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Federalization of Police: Update on the Battle to Control OPD

Berkeley Copwatch Democratic Education Series Upcoming Events Federalization of Police: Update on the Battle to Control OPD Oakland based civil rights attorney James Chanin will discuss the federalization of Oakland police and the recent movement to hire William Bratton, the champion of “Stop and Frisk” policing. With over 40 years in the struggle for police accountability, from the establishment of the Berkeley Police Review Commission to the Negotiated Settlement Agreement (NSA) that guides Oakland’s police, James Chanin is a leading voice in the fight to stop police abuse. FREE AND … Continued


Proposals Passed at July 15th GA

1) Emergency Proposal for new Quorum requirements   .  116 yes, 12 no, 4 stand aside 1a. Quorum is hereby reduced to seventy people.   2) Proposal To Endorse Occupy Oakland Media Committee Purpose Statement 103 yes, 10 stand aside OCCUPY OAKLAND MEDIA COMMITTEE PURPOSE STATEMENT The  Occupy Oakland Media Committee (OOMC) is a committee of Occupy Oakland*  (OO) that makes use of the press, social media, multimedia, and other  forms of media to connect with supporters by promoting actions events,  workshops, nurturing political dialogue. The OOMC will develop and  adhere … Continued


Facilitation Committee needs help!

The Facilitation Committee needs help!  We can’t keep up with necessary behind-the-scene logistics, much of it on the website, unless we get new committee members.  The GA is a crucial community activity.  Please help it to run smoothly by volunteering with the Facilitation Committee.  You can contact us at Tasks we need help with, which should be shared by several people, include: –responding to emails –updating the proposal queue when we get proposals by email –attending meetings on Wednesday at noon and Saturday at 4 to receive additional proposals … Continued


General Assembly Has New Location – Sundays at 19th and Telegraph at 2:00 PM – Wednesdays at 14th and Broadway at 6:00 PM

Please note: At this time, it is only Sunday GAs that have been moved to 19th and Telegraph. Wednesday GAs will remain at the Plaza (at 6:00 PM) to maintain Occupy Oakland’s visibility there. GA Relocates Sunday Meetings After District Attorney Attempts to Prevent Arrested Occupiers from Attending On Sunday, January 29th, the day after Occupy Oakland attempted to take a vacant, publicly-owned building for use as a social center and endured vicious police repression, the General Assembly voted to move future Sunday General Assemblies from Oscar Grant/Frank Ogawa Plaza … Continued


Announcing Occupy Extreme Poverty

Dear Fellow Occupiers, My name is William. I am a member and supporter of Occupy Oakland. I want to introduce a new, autonomous initiative that I’m trying to start within the larger Occupy Movement. It is called Occupy Extreme Poverty. I’m hoping that some of my fellow occupiers who are, like myself, concerned about the poor suffering in third world countries and places of conflict can use some of Occupy’s powerful voice to advocate for the destitute and voiceless. I want Occupy Extreme Poverty to be a venue that occupiers … Continued


Move-In Livestreaming Now!

As of 1pm, the Move-In action is on Livestream. From time to time, the stream switches to recorded content, but stay tuned for when it switches back to the live feed. Watch below or at: occupyoakland on Broadcast Live Free 16764


Move-In Day FAQ

Reposted from Also see this in-depth Fact Sheet prepared by the OO Research Working Group. 1. How long will we be able to hold the building, won’t the police just come and evict us? We believe that a successful, long-term occupation is contingent on a high number of occupants and supporters. Therefore, *please prepare to stay overnight,* at least throughout the festival. The first two days, will give us an opportunity to self-organize and determine the future of the building. There has been lots of discussion about how to … Continued


More on Longview Action and EGT

Note: This is the first in a series of releases over the next two weeks explaining the role of the Occupy Movement in the struggle against EGT Development and their parent company Bunge Ltd that is developing into a large-scale action in Longview, Washington. All releases will be posted at  * For immediate release – Jan 18, 2012 Contact: Kari Koch or Jess Kincaid – (503) 567-8694; Barucha Peller (415) 574-8138; Stan Woods (510) 681-7224 West Coast Occupiers will travel to Longview to stop grain shipment. Caravan and protest … Continued


Occupy Oakland Caravan to Longview Preparation Meeting – Sunday, January 22, 2012 at 4:30 PM

Sunday Jan 22nd, 2012 4:30 PM 410 14th Street Hello Caravaners! Occupy Oakland will be caravaning to Longview, WA to join Occupy Portland, Occupy Seattle, Occupy Olympia, and Occupy Longview to blockade the notorious EGT ship that is busting the Longshoremen’s jurisdiction. EGT is a multinational grain exporter responsible for economic and enviromental devastation around the world. While the date for the arrival of the ship in Longview is uncertain, it is approaching quickly! Here in Oakland, we need to have a preparation meeting to get ready for our caravan. … Continued


5 Ideas! Bay Area Convergence – Berkeley, CA – Saturday, January 21, 2012

Time: Saturday, January 21, 2012, 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM Location: 1924 Cedar Street, Berkeley Organized by: 5ideasforoccupy Join other committed organizers and activists for a day long Bay Area convergence. We will share visions, distill them into five ideas, and get to work to launch them by spring, all in one day. This event, endorsed by the Occupy Oakland General Assembly, will take place on Saturday, January 21, 2012 from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM at 1924 Cedar Street in Berkeley (BFUU). Please commit to staying the entire day. … Continued