"Tell These MotherFuckers from the DHS to Go Fuck Themselves..."


Two members of the Oakland Privacy Working Group (now called simply ‘Oakland Privacy‘) recently gave a presentation at the 2016 HOPE Conference in New York City about the work that went into opposing (and essentially defeating) the Domain Awareness Center here in  Oakland. Aestetix, a technology expert who has since moved to Europe, and Brian Hofer, a local lawyer and now chair of the Oakland Privacy Advisory Commission, both members of OPWG while the fight against the DAC was being waged, gave the presentation. This talk covered the reign of … Continued


Killer Cop Training - Coming Soon to the Bay Area.


Jeronimo Yanez, the officer who shot Philando Castile in his car in Minnesota weeks ago, took a training course called “The Bulletproof Warrior” less than two years ago. The evidence suggests that this course, and courses similar to it, offered by a private company called Calibre Press, are even worse than Urban Shield – the organized para-military and terror response training put on for police by the Alameda Sheriff’s Department – if that’s imaginable.   The New York Times quotes Chuck Wexler, executive director of the Police Executive Research Forum, … Continued


#BlackLivesMatter Shuts down Oakland Police Union, Police Bank


In coordinated efforts, groups affiliated with #Blacklivesmatter here in Oakland, in Chicago, Detroit and New York City, and likely elsewhere, shut down police stations, union buildings, and police banks Wednesday afternoon. In Oakland, as of 10:00 PM, they were still barricading. Oakland: “We’re here because officers pay dues to this group that does nothing but defend and justify murderers across the country,” said Anti-Police Terror Project co-founder Cat Brooks, who added that half a dozen protesters chained doors shut. “We want the city to divest from police and put money … Continued


FastMo: How the Freeway Was Blocked.


The I880 Freeway in downtown Oakland was blocked for some three and a half hours last evening as more than 3000 people responded on a day’s notice to a Facebook event post calling on Oakland to SHUT It DOWN in response to the executions of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. The Freeway was taken at approximately 8:30 PM, after thousands marched from Oscar Grant Plaza to the downtown Police Station and then, finding the freeway unguarded by the usual CHP patrols, up the Broadway ramp. Watch in fast motion as … Continued


Dear Libby: Homeless Families Need Solutions NOW.


A week ago the Beal family, homeless, moved into Oakland City Hall, confronting Mayor Libby Schaaf, asking for help for themselves and all those families in desperate straights – homeless or about to become homeless – because of a rising economic tide that is drowning many instead of giving them a houseboat. Read their open letter (scroll down) to the Mayor and watch the video that Community Ready Corps made of the encounter: Mayor Libby, what are you going to do about people being homeless? There are kids out here … Continued


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