GA Resolutions

Resolution in support of transit workers strikes

  Passed at the Second Anniversary of Occupy Oakland, October 10, 2013 Whereas, we support BART and AC transit workers and the demand for no concessions. Any compromises made demoralize and dis­empower the working class. For example, when there was a mass occupation of the Wisconsin State Capitol by workers opposing Scott Walker’s union­-busting bill, many were calling for a General Strike. After the South Central Federation of Labor endorsed a General Strike to counter the bill, the Democratic party and AFL­-CIO bureaucrats quickly dismantled the mass mobilization with an … Continued


Massive Police Presence At OO 2nd Anniversary Party. Because. Stupidity.

Eighteen Police cars, vans and even a mini-tank lined 14th St. as Occupy Oakland peeps came together on October 10th to do such nefarious activities as Chalking! (aka vandalism) Catching up with old friends! (aka conspiracy) Eating! (aka feeding without a permit) Listening to awesome speakers! (aka talking without a permit) Watching cartoons, documentaries and movies! (aka creating a public nuisiance) thereby terrorizing downtown Oakland’s usual residents who had to endure vast quantities of nutritious food prepared by OO Kitchen peeps and Food Not Bombs instead of their usual fare. … Continued


Proposals Passed at July 15th GA

1) Emergency Proposal for new Quorum requirements   .  116 yes, 12 no, 4 stand aside 1a. Quorum is hereby reduced to seventy people.   2) Proposal To Endorse Occupy Oakland Media Committee Purpose Statement 103 yes, 10 stand aside OCCUPY OAKLAND MEDIA COMMITTEE PURPOSE STATEMENT The  Occupy Oakland Media Committee (OOMC) is a committee of Occupy Oakland*  (OO) that makes use of the press, social media, multimedia, and other  forms of media to connect with supporters by promoting actions events,  workshops, nurturing political dialogue. The OOMC will develop and  adhere … Continued


[Passed at 4/1/12 GA] Proposal to Endorse and Participate with ACCE/RTJ in National Transportation Day of Action on April 4, 2012

We, the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment’s Riders for Transit Justice (ACCE/RTJ), are calling for nationwide demonstrations on Wednesday, April 4th, 2012, to highlight the amount of money being given to banks to pay extraordinarily high interest rates on swap fees. This is in conjunction with Occupy MBTA/Boston and many other cities. Fruitvale Transit Village, at bus stops on International Blvd. 4/4/12 4:30 p.m. We are also going to have actions in Oakland regarding our local buses. $53 million annually in swap fees is being paid to the big … Continued


[Passed at 4/1/12 GA] Proposal Endorsing Goldman Sachs Educational Seminar

The OO Labor Solidarity Committee asks that the General Assembly endorse the Goldman Sachs Teach-In by the Oakland Coalition for Economic and Social Justice. It will be held on Wednesday, April 4th, 2012, from 1:30 – 4:30 PM, at the Allen Temple Baptist Church/J. Alfred Smith Fellowship Hall at 8501 International Boulevard in Oakland. This event will also be held in memory of the anniversary of the death of Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr., and will set the stage for an action at the City of Oakland Finance Committee to … Continued


[Pulled at 3/28/12 GA] OO Endorsement of “Oakland & New York Are One Fist” Solidarity Statement

The Occupy Oakland General Assembly stands in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street and all those who were brutalized on March 17, 2012.  Six months after the beginning of the Occupy movement, thugs dressed in blue once more beat, bashed, and stomped on peaceful protesters trying to create a better world. Late at night on the 17th of March in New York City, Cecily McMillan was left convulsing in bonds without being allowed medical attention; just as on October 25th Scott Olsen was shot and left bleeding in the streets of Oakland by those whose motto is “to protect … Continued


[Passed at 3/25/12 GA] Proposal for Afghan Solidarity Action

Communities in Oakland have been struggling against police violence, surveillance, criminalization, and incarceration for generations. Police here are becoming more and more militarized daily, there are joint trainings between local police, the U.S. military, IDF, and Bahrainy security forces. Soldiers, trained killers returning from war, are joining the local police forces. Local police departments are investing in and using military grade weapons for low intensity warfare upon civilians here. We experienced the raids and night raids here in Oakland. Many of us were beaten or brutalized by rubber bullets, bean … Continued


[Passed at 3/25/12 GA] Proposal for Press Conference Re: DA/OPD Repression of Occupy

Occupy Oakland and other Occupy groups in Alameda County have been subjected to a relentless campaign of suppression and discriminatory application of the law by the Oakland police department, the mayor, the city administrator’s office, and the Alameda County district attorney’s office. This campaign focuses not only on intimidation and terrorizing activists with threats of violence, inordinately long jail stays due to high bails, inflated and inflammatory sentencing such as: lethal use of less than lethal weapons, bails in the 100’s of thousands, criminal and hate crimes charges, stay away orders, … Continued


[Passed at 3/15/12 GA] Proposal for OO Support of Mr. 1% Rally in Redwood City

Monday, March 26, 2012, Republican kleptocrat Mitt ’1%’ Romney will join Meg Whitman for a fundraiser to fill his election coffers right here in the Bay Area. The $1,000 per plate dinner will be hosted at the Hotel Sofitel in Redwood City, 223 Twin Dolphin Dr., at 5:30 PM. Romney will shmooze the SuperPACS and corporate fat cats, and we want to mobilize OO to show this radical 1% fringe that their time is up. ProChoice groups, The Dreamers (a student immigrant movement), and other coalitions will be out there, but we want to make sure … Continued


[Passed at 3/25/12 GA] Fast Food Workers Proposal

Fast food workers are some of the most disenfranchised and abused workers in the economy. Low wages, irregular hours and schedules, unsafe conditions, lack of bargaining power and representation make fast food work insecure, dangerous, and soul-destroying. For poor and of color communities in Oakland, however, low paid, precarious fast food work is the only work available. This perpetuates communities trapped in endless cycles of working poverty and long periods of joblessness — leaving communities that make too much to qualify for social welfare programs, but too little to support … Continued