GA Minutes

Notes from GA 11-4-2012

General Assembly Notes 11/4/2012   Foreclosure Defense:             The Foreclosure Defense Committee asked for as many people as possible to attend their defense of a home, which is scheduled to be raided on Tuesday, 11/6/2012 at 9:00AM.  The address of this home will be posted on the website later today (Monday 11/5).  There will be a sleepover tonight at the home, and all are invited to attend.  Bring a sleeping bag, and food, for the sleepover; bring your bodies for the eviction defense on Tuesday morning.   Web Committee: … Continued


General Assembly Notes 11/11/2012

Foreclosure Defense:             The defense of Jodie Randolph’s home (1624 Foley, Alameda) continues.  Volunteers are needed to maintain resistance to seizure of the house, which can happen at any time until a reasonable repurchasing agreement is made with Morgan Stanley.  If you can devote some time to being part of the resistance at Jodie’s home, please contact the Foreclosure Defense Committee by email:   Events Committee:             Thanksgiving.  Everyone at the GA agreed that we should host a Thanksgiving dinner on Nov. 22.  To avoid the problems of no … Continued


GA Minutes: 1.15.12

Oakland General Assembly 1.15.12 Approximate Start Time: 2:30 pm Approximate Head Count:  100  WELCOME ANNOUNCEMENTS FORUM I’m here with OWS for the first time.   We talked about what’s going on there, Move In Day, and the differences in POV of the movement based on the gender gap. We talked about Move-In Day and how important it is to hold space. We talked about the news that has come about regarding the decline in crime since the inception of our camp.  This shows us that it is important to hold space. PROPOSALS … Continued


GA Minutes: 1.4.12

Oakland General Assembly Date: 1/4/12 Approximate Start Time: 6:20PM Approximate Head Count: 130 WELCOME (Facilitators moved the GA to 14th and Broadway to support the individuals holding down the vigil)  AGENDA OVERVIEW  OPEN FORUM   F: Each person will have about a minute and a half to report back on their group (or their own) thoughts. MIC CHECK! Peace Oakland and our human family around the globe. My name is Angel Love and I am an Oakland Resident. I would like to first say, that I believe in our young people. … Continued


GA Minutes: 1.2.12 HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Oakland General Assembly 1.2.12 Approximate Start Time: 6:10 pm Approximate Head Count:  81  WELCOME ANNOUNCEMENTS (Review of hand signals; Review of the voting process) We are now at 81 people.  We are trying to recruit people to join us so that we can reach quorum. PROPOSALS AND OVERVIEW 1. Buy Local Proposal: Proposers were not present 2. Rephrase Pros and Cons to Friendly Suggestions Proposal: The current system is formed as a pro/con debate.  This construct is combative.  We propose that constructive suggestions be given.  People can express supports or disapproval … Continued


GA Minutes: 12.28.11

Oakland General Assembly 12/28/11 Approximate Start Time: 6:45 pm Approximate Head Count: 110 WELCOME PROPOSALS AND OVERVIEW   F: We are going to do something different tonight.  We’re going to start with proposals.  There is an emergency proposal, followed by a proposal to support the January 20th day of action. (Reviews handsignals)   1. Emergency Proposal for OWS:  We have a statement that we would like to read for $30,000 reimbursement for funds spent on the West Coast Port Shut Down.  Today, December 28th, OO’s GA hereby requests funds for the … Continued