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Banging the pots on Inauguration Day

Dear Friends, I would like to organize a decentralized “bang the pots” action on Friday, January 20th at 6 p.m. This is in keeping with the Central and South American tradition of registering protest against the government by banging pots and pans.  (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cacerolazo)  Not everyone can participate in a General Strike and many cannot fight the traffic and police presence etc. to attend a demonstration. But everyone can gather on their porch or in their street and bang their pots and pans for five minutes to show our absolute disgust for … Continued


All workers deserve a livable wage!

A living wage is the minimum income necessary for a worker to meet their basic needs, including shelter, clothing, transportation health care and nutrition. This doesn’t even include such spurious luxuries as recreation, vacation, retirement savings, paying legal fees and insurance, taking care of sick or elderly family members, tithing to your church, debt repayment, higher education for your children, and other such frivolous extravagances. Unfortunately in this country the minimum wage that employers must may is far below this even this paltry standard. Currently the national minimum wage is … Continued


Park Garden is under the threat of development

A little over a week ago, neighbors in the area spotted the attached notice posted on poles. There is intent to develop a 6-story mixed-use building on the lot Park Garden currently occupies. Now, this is the beginning of a longer process, so we will continue as usual and plan to plant through winter into early next spring, which is the soonest that ground would be broken, more than likely. If there is any better reason to participate and enjoy Park Garden this season, I can’t find it. There was … Continued


Protest the Cancellation of KPFA’s Morning Mix

Protest the cancellation of the Morning Mix, a radio show on KPFA during morning drive time, which was hosted by diverse programmers who are based in the local community. It is being replaced with a show, with one radio personality, that will be piped in from Los Angeles. Only some Morning Mix segments have been rescheduled, and at times of the day when most working people are at work and unable to listen, including the labor show Work Week Radio (https://soundcloud.com/workweek-radio), and Project Censored (http://www.projectcensored.org/category/radio/). This removal of the Morning … Continued


Protest FCC Chair Tom Wheeler, Thurs. Jan. 9th, in Oakland and Mountain View

Protest FCC Chair Wheeler Thurs. Jan. 9th, in Oakland and Mountain View     WIRELESS MICROWAVE RADIATION KILLS Thomas E. Wheeler, recently appointed by President Obama as Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), will be speaking in Mountain View and Oakland, CA on Thursday, January 9.  Join planned protests and speak out against increasing wireless health damage. Fox in Charge of the Hen House: From 1992- 2004, Wheeler headed the wireless industry lobbying group, the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA).  During his stint at the CTIA, his own scientists … Continued


Protest Art.

Buttons, Banners, Buses, Flyers, Posters and Chalk Art. Protests in and around Oakland have resulted in some amazing art these last two years. Here is a sampling. 53984


“Occupy the Bay” Documentary on YouTube

“Occupy the Bay” A documentary, by Jonathan Riley, about the Occupy movement in Oakland and the San Francisco Bay Area.  . Click image or link below for photos from the pre-release screening: http://occupyoakland.org/2012/09/occupy-the-bay-documentary-pre-release-screening-8312012-photos/     53974


San Francisco Bay Area Urban Shield 2013 Overview Presentation

Alameda County Sheriff’s Office Urban Shield 2013   Download the Alameda County Urban Shield 2013 Presentation here.: 15.65MB PDF File •Urban Shield is a continuous, 48-hour Full Scale Multi-Disciplinary Homeland Security/Disaster Preparedness Exercise hosted by the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office, with the support of the Bay Area Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI), and more than 150 local, state, federal, international and private sector partners. •First responders are presented with exercise scenarios that incorporate key elements of real-world emergencies and major critical incidents at various scenario sites in Alameda, San Francisco, … Continued


Wednesday, June 12: Forum about East Bay Hills Tree Removal Plans

  FORUM: FIRE RISK REDUCTION AND TREE REMOVAL PLANS FOR THE EAST BAY HILLS’ PUBLIC LANDS   Dan Grassetti, Hills Conservation Network Peter Gray Scott, Hills Conservation Network    The University of California, East Bay Regional Park District, and the City of Oakland want to remove more than 80,000 trees in the East Bay Hills. These public-sector entities also plan to deploy a 10-year program of herbicides. This attempt to reduce fire risk is to be funded by $5.9 million from FEMA. Come to a discussion of different visions for our … Continued


Manufacturing Guilt – New Documentary about Mumia Abu-Jamal – Two Bay Area Screenings

New Documentary Film Focuses on Mumia’s Innocence:   Manufacturing Guilt How Philadelphia’s Police and DA actively manufactured Mumia’s guilt, and suppressed his innocence   A short film by Stephen Vittoria, writer/director of “Mumia – Long Distance Revolutionary,”   with Rachel Wolkenstein, lawyer for Mumia, legal consultant on this film   TWO SHOWINGS IN THE BAY AREA!   with speakers: Rachel Wolkenstein, lawyer for Mumia, and a Member of Mumia’s Family   Speaking on: INNOCENT: the Case of Mumia Abu-Jamal   Oakland: 7 PM, Friday 05 July East Side Arts Alliance,  … Continued