Press Releases 2011

Occupy Oakland Forum on Police Actions – Grand Lake Theater – Thursday, February 9, 2012 – 6:15 PM

On Thursday, February 9, 2012 at 6:15 PM, Occupy Oakland will be holding a Forum on Police Actions at the Grand Lake Theater. Although the Citizen’s Police Review Board Forum on the police response to Occupy Oakland, previously scheduled for Feb 9th, has been indefinitely postponed, the show WILL go on. Occupy Oakland is willing to pick up where the City of Oakland leaves off! Many thanks to the Grand Lake Theater for hosting this event. See you there! 18926


Coalition Says No to Occupy Injunctions

Oakland—During a press conference and several interviews Sunday, both Mayor Jean Quan and Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan said they would seek to target protesters with civil “stay away” orders in an attempt to keep them from participating in Occupy Oakland activities. Oakland’s Stop the Injunctions Coalition (STIC) is calling the OPD Chief and Quan’s plan an overt attempt to expand the use of injunctions in Oakland despite the fact that the Oakland City Council voted to prevent the expansion of civil gang injunctions pending additional assessment. Oakland has already … Continued


Handmade Raft in Lake Merritt for West Coast Port Shutdown

In the early hours of December 11th an autonomous group of individuals launched a handmade raft in Lake Merritt, the SS Don’t Let the Banks Punk You Out. Their aim is to bring attention to the occupy movement, which has been evicted from Frank Ogawa/Oscar Grant Plaza and has faced repression across the country and all over the world. The raft is hopefully the beginning of an occupation of Lake Merritt. One participant said, “They kick us out here, they kick us out there, where else could we go? The … Continued


Survey finds Occupy Oakland has had positive or neutral Impact on 80% of Small Businesses near Plaza with 20% reporting a negative impact. Local Business Liaison seeking to help.

Survey Finds Occupy Oakland Has Had Positive or neutral Impact on 80% of Small Businesses near Plaza with 20% reporting a negative impact. Local Business Liaison Seeking to Help. (Click here to see the write up in the Oakland by Eric Arnold about this survey released on December 8, 2011.  Feel free to leave a comment of support in response to the “Trolls” who have been making some negative comments.) Oakland, California – 12/7/11 – Occupy Oakland’s Local Business Liaison (LBL) is a group composed of small business owners, organizers, … Continued


Oakland’s Grand Lake Theater to hold special benefit film night for Occupy Oakland on December 13.

Oakland’s Grand Lake Theater announced today that it will hold a special benefit film night for Occupy Oakland on December 13.  This is the first time that a local business has hosted a major fundraiser for the Occupy Oakland movement. The movie “V for Vendetta” will be shown at 7:35 p.m. and 10:00 p.m on Tuesday, December 13.  The film is a 2006 sci-fi thriller depicting freedom fighters battling a totalitarian state.  There will be free popcorn and the organ will be played before this special benefit event.  All ticket proceeds will be given … Continued


Support Grows For Occupy Movement’s Coordinated West Coast Shut Down On December 12th

As of November 27, 2011, the Occupy movement in every major West Coast port city: Occupy LA, Occupy San Diego, Occupy Portland, Occupy Tacoma, Occupy Seattle have joined Occupy Oakland in calling for and organizing a coordinated West Coast Port Blockade and Shutdown on December 12, 2011. Other West Coast Occupies, including Occupy Anchorage and Vancouver, Canada are planning to join the economic blockade and disruption of the 1% on that date, according to organizers. “We’re shutting down these ports because of the union busting and attacks on the working … Continued


Occupy Oakland Rally to Decolonize Criminalized Communities!

A Solidarity Action with Occupy Phoenix to shut down ALEC! At five pm on Wednesday, November 30th, activists and community members of Oakland will rally at Fruitvale Plaza to say no to criminalization, incarceration, and corporate profiteering at the expense of our communities. Racist laws such as Secure Communities, Mandatory Minimum Sentencing, Truth in Sentencing and Gang Injunctions impact Oakland communities.The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), an organization thatis comprised of 2000 legislators and 300 corporate members, has beenbehind and benefits from such corrupt criminalizing policies. From November 29- December … Continued


Re-occupying Oscar Grant Plaza on Tue 11/29

On Tuesday, November 29, 2011 at noon, Occupy Oakland activists will retake Frank Ogawa a.k.a. Oscar Grant Plaza in downtown Oakland with a 24-hour, 7 day-a-week vigil. Occupiers hope to create a model for a new wave of “Occupation” protest throughout the United States. With the vigil, Occupiers will continue asserting rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution to assemble, speak, and petition government for redress of grievances. The vigil is not the product of a bargain with Mayor Quan, nor is it negotiated with law enforcement–permission from the city … Continued


Response to the tactics of the City of Oakland and the OPD

A statement by the Occupy Oakland Media Commitee: In recent weeks, as mainstream media has focused its attention on Occupy Oakland, our city’s tragic struggles have been on public display: Oakland’s high violent crime rate, systematized racism, ongoing police brutality, and dire economic poverty are impossible to ignore. Yesterday, the Occupy Oakland encampment received a “Notice of violations and demand to cease violations” from the City. The mayor and city council are using Oakland’s deep-seated socio-economic troubles to justify ousting demonstrators from Oscar Grant Plaza. The people of Oakland understand … Continued


Status of $20,000 Donated by OWS Press Release

OAKLAND, Calif. [November 8, 2011] Since the October 26 announcement of a donation following the police raid on Occupy Oakland, some have wondered how these funds are being handled.  At Monday night’s General Assembly, Occupy Oakland voted on the next steps needed to make use of the $20,000 which Occupy Wall Street donated to the Oakland encampment.  Resulting from that consensus vote, Occupy Oakland is in the process of opening an unincorporated association in its name in the state of California. The money is temporarily being placed into the Wells … Continued