Proposals Passed at July 15th GA

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1) Emergency Proposal for new Quorum requirements   .  116 yes, 12 no, 4 stand aside

1a. Quorum is hereby reduced to seventy people.


2) Proposal To Endorse Occupy Oakland Media Committee Purpose Statement

103 yes, 10 stand aside


The  Occupy Oakland Media Committee (OOMC) is a committee of Occupy Oakland*  (OO) that makes use of the press, social media, multimedia, and other  forms of media to connect with supporters by promoting actions events,  workshops, nurturing political dialogue. The OOMC will develop and  adhere to policies regarding the following responsibilities:

  • Connecting  outside press inquiries to current and relevant sources of information –  rotating “spokespersons,” contacts within committees, or document  archives – primarily within OO but also within the greater Occupy  movement.
  • Working  with other committees to write, edit, and distribute press releases to  the media, Occupy journalists, and community organizations of interest.
  • Keep a list of press contacts and community organizations and other outreach resources.
  • Facilitating or giving aid to other committees in calling press conferences.
  • Using the official OO versions of social media platforms to support our mission. See policies here.
  • Scouring  media sources for journalism positively covering OO activities.  Circulating those stories on to our supporters via social media, email,  etc.
  • Producing media trainings and skill shares for OO.
  • Coordinating  with the Web Committee to ensure that the OO website is serving the  movement’s informational and media needs, for example making sure that  events are updated and accessible on the website.


The  OOMC will develop relationships with members of the press, a general  understanding (and evaluations) of the media outlets and reporters that  cover OO, and lists of resources (human or technological) for media  dissemination. The OOMC will interact with alternative and mainstream  media outlets, including independent and Occupy journalists. Media  committee members will adhere to the resolutions of the General Assembly  (GA) resolutions, especially those relevant to the Media Committee. The  OOMC will not generate its own opinionated content or maintain  (web/technical/media) resources separate from official Occupy Oakland  resources.


3) Proposal for a Occupy Oakland, Liberate Everything Conference at LaneyCollege in Oakland  95 yes, 1 stand aside


We hope to host the Occupy Oakland, Liberate Everything conference September 14 to 16, depending on confirming venues..


The desire to organize a conference started after the planned  J28 Move-In Festival fell apart, the necessity arose when folks at  Inter-Occupy started seeking endorsements of “Occupy National Gathering”  conference  of theirs happening in Philadelphia on June 28th-July 4th. Inter-Occupy  is organizing what seems to be a second Constitutional Philadelphia  Convention, with  two “representatives” from every occupation, and urge that Occupy adopt a  new “social contract.” With electoral politics heating up and eager to  coopt the energy of Occupy, it’s vital that we push the Occupy movement  in a more radical direction.


The purpose of the conference is to provide skills, tactics, strategy, and vision within and across occupations. The Occupy Oakland Liberate Everything  Conference will explore how nonprofits coopt social movements, the  criminalization of pre-crime and radical politics, radical history, and  the crisis of capitalism this time, and more.  Expected speakers  include, Andrej Grubacic, Angela Davis, Elaine Brown,   Laurence H. Shoup and many others. There will likely be performances by   The Coup, Mystic, and Zion and I and more. At a sliding scale of  potentially $5-20 dollars, with no one turned away, and expected  attendance of at least three thousand, our hope is that the conference  will  radicalize occupiers and provide at least $15,000 to Occupy Oakland’s  general fund.


The Long Haul, which has agreed to lend their nonprofit status  to our application with Laney College, has also offered to loan $2,500  dollars towards this project.


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