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Pat, 90+ Lady, Defending Jodie Randolph Against Morgan Stanley Bank Eviction – 2012/11/08

[Note: this message originally was meant to be for my FB friends] Dear Human Beings please read this. SHORT VERSION: Please call John Sheldon Executive Director at Morgan Stanley Bank in San Francisco 415.576.2083 and tell him/them you want Jodie Randolph to stay in her house at 1624 Foley Street in Alameda, and want Morgan Stanley to accept her re-purchase offer on the terms she can afford. Questions:  or Brooke: 510.388.4483. LONG/MORE DETAILS VERSION: I am writing you from Jodie’s home living room and I ask you to be … Continued


Occupy Oakland – Rally & March – 10/25/11

. “This video recaps the events of 10/25/11. In the morning, police forcibly removed the Occupy Oakland camp. That afternoon, they had a rally and march. In the evening, things escalated as police fired tear gas into the crowd.” ~ occupysfmediavideo youtube channel 42867


Laleh: A Documentary | WIGS Unscripted (Video)

“This documentary just came out as part of a series on women for youtube’s new WIGS channel. And as you will see, it’s been completely OCCUPIED! 🙂 I’m really grateful to the filmmakers for getting this out to a mainstream audience, including footage like J28 and May Day that otherwise never reaches those folks. But most of all, it captures so many loved ones and good memories….it reminds me just how beautiful we are Occupy Oakland… ” ~Laleh video: 42194


Occupy the Farm- Gil Tract Weeding Party 7/7 Albany/ U.C. Backs Out

Re-posted from: Albany Patch Officials Postpone Weekend Gill Tract Gardening Tensions surrounding the site are too high, said the UC dean in charge of the area, for a casual weekend work-party. Activists say they still plan a rally. Click the “Keep me posted” button below this story for updates on the Gill Tract.     A volunteer weeding and harvesting effort led by two Albany City Council members has been canceled following plans by activists to crash the event. Councilwomen Joanne Wile and Peggy Thomsen announced the Saturday gardening effort, … Continued


The Future of Occupy Oakland

Reposted from Counterpunch by C. H. ACHERON and MIKE KING Like so many others, I now feel that the window is opening once again. And I would like to squeeze myself through it. But we must be careful; the gap is still narrow, and if we look closely, we can see that the window frame itself is more like a mouth of shards. – AK Thompson, Black Bloc, White Riot From Port Shutdowns, to Rough Waters, to Paddling through the Doldrums In a series of recent articles from both mainstream … Continued


Boots Riley: Art, Culture and Resistance

Saturday, June 16, 6pm Redstone Building, 2940 16th St. San Francisco One block from 16th Street BART Provocative and prolific, Boots Riley has written lyrics as the frontman of underground favorites The Coup for two decades. An activist, educator, and emcee, Riley’s singular lyrical stylings combine hip-hop poetics, radical politics, and the wry humor of the everyman — all woven-through with Bay Area swag. Boots’ book, Lyrics in Context, 1993-2012, is forthcoming and will be available in August from Haymarket Books. Join us for an evening with Boots. We will discuss the crises facing … Continued


Goodbye from the Oscar Grant Plaza Gazette

My involvement in the Occupy Movement has largely been in a supportive capacity: I went on late-night postering runs for J28, I took over the Oscar Grant Plaza Gazette when the original editors dropped out and I became heavily involved in the Anti-Repression Committee. Spending so much time promoting Occupy and trying to keep it alive has of course begged the question: what is this thing that I am working so hard to protect? I know what I have wanted Occupy Oakland to be. Months ago, I saw Occupy Oakland … Continued


Occupy Oakland – Occupy AC Transit Press Conference Video 5/16/12

Re-Posted from IndyBay Objecting to a never-ending stream of increasing fares, reduced service, and concessions by transit workers, Occupy Oakland and a rank-and-file AC Transit driver held a press conference outside of the Fruitvale BART station on May 16th. Austerity measures by AC Transit fall hardest on those who can least afford it, low-income riders and drivers who are pushed to do more for less, creating a less safe transportation system that ill serves those who need it most. While noting that the campaign intends to escalate over the long … Continued


Occupy protesters take on AC Transit fare transfers

Re-posted from Posted: 4:45 p.m. Wednesday, May 16, 2012 OAKLAND, Calif. — Occupy Oakland, working with Alameda-Contra Costa Transit bus operators, launched a campaign Wednesday asking drivers to honor transfers in ways that will ease the financial pain felt by the system’s riders. Before the last round of service cuts, it was AC Transit policy to honor transfers for up to three hours. Currently, transfers are only valid for two hours. At the campaign announcement outside the Fruitvale BART station this afternoon, an Occupy Oakland organizer said that service … Continued


Occupy Transit! Transit Workers & Occupy Movement Team Up

APRIL 5, 2012 3:18PM Re-posted from Calling mass transit “a genuine civil rights issue,” the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU), which represents transit workers across the nation, joined with the Occupy Movement, community organizations and transit riders to demand a revitalization of our transit systems. Citing such problems as “older vehicles,  deferred maintenance and longer wait times for overcrowded buses and trains,” the ATU was also critical of service cuts and higher fares which have hit working class riders the hardest. ATU national president Larry Hanley was inspired to ally ATU with … Continued