Events Committee endorsement of a Call for a New GA

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The Events Committee of Occupy Oakland will join others this Sunday at 2pm at 19th and Telegraph for:

Call for a Re-launching of the Occupy Oakland General Assembly


The G.A. hasn’t met for weeks, we didn’t have quorum for weeks before that.  Despite our corpse-like status in the eyes of many inside and outside of the movement we are intensifying the AC-Transit campaign, organizing for justice for Alan Blueford, continuing to put foreclosed families back in their homes, occupying a school, having new and improved BBQs, hosting a national conference, starting an assembly of the unemployed and continuing on with a host of other important committee work.


Despite all of this we no longer constitute a movement like we did a few months ago.  We have no political center without a G.A.  The leadership in this movement has been the political work, not charismatic leaders or the G.A. as a structure.  However, that leadership, the work we are doing, has less legitimacy and less connection to the broader movement without the support and endorsement of the General Assembly.  On the flip side all sorts of actions can now call themselves OO, leaving us open to co-optation, fragmentation and disintegration.


If anyone can claim legitimacy in Occupy Oakland at this point, it is the committees.  We are calling on committees to sign onto and attend a call for a new General Assembly on Sunday July 15th at 2pm at 19th and Telegraph.  There will be a proposal to lower quorum to 50 people.  We are also proposing to meet once a week, every Sunday.


The General Assembly was and should continue to be a place where we come together despite political differences to engage in exciting and important work, and where people not connected to ongoing organizing can get informed, get involved and lend their insights.  If we are to survive the momentary lull we have found ourselves in, we need a political center and we need to remain a coherent political community. In order to do that, we need a General Assembly.


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