Banging the pots on Inauguration Day

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Dear Friends, I would like to organize a decentralized “bang the pots” action on Friday, January 20th at 6 p.m. This is in keeping with the Central and South American tradition of registering protest against the government by banging pots and pans.  (  Not everyone can participate in a General Strike and many cannot fight the traffic and police presence etc. to attend a demonstration. But everyone can gather on their porch or in their street and bang their pots and pans for five minutes to show our absolute disgust for Trump et al.

While I would love to see this turn into a weekly protest- perhaps every Sunday at 6 p.m. – for now I would like to generate enthusiasm for such an action on January 20th. I envision this as a neighborhood action: I’ll drop flyers in a three-block radius asking my neighbors to join in this protest against the new regime. I intend to post on Facebook and have this go nation-wide. We saw how quickly Hands Across Lake Merritt spread and how many showed up. Imagine how many can show up on their front porches. And not just in Oakland, or in Berkeley or in the Bay Area, but everywhere!!

I’ll be posting on FB in the next day or two but first welcome response or suggestions from this group. Thanks, Helen


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