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Occupy Oakland Liberate Everything Conference



Occupy Oakland will host a major conference dedicated to developing tactics, strategy, unity, and vision with the Occupy movement. With electoral politics heating up and eager to coopt the energy of Occupy, it’s vital that we push the movement in a more radical direction!

When?:  TBD

The Occupy Oakland Conference Assembly & Events Committee is organizing the program for this three day event, which will include panels and discussions on themes including, but not limited to: the criminalization of activism, radical history, cooptation & the non-profit industrial complex, student movements worldwide, labor & Occupy, diversity of tactics & nonviolence, Occupy & the prison industrial complex, community organizing against state repression, decolonization, alternatives to capitalism, and much more…


We invite proposals for panels, speakers, workshops, and performances on any topics related to the conference theme: tactics, strategy, unity, and vision for Occupy.


Proposals should include:

– the organizer’s contact info (name, email, phone number)

– a title and 250-500 word description of the proposed activity

– the format (panel, workshop, performance, speaker, etc.)


By proposing to organize an activity, you assume the responsibility of coordinating all logistics related to your proposal.


Send your proposals to events@occupyoakland.org


The Conference Assembly will provide the space and assign a timeslot in the Conference program. Activity Organizers are responsible for all other coordination of resources and logistics related to their proposal, as well as helping to publicize the event.

Please share info about the Conference with all your comrades & networks!

Check the Conference website for more info: www.oocon.org

Info is also be available from the Events Committee on: www.occupyoakland.org



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