panel and Skill-Share 4/29/12 (Sunday) Noon-2:30

With May Day approaching in less than two weeks, the Safer Spaces committee invites activists and allies together for a two and a half hour panel and skill share session on: *Basic tips for a sustainable street action *Emotional First Aid: trauma education, emotional self care tips for pre, during and post action *First Aid: simple street medic tips, physical self-care for pre, during and post action *Coping with activist burnout and keeping the movement connected When:  4/29/12 (Sunday) Time: Noon-2:30 (hope everyone is ok with a slight overlapping of … Continued