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Financial Inequality.

Strike Debt Bay Area (SDBA) wrote and participated in the airing of an hour long KPFA radio show on financial inequality – causes, reprecussions and what we can do about it. Darlene Pagano, a member of SDBA and KPFA intern, hosted the show, called “Full Circle” which aired on Friday evening, December 15th, 2017 at 7:00 PM. You can listen to the show here, on KPFA’s apprentice web page, along with other Full Circle productions including “Trumping Democracy” and “Puerto Rico and Disaster Capitalism”. Here’s some “best of” excerpts from … Continued


A Sanctuary City in Name Only.

Oakland may claim to be a sanctuary city, but on August 16th, 2017 its police engaged with Homeland Security Investigations Agents to raid an immigrant residence in West Oakland, resulting not in any findings of criminality (in particular, child sex trafficking) as initially claimed by OPD and HSI, but only in deportation proceedings against one individual – the very thing Oakland is supposed to taking a stand against. But that’s not good enough for City officials and some electeds, who are now engaged in a massive coverup, refusing to appear … Continued


A Public Bank for the Bay?

Thanks to the unceasing efforts of the Friends of the Public Bank of Oakland (FBPO), after almost a year of dithering by the Oakland City Council money was finally allocated to do a feasibility study for a public bank to serve Oakland and other cities in the region! The history of the idea for a Public Bank of Oakland goes back at least to early 2013, brought to the newly formed Strike Debt Bay Area (SDBA) advocacy group and soon taken up as one of their causes. (Strike Debt Bay … Continued


Oakland Privacy Publishes 2nd Newletter – ICE, Urban Shield, Surveillance and More.

  Read all about it… State legislation to regulate the surveillance state, SB 21, that Oakland Privacy is behind. The ICE raid in Oakland on August 16th. An Open Letter to Those Who Have Nothing to Hide. Internet of Things: Like Walls, Blockades and Checkpoints. It Took a Village to Stop a DAC. The Police State Will be Funded – UASI Grants to Local Police.. A Small Victory Vs. Urban Shield.   Want more info? New members: write to us at Press inquiries: write to us at Subscribe … Continued


Attention All Anti-Racists

  More Events: Tuesday,  10:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Richmond Paint Banners Against Hate, Fascism & White Supremacy Wedneday, 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM – bus to Sacramento from Oakland Support Bail Reform and Ending Collaboration With ICE: Sacramento Thursday, Noon – 6:00 PM – UC Berkeley Signmaking and art party for Rally Against Hate Friday, 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM – San Francisco, 16th St. BART Friday Night Faith Vigil: Stand Against White Supremacy Saturday (San Francisco) 10:00 AM – Anti-Racist Rally starting at ILWU … Continued


No Trump. No KKK. No Fascist USA.

Hundreds gathered in Latham Square to rally and then march in solidarity with Charlottesville’s anti-fascist protesters and Heather Heyer, the woman killed by a madman yesterday who plunged his car into the crowd. One of the many chants of the up to 500 people who took to the streets was “No Trump! No KKK! No. Fascist. USA!” Here are some tweets, tweetpics and tweetvideos of the event: Bay Area stands with #Charlottesville — Haiti Action (@HaitiAction1) August 13, 2017 Remember this name #HeatherHeyer. Remember this face. She died today … Continued


Deporting ICE from Oakland

Tuesday, July 11th, the Oakland City Council’s Public Safety Committee voted unanimously to sever Oakland’s remaining relationships with ICE (Federal Immigration Enforcement). This effort was catalyzed by Oakland Privacy and the Oakland Privacy Advisory Commission (which voted previously to recommend this action unanimously), and supported by Asian Americans Advancing Justice, the Council on American Islamic Relations Bay Area, and various other civil liberties organizations. It is an important step in ultimately sending an important message out to Oakland’s residents and the world: everyone is welcome here (except Donald Trump). The … Continued


#DefundOPD and Friends Shut Down City Council – Demand People’s Budget

Demanding that the City Council enact a real people’s budget in the midst of a homelessness and housing crisis, instead of continuing to fund OPD’s malfeasance, outrageous overtime and wastefulness, at about 8:00 PM on Monday, June 26th, 2017 activists shut down the City Council budget meeting, some chaining themselves to the railing in front of the dais, others chanting. Eventually the Council members walked out. By state law, municipalities must enact a budget by June 30th. The City Council has apparently scheduled another meeting for Thursday, June 29th. Here’s … Continued


Oakland Privacy Newsletter – How We’re Fighting the Surveillance State.

Oakland Privacy just published its newletter. Chock full of information on what OP is doing and why they’re doing it. Articles include: Local Movements Demand Disclosure of Police Technologies – A Review. Sacramento Update – Bills in the California Legislature OP wants passed (to help protect privacy) or wants killed (because they further the surveillance state). Why I Joined OP or How I Spent My Summer For the Past 16 years. Hella Privacy – The Local Surveillance Equipment Regulation Ordinance Oakland Privacy Wants to Have Passed in Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond, … Continued


Why Do We Have to Go To Wall Street?

The Friends of the Public Bank of Oakland created this video in support of their efforts to get the Oakland City Council to invest in Oakland’s future. New long version: Shorter version: Oakland Needs a Public Bank! – Sign the Petition at – Call your Oakland City Council Member and tell them to fund the feasibility study in this years’ budget. Video by Maren Poitras Music by Broke for Free We need everyone in Oakland to heavily lobby the City Council, starting now. Be sure to talk about how … Continued