Post May Day Self-Care Tip #2

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For  individual or group trauma support, mediations and anti-oppression advocacy, please contact Safer Spaces:

Tel: (510) 502-9466

Healing can take place in the form of reconnecting with Mother Earth.

It can be little steps like birdwatching, hiking, going to the beach or eating freshly picked berries. Ask your five senses what do I see, hear, taste, touch, smell?

Have you tried gardening? Or are you already a gardener? What does your body, mind and soul experience when you dig that dirt, plant the seed, water, trim the weeds, ask the ladybugs to kindly tell some insects to be nice to your plants and watch the phenomenon of  seeds turning into fruits,vegetables or flowers? What does it feel like to struggle with a plant that won’t thrive but one day you go out and it turned into something beautiful? What does it feel like when you can be sustainable and self-efficient through this entire process? What does it feel like to share stories and tips with your fellow Green Thumbs? What does it feel like when you can share your harvest with your friends, family or community?

Healing from trauma is about your body regenerating and flourishing much like  plants. Sometimes you may have to become  a seed again in order to recover. There may be ups and downs but because you are part of Mother Earth, you have the resilience and strength to overcome, no matter how difficult. You are also your own gardener. What can you do for your garden? Our movement went from seeds to the bountiful harvest that it is now because of the care, faith and dedication you  and your comrades gave to it.Take care and be kind to yourself. Take care of each other. We can heal as a community.

On that note, there’s some beautiful healing going on at Occupy the Farm today! Please come if you can.

When: Thursday, May 3

Event Schedule:
“Occupy the Farm”: Permaculture workshop and Maypole 
Join Starhawk and friends to support the wonderful farm being created on a piece of vacant land in the East Bay by the Occupy movement.
Permaculture workshop, 3:00 p.m: Learn some of the basic ethics and principles of permaculture as we put them into practice at this reclaimed farm site.
Maypole celebration, 6:00 p.m.: Dance the Maypole to celebrate the rising tides of life, the diverse forms of love, and the power of regeneration.

Bring food to share.  Donations of seeds and starts for the farm are much appreciated.
Cost: Free! Kids welcome.
Location: Marin between San Pablo and Jackson streets, Albany, California
For more information:


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