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Occupy Oakland and West Coast Coalition Help Win Union Fight in Longview WA

reposted from the Daily Kos Mon Feb 13, 2012 at 09:21 AM PST EGT Bets. Occupy Raises. EGT Folds. by jpmassar For months EGT, a wholly owned subsidiary of multinational corporation Bunge, Inc, kept ILWU Local 21 members from working the Port of Longview, WA. They had been replaced by other grain elevator operators in violation — as claimed by the ILWU — of a contract EGT had signed with the Port. On December 12th, the Occupy Movement again demonstrated its ability to mobilize by shutting down the Port of … Continued


Report on West Coast Port Shutdown

Occupy movement succeeds in coordinated Wall street on the Waterfront port shutdowns On Monday, December 12, in response to police attacks on Occupy camps across the nation, the Occupy Movement effectively shut down sea ports up and down the West Coast, including in Oakland, Portland, Seattle, and Longview, with partial shutdowns or support actions at Long Beach, San Diego, Hueneme (Ventura County), and Vancouver, B.C.  The “Wall Street on the Waterfront” campaign targeted the ports as sites of the corporate and financial power of the 1 %, and were particularly directed … Continued


Any Port in a Movement: Pondering the Shutdown

By KATINSF  (reposted from We shut down the Port of Oakland on Monday.  Activists in Long Beach, Los Angeles, Portland, Longview and San Diego also shut down their ports, or parts of them, for some or all of the day.  Activists in Houston did a solidarity action at their port and were tented – the fire department brought a big red tent to throw over them before – well, who actually knows what they did under there?  They said they did it in case they threw up sparks while … Continued


Report about Occupy Oakland Port Shutdown

“Today, December 12 is the coordinated one day West Coast Port blockade to shut down the commerce of the 1%. Occupy San Diego, LA, Oakland, Portland, Tacoma, Seattle, Anchorage, and Houston are participating in solidarity with Longshoremen in Longview, Washington already on strike against grain subsidiary EGT. A Longview Union rep came down to attend an Occupy Oakland General Assembly on November 18 to ask for a coordinated shutdown. Landlocked Denver wants to occupy the Wal-Mart distribution Center, while other occupies talk of engaging Goldman Sachs. Goldman Sachs has 51% … Continued


The Port Shutdown Continued to 3am shift on 12/13/11!


Based on verified police repression at Occupy Seattle, Occupy Houston, Occupy Long Beach and Occupy San Diego, the port blockade in Oakland will continue. Next shift is at 3am and we need as much people as possible! March from 7th & adeline to the port at 12:45am. People will be at APL terminal (60-63) near Adeline bridge. Bring blankets and food! More info about police violence at other blockades on : 10906


MONDAY PORT BLOCKADE: last minute info

Action Schedule: 5:30am March to Port from W. Oakland BART 3pm meet at 14th & Broadway 4pm March to Port 5pm March to Port from West Oakland Bart Text ‘bayaction’ to 41411 for updates & @occupytheports on twitter for updates NLG Bay Area Legal Number (best to write this on your arm): (415) – 285 -1011 Occupy Oakland Medic Dispatch Number: (510) 712-8129 (If this is a life-threatening medical emergency, call 911 FIRST, then call the Medic Dispatch) Map of the Port of Oakland There will be busses and cars … Continued


Handmade Raft in Lake Merritt for West Coast Port Shutdown

In the early hours of December 11th an autonomous group of individuals launched a handmade raft in Lake Merritt, the SS Don’t Let the Banks Punk You Out. Their aim is to bring attention to the occupy movement, which has been evicted from Frank Ogawa/Oscar Grant Plaza and has faced repression across the country and all over the world. The raft is hopefully the beginning of an occupation of Lake Merritt. One participant said, “They kick us out here, they kick us out there, where else could we go? The … Continued


Port Shutdown Updates… One Day Away!

Organizers are hearing from ILWU rank and file of local 10 in the Bay Area that they are being told by their local president NOT to cross the picket line on Monday. This is a major victory and is in line with the long history of the ILWU respecting community picket lines Oakland Educators Association has endorsed the 12.12.11 call to Blockade the Ports and will be participating in the action. Read their statement here. Iraq Veterans Against the War has also endorsed the action and will be participating. Read … Continued


This Saturday: Massive Day of Outreach for the 12/12 Port Blockade!

This Saturday, December 10th, come out for collaborative outreach events to build support and dialogue around the 12/12 Coordinated West Coast Port Blockade across Oakland communities! The Who, What, Where, When: 1. Community BBQ and Door-to-Door Outreach Event sponsored by Occupy Oakland’s West Coast Port Shutdown Committee and the OO Events Committee, reaching out to the West Oakland community and beyond. 10:00 am-11:00am: Activists and community members from across West Oakland and beyond will gather in DeFremery park for outreach training about the Port Blockade Action. 11:00 am-1:00 pm: Groups … Continued