[Passed at 3/15/12 GA] Proposal for OO Support of Mr. 1% Rally in Redwood City

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Monday, March 26, 2012, Republican kleptocrat Mitt ’1%’ Romney will join Meg Whitman for a fundraiser to fill his election coffers right here in the Bay Area. The $1,000 per plate dinner will be hosted at the Hotel Sofitel in Redwood City, 223 Twin Dolphin Dr., at 5:30 PM. Romney will shmooze the SuperPACS and corporate fat cats, and we want to mobilize OO to show this radical 1% fringe that their time is up. ProChoice groups, The Dreamers (a student immigrant movement), and
other coalitions will be out there, but we want to make sure that the message isn’t just about Romney’s record or partisan politics. We want to highlight the nightmare of corporate personhood, and the selling of our democracy to the top bidder.

But rather than just mix our message in with the other protests being planned, a group of participants from across OWS is proposing a fun rally to highlight Romney’s true masters. We’re proposing a “1%ers for Romney (or Obama)” rally with people dressed to the nines—we’ll work on costumes like ball gowns and suits, tophats and tiaras—and signs that echo Romney’s own words like “Corporations are people too!” as well as “Buy your own politician. Romney’s mine.” and “Ask me
about my Super PAC.” etc.

We will have 200-300 Mr. 1% signs for protestors. We need help designing a scenario, gathering materials, and coming up with funny, smart, biting messages that do more than just slam Romney for his political positions, and rather critique a system in which a tool like Romney could be in the political position he’s in. We would like the support of the OO General Assembly in this action.


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