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Banging the pots on Inauguration Day

Dear Friends, I would like to organize a decentralized “bang the pots” action on Friday, January 20th at 6 p.m. This is in keeping with the Central and South American tradition of registering protest against the government by banging pots and pans.  (  Not everyone can participate in a General Strike and many cannot fight the traffic and police presence etc. to attend a demonstration. But everyone can gather on their porch or in their street and bang their pots and pans for five minutes to show our absolute disgust for … Continued


Free FOIA/Legal Document Scanning Service for East Bay Activists/Journos

East Bay activist organizations now have a new and free resource in the arena of Document Scanning. A member of Occupy Oakland has crowd source funded the acquisition of a brand new Brother ADS-2500W High-Speed Document Scanner. This member will house and operate the scanner free of charge for Public Records, FOIA Documents and/or Legal Documents delivered by fellow activists, independent/alternative media organizations and investigative journalists (NOTE: This does not blanketly apply to all non-profits. This service applies to those organizations and individuals which are aligned with, in collective struggle, … Continued


Protect Public Land From Private Takeovers

Oakland’s beautiful and wild Knowland Park is under threat, and we need your help at an important City Council vote. Right now, the free public park is home to a range of wildlife, including threatened species, native grasslands, and woodlands. However, the Oakland Zoo is trying to take over the heart of the park–77 acres!–which would displace local wildlife…for an exhibit about species that are regionally extinct due to development. What?!  This would also mean privatizing our public park, and since the zoo has been working behind closed doors with … Continued


The battle for a democratic Pacifica and KPFA

There is an ongoing struggle over control at listener sponsored Pacifica radio right now, including an ongoing occupation of the national headquarters by supporters of the Pacifica Executive Director of Pacifica, Summer Reese that has been going on for the last week. The issues are very complicated, and came to a head when the Pacifica National Board (PNB) voted to fire Summer Reese despite the fact that she has a 3 year contract. Supporters of the PNG then padlocked the door to the Pacifica offices on March 14th. Summer Reese … Continued


Protest FCC Chair Tom Wheeler, Thurs. Jan. 9th, in Oakland and Mountain View

Protest FCC Chair Wheeler Thurs. Jan. 9th, in Oakland and Mountain View     WIRELESS MICROWAVE RADIATION KILLS Thomas E. Wheeler, recently appointed by President Obama as Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), will be speaking in Mountain View and Oakland, CA on Thursday, January 9.  Join planned protests and speak out against increasing wireless health damage. Fox in Charge of the Hen House: From 1992- 2004, Wheeler headed the wireless industry lobbying group, the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA).  During his stint at the CTIA, his own scientists … Continued


GA at Mike’s house this Sunday! Hike & feed

The Occupy Oakland General Assembly will convene over food and libation this week at Mike’s house in El Cerrito.  We normally meet at 2:00 PM, but our holiday GA, hike and social will begin later than our usual time: 3:00 PM for a hike on the Albany Hill, 4:30 PM for a short meeting, 5:30 PM for a holiday meal. If you would like to attend either: – send email to Mike ( for directions – call Mike at 510-299-0493 for directions – show up at the Oscar Grant Plaza … Continued


“Occupy the Bay” Documentary on YouTube

“Occupy the Bay” A documentary, by Jonathan Riley, about the Occupy movement in Oakland and the San Francisco Bay Area.  . Click image or link below for photos from the pre-release screening:     53974


November 10: The Bay Area Battle in Transport: Workers Face Employer Onslaught – No More Defeats Like Wisconsin! Business Unionism vs. Class Struggle Unionism

***PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF VENUE BELOW!   The Bay Area Battle in Transport: Workers Face Employer Onslaught   No More Defeats Like Wisconsin! Business Unionism vs. Class Struggle Unionism    Meeting: November 10 (Sunday) 2:00 PM At: Black Repertory Theater 3201 Adeline Street, Berkeley     Although BART workers marched through downtown Oakland in August and October chanting “Strike, strike, strike!”, union officials shackled them with a concessionary contract. Why did BART workers settle for a concessionary contract after fighting for four months — striking twice, staging militant mass rallies … Continued


“Occupy the Bay” Documentary Now Online

“Occupy the Bay,” a documentary by Jonathan Riley about Occupy in the Bay Area is now available on YouTube: 52901


2nd Anniversary of the Founding of Occupy Oakland!

Come to the General Assembly Sunday, September 1st, 2013, 2:00 PM at Oscar Grant Plaza on the steps of City Hall to talk about suitable events commemorating the 2nd anniversary of the establishment of the Occupy Oakland encampment on October 10th, 2011 at OGP. The General Assembly of Occupy Oakland has met at least once a week continuously since that time. All are welcome! 52356