Events Committee

Responsible for actions, workshops, shows, teach-ins, etc. If you would like to perform or organize any kind of action, you should speak with us.

Sixty OPD Surround Plaza as Crowd Sings Happy Birthday, Dines on Roast Suckling Pig.

Hundreds of people gathered at the Marriott at 5:00 PM, took to the streets at 6:00 PM and ended up at Oscar Grant Plaza by 6:30 PM – just in time for roast suckling pig and other goodies provided by Occupy Oakland peeps. In commemoration of the 2nd anniversary of O25, OGP was reoccupied, if only for an evening. See previous essays on earlier events of the day here – My Shield is Justice. Facing Down Urban Shield and here – OPD to the Left of Me, OPD to the … Continued


Justice for Trayvon Martin Assembly

Wednesday, August 28, 5:30pm, Oscar Grant Plaza STOP THE WAR ON YOUTH OF COLOR Demands: STOP THE WAR ON YOUTH OF COLOR JUSTICE FOR TRAYVON MARTIN – JAIL ZIMMERMAN! OVERTURN ‘STAND YOUR GROUND’ LAWS! End the murder of Black & Brown youth JOBS & EDUCATION NOT MASS INCARCERATION! Support California Prisoners’ Hunger Strike END RACIAL PROFILING OF ALL FORMS! Including Stop-and-Frisk! STOP RACIST POLICE TERROR Drug test killer cops IMMIGRANT RIGHTS NOW STOP DEPORTATIONS! Stop Urban Shield & surveillance of our communities A LIVING WAGE & UNION RIGHTS FOR LOW-WAGE … Continued


Let’s Feast & Occupy the Plaza: 2nd Annual Occupresence Convivial, Nov 22nd

Please Join us at Oscar Grant Plaza for our 2nd Annual Occupresence Convivial. This will be a day full of delicious foods, entertainment, the return of  “Grateful Mic”, and family fun to help celebrate each other, our friendships, and reaffirm our presence & commitment to community service. Help make Thursday, November 22nd, a fun loving day of gratitude, by sharing and bringing your favorite food dish, music makers and instruments, movies, videos, and anything else that will help make this day memorable for those who normally go without. Bring Friends … Continued


In Memory of 2 Fallen Friends

reposted from Oakland Occupy Patriarchy: To fallen Comrades… On Tuesday July 31st, two of our comrades were violently murdered, Tsega Tsegay and Alex Mahan. On Tuesday night, Tsega was beaten to death by her husband. We remember Tsega as such a loving person, she was vibrant, enthusiastic, a constant and unforgettable presence in our camp at OG Plaza. When things were hard at the camp, Tsega would still be running up on the stage and dancing singing and laughing, and telling everyone she loved them. She called Occupy her Family … Continued


March in Memory of Alex in Stockton

Alex Mahan, a Stockton comrade, was killed in a driveby shooting the same evening. Everyone remembers Alex as very kind, energetic, and totally committed to the struggle we have all been building together. He never missed an opportunity to fight for the world he believed in. We all remember him coming up with the Stockton crew, to join us in Oakland, often with his Anonymous Mask. He and his comrades planned on how to bring the struggle to Stockton, which they did! He was an unwaivering comrade and friend and … Continued



CALL FOR PANELS, WORKSHOPS, SPEAKERS & PERFORMANCES Occupy Oakland Liberate Everything Conference     Occupy Oakland will host a major conference dedicated to developing tactics, strategy, unity, and vision with the Occupy movement. With electoral politics heating up and eager to coopt the energy of Occupy, it’s vital that we push the movement in a more radical direction! When?:  TBD The Occupy Oakland Conference Assembly & Events Committee is organizing the program for this three day event, which will include panels and discussions on themes including, but not limited to: … Continued


Elaine Brown: Justice for Alan Blueford & OO Liberate Everything Conference @ GA Sunday 7/15 2pm

  This Sunday Elaine Brown will be coming to the Occupy Oakland General Assembly to give a talk about Justice for Alan Blueford, and to announce the Occupy Oakland Liberate Everything Conference. “The killing of unarmed high school Senior Alan Blueford on May 6th by Oakland Police officer Miguel Masso is both unthinkable and commonplace.  When the unthinkable becomes commonplace, any decent society, any society trying to imagine or portray itself as a democracy, is forced to ask some hard questions – some questions that necessitate interrogating the nature of modern policing in … Continued


Events Committee endorsement of a Call for a New GA

The Events Committee of Occupy Oakland will join others this Sunday at 2pm at 19th and Telegraph for: Call for a Re-launching of the Occupy Oakland General Assembly   The G.A. hasn’t met for weeks, we didn’t have quorum for weeks before that.  Despite our corpse-like status in the eyes of many inside and outside of the movement we are intensifying the AC-Transit campaign, organizing for justice for Alan Blueford, continuing to put foreclosed families back in their homes, occupying a school, having new and improved BBQs, hosting a national conference, … Continued


1st of July General Assembly – 2 pm – 19th and Telegraph

GA Hand Raising

The 1st General Assembly of Occupy Oakland in the month of July is this Sunday, and there are a number of interesting proposals that are being put forth, such as: 1. The proposal to endorse and help organize the Occupy Oakland Liberate Everything Conference this summer, geared towards providing a more radical tone and communicating the unique perspective of Occupy Oakland to others and the world, 2. A proposal to jointly plan an Occupy Oakland July 4th action of some sort or another 3. A proposal to deal with the … Continued



19th and Telegraph,  Tuesday and Thursday at 5pm: Help plan and envision the Occupy Oakland Conference that the Events Committee has started working on! Work meeting Sundays at Cafe Madrid at 11 am, 20th and Broadway. Taglines: HOW TO STRIKE THE EMPIRE BACK REVOLT FOR A LIFE WORTH LIVING tactics; unity, vision, strategy Here’s a working draft of the what the conference may look like: This August 17th through 19th we hope to host Occupy Oakland’s Liberate Everything conference at (hopefully) Laney College here in Oakland. The desire to organize a … Continued