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Occupy Oakland Shoots Down Defense Contractor Spy Agency

SPEAKER JOSHUA SMITH / OAKLAND CITY COUNCIL / AGENDA ITEM #9 / NOVEMBER 12, 2013   TRANSCRIPT: “My name is Joshua Smith I’m a resident of Oakland. We were here before shaming you for hiring a company that is involved in nuclear weapons procurement. SAIC also trains for Interrogation. SAIC facilitates the telecommunications for the drone program in Afghanistan, that s murdered over a thousand innocent civilians, including children, and this is the company you chose. I would like to know what genius vetted this company? Dan Kalb I remember … Continued


San Francisco Bay Area Urban Shield 2013 Overview Presentation

Alameda County Sheriff’s Office Urban Shield 2013   Download the Alameda County Urban Shield 2013 Presentation here.: 15.65MB PDF File •Urban Shield is a continuous, 48-hour Full Scale Multi-Disciplinary Homeland Security/Disaster Preparedness Exercise hosted by the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office, with the support of the Bay Area Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI), and more than 150 local, state, federal, international and private sector partners. •First responders are presented with exercise scenarios that incorporate key elements of real-world emergencies and major critical incidents at various scenario sites in Alameda, San Francisco, … Continued


Come Say NO! No WAR GAMES in Oakland – Oct 25 9am-5pm

Friday, October 25 – in Oakland  SAY NO! NO WAR GAMES, NO WAR PROFITEERS, NO MILITARIZATION of POLICE in OUR COMMUNITY Community witness/walking picket  9 AM – 5 PM Marriott Hotel, 11th & Broadway, downtown Oakland Rally 5 – 6 PM URBAN SHIELD:  MILITARIZING THE POLICE WITH MORE WEAPONS Urban Shield deepens the militarization of police in our neighborhoods, which results in harassment and violence, disproportionately against African-American, Latino and Arab/Muslim communities. Urban Shield provides training and information sharing among SWAT teams and international police forces, many of which are … Continued