Get Involved Via a Committee, a Caucus, or By Making a Donation


GENERAL ASSEMBLY: The General Assembly is held twice a week in downtown Oakland on:
Wednesdays at 6:00 PM, directly in front of City Hall at 14th Street and Broadway, and on
Sundays at 2:00 PM, at 19th Street and Telegraph Avenue.

COMMITTEES & CAUCUSES: Everyone who supports our occupation should join one of our committees or caucuses, where most of the work of the occupation is done.

DONATE: If you are unable to personally participate at the plaza, you can still be a part of Occupy Oakland by making a much appreciated financial donation or a donation of material goods.


Anti-Repression Committee:
Works with Occupy Legal to coordinate jail and medical support. Takes care of getting people out of jail, bail, packing the courtroom when people are being arraigned, and general solidarity and support work for those who have been brutalized by the police. | Anti-Repression Committee Page

Brooms Collective:
Conducts and participates in neighborhood cleanups and beautification projects throughout Oakland. | Brooms Collective Page

Children’s Village Committee:
Maintains the Children’s Village. | Children’s Village Committee Page

Events Committee:
Responsible for actions, workshops, shows, teach-ins, etc. If you would like to perform or organize any kind of action, you should speak with this group. | Events Committee Page

Environmental Justice Committee:
Collaborating with activists from other Occupies and organizations on a series of actions for Earth Day. Planning actions related to community gardens, Chevron’s environmental impact, and an analysis for Earth Day that highlights the ecological devastation caused by the 1% and its disproportionate effect on communities of color and neighborhoods experiencing economic oppression. | Environmental Justice Committee Page

Facilitation Committee:
Helps facilitate the operation of the General Assembly. | Facilitation Committee Page

Finance Committee:
Coordinates all official Occupy Oakland financial donations. | Finance Committee Page

Foreclosure Defense Group:
Provides front line foreclosure defense support for Oakland families. Also participates in greater Occupy Oakland councils on housing, reclamation, and land takeovers. | Foreclosure Defense Group Page

Garden Committee:
Provides community garden spaces for the City of Oakland and beyond. Supports the creation of beautiful, bountiful, and safe spaces for people to convene, organize, and eat. | Garden Committee Page

Info Tent Committee:
When an encampment exists, offers basic information on how to plug into the occupation and points people in the right direction for activities they may be interested in. | Info Tent Committee Page

Kitchen Committee:
Provides meals for Occupy Oakland and throughout the community. | Kitchen Committee Page

Labor Solidarity Committee:
Takes the fight against the 1% to the 1%. Non-union labor, unionized labor, and labor supporters are all welcome in this action oriented committee. Also the node for solidarity from organized labor – from mobilization to trucks, fliers, and port-o-potties. | Labor Solidarity Committee Page

Legal Support Committee:
Occupy Legal is a collective of activists, lawyers, and legal workers dedicated to supporting occupations in the San Francisco Bay Area. Occupy Legal works to transform the demoralizing experience of arrest and incarceration into an empowering one.
Occupy Legal Website | Legal Support Committee Page

Library Committee:
Hosts physical spaces (tent libraries and/or mini-collections) and countless creative actions to support the Occupy movement and the people of Oakland. Join us in the streets, with books! | Library Committee Page

Local Business Liaison Committee:
Does outreach to local Oakland businesses. | Local Business Liaison Committee Page

Media Committee:
Issues press releases and provides referrals for journalists. This committee was reorganized in March 2012, pursuant to a GA resolution. | Media Committee Page

Medics Committee:
Has a wide range of experience, but comes together as volunteer lay health workers to provide first aid, street medics for actions, and support the wellness of Occupy Oakland. | Medics Committee Page

Move-In Assembly:
Organized the January 28, 2012 two day festival and event to reclaim a building for the Occupy movement. | Move-In Assembly Page

Nonviolent Caucus:
Network of individuals and affinity groups (including study groups, work groups, committees, and organizations) who self-identify as being part of the Occupy/Decolonize movement and seek to engage with others in nonviolent education, training, support, and direct actions. | Nonviolent Caucus Page

Outreach Committee:
Empowering Communities through Self Determination and Mutual Support: The Outreach Collective works towards the grassroots organization of neighborhoods, and the creation of networks for local and mass actions. | Outreach Committee Page | Facebook | Connect with Oakland community groups via the Community Plugin Subcommittee.

People of Color/Queer People of Color Caucus:
For self-identified people of color and queer people of color. No longer active. | People of Color Caucus Page

Port Shutdown Assembly:
Occupy Oakland and 85 other occupations staged actions on 12/12/11 to shut down west coast ports and related facilities. The Port Assembly continues to operate a website that tracks and organizes port related actions on the west coast:

Raheim Brown Free School:
Holds educational workshops.

Re-imagine the GA:
The Re-Imagine the Occupy Oakland General Assembly Working Group is coordinating a gathering (or series of gatherings) to "Re-Imagine the General Assembly." We envision that planning a conference of the scope takes a lot of work, and the work of this group is to plan the gathering(s). | Re-imagine the GA Page

Research Working Group:
Provides research for long-term strategies and actions, such as research about Oakland’s 1%. | Research Working Group Page

Safer Spaces Committee:
Works to address issues of trauma and oppression within the movement, towards the goals of increased participant sustainability and collective liberation. | Safer Spaces Committee Page

Sanitation & Public Health Committee:
Mission is to make Oscar Grant Plaza more sanitary than it was under city control. Works with the kitchen and other committees. | Sanitation & Public Health Committee Page

Sound Committee:
Provides sound at Occupy Oakland events. Get in touch if you have equipment or want to help. | Sound Committee Page

Supply Committee:
Coordinates all of OO’s equipment and supply needs. | Supply Committee Page

Web Committee:
Maintains this website. | Web Committee Page