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Ferguson Reportback: Cross-pollinating Radical Resistance Culture & Solidarity

Join the Oakland Solidarity Unit for an evening of community discussion, and report back from Ferguson. Find out the latest news, Skype Q&A directly with folks from Ferguson. Multimedia presentation: photography, video and interviews with the people of Missouri. Friday, October 3, 2014 Qilombo 2313 San Pablo Ave, Oakland, CA 94612 7- 9pm light refreshments provided 56687


The Assault on Patriarchy Continues

At the GA on Sunday, 1/27, approximately 90% of those in attendance expressed an interest in continuing a discussion on the harmful practices of patriarchy at the GA next Sunday, 2/3. I take this to mean that we don’t want these problems to be neglected any longer. Several agenda items have been suggested for this work, and we hope others will critique this list and contribute items of their own. Here are some agenda offerings: – Should we discuss specific incidents of patriarchal disrespect and abuse that have occurred within … Continued


2nd GA Agenda Item for Sunday, January 27: Bring Your Solutions to the Streets!

At the “Bring Your Solutions to the Streets” event on Thursday, one of the plans we committed ourselves to creating are crisis centers/aid stations. These will emulate Occupy Sandy with the difference in Oakland being that the visitation upon us by Bratton and Wasserman is an unnatural disaster. There are already many ideas on how to make these work, as well as a number of volunteers to realize them. We’d like to propose that Occupy Oakland commit to the development of what we’re currently calling the Oakland Crisis Centers at … Continued


Join Us! Men Against Patriarchy Assembly Sunday, January 27

On August 22, 2012, in Steubenville, Ohio, a sixteen-year-old girl was raped multiple times and urinated on by members of the Steubenville High School football team. Coaches, school administrators, and law enforcement officers have tried to shield the rapists and their accomplices from exposure. (You can find out more about the case by following this link<>.) This is not an isolated incident. It can be argued that rape is worse than murder, and it happens to women many thousands of times without the attention of the press. Only because of … Continued


Vigil & Speak Out for the 100+ Murders in Oakland

Join us this Saturday, January 12th, at 3pm. We will congregate at San Antonio Park to celebrate MLK’s Birthday, and remember all those we’ve lost in the past year. Help us stop the ignorance & STOP THE VIOLENCE! Too many in our community are dying and it’s going to take a village to help us move forward, and end this tragedy. Refreshments will be provided. Dress Warm and bring your positive energy… EVERYONE IS WELCOME 46019


Stand with Workers! Solidarity with the Walmart Workers Black Friday Strike! November 22, 10pm to November 23, 10am

As the largest employer in thecountry, Walmart could be setting a standard for businesses to value workers. Instead, it has become the greatest oppressor of workers everywhere. Come Shut Them Down! Where: Walmart, November 8400 Edgewater Dr. Oakland When: November 22, 10pm to November 23, 10Am Food and Entertainment Provided 44579


Let’s Feast & Occupy the Plaza: 2nd Annual Occupresence Convivial, Nov 22nd

Please Join us at Oscar Grant Plaza for our 2nd Annual Occupresence Convivial. This will be a day full of delicious foods, entertainment, the return of  “Grateful Mic”, and family fun to help celebrate each other, our friendships, and reaffirm our presence & commitment to community service. Help make Thursday, November 22nd, a fun loving day of gratitude, by sharing and bringing your favorite food dish, music makers and instruments, movies, videos, and anything else that will help make this day memorable for those who normally go without. Bring Friends … Continued


Calling All Occupiers: ACTIVISTS INVITED TO VISIT CUBA, January 1 to 11, 2013

Calling All Occupiers OWS ACTIVISTS INVITED TO VISIT CUBA, January 1 to 11, 2013 The Center for Global Justice invites Occupy activists to participate in a January 8 to 11 international workshop on Emancipatory Paradigms, hosted by the Institute of Philosophy in Havana, Cuba. Dialog with Cuban thinkers and delegates from social movements around Latin America on anti-capitalist resistance, movement experiences, and radical possibilities for the 21st century. Before the workshop, beginning January 1, the Institute is organizing additional activities to help you get to know Cuba, its people and … Continued


End Racial Profiling: End Stop and Frisk: The Movement is Building: The Movement is Now.

Alan Blueford of Oakland, CA, age 18, was shot and killed after being stopped for being, young, Black, male and “acting suspiciously.” His last words were “I didn’t do anything.” Manual Diaz of Anaheim, CA, age 25, was shot in the back and killed as he ran away after officers decided to check him out because he was standing next to a car, talking to other young, Hispanic men inside it. Derrick Gaines, age 15, was shot and killed in South San Francisco after officers stopped him and his friends … Continued