Update and new ideas from kitchen

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Hi community, hers an update on what the cooks are talking about and some upcoming occupy oakland events that would love food support.

-weekly free farmers market, where cooks and the community can offer and take produce for their homes and beyond
-promotion of re-usable dish wear, we will hopefully obtain a re-usable dish set. if u can donate some plastic wear please contact us. Otherwise bring your own dish wear to GA’s and OO events

-Fruit plucking program. with permission, gathering fruit from Oakland residence to distribute to the community. fruit processing and canning

-Changing food service location to many places around Oakland. This is to expand to the larger community, in hopes we can show more people the work we do, we can better benefit the larger community and hopefully to get more people involved. 

-Friday, feb 17th-support the lay off of Pacific Steel workers by coming to Berkeley city hall, 10am.look on occupy oakland web site for more info
-Monday, February 20, 2012 (President’s Day), Prisoners action day. San Quentin Prison, East Gate 12:00 noon – 3:00 PM TRANSPORTATION: Meet at 10:00 AM for bus/carpool at OGP. look at occupy oakland website for more info
-Tues, feb 21rst, foreclosure defense workshop, 3-5pm snowpark. look at occupy oakland web page for more info
-Wends, feb 22nd, big court day for Occupiers, 9am at oakland court house. coffee, snacks, fruit in the morn is great.
-Monday, feb 27th Occupy Food Supply, national day to address food politics and food corruption. would love an event for this day. a farmers market and food service day perhaps. Possibly a garden party day the sunday before, with potluck and some workshops?
-Wends, feb 29th, a funeral for capitalism, 6pm OGP, rally/event
-Wends, march 7th, another larger court date for occupiers, 9am oakland court house.coffee, snacks ect.

Please contact kitchen@occupyoakland.org to get involved. with love


2 Responses to “Update and new ideas from kitchen”

  1. RussD

    there has been a problem over the last couple of months that the city, and OPD have not been allowing us to maintain a persistent presence at the plaza. We used to have food on hand almost 24/7. Now we mostly have to serve food and then leave as soon as possible to avoid having our utensils, tables etc confiscated.
    There is almost always a food presence when there is a GA, action or march. Try stopping by Wednesdays at 6pm or Sundays at the 19th and Telegraph location, around 2pm.

  2. Oaklandresidenttwo

    I have been to the plaza several times in the past 2 months and not once have you OO been serving food, or even present for that matter. I am not being a snit, I was really looking forward to eating with you and trying to get what you are about. 🙁 So please let me know, when are you at the plaza?