OGPG 4/15/12

Single Mother Falsely Accused of Endangering Her Children at Occupy Oakland by Irene The authorities apparently stop at nothing to intimidate and scare people from participating in a movement that they fear. Stayaway orders, bogus arrests, heavy charges for minor offenses, sham “lynching” laws, and, most recently, deploying the Child Protective Services to attack a single mother for participating in Occupy Oakland. Kerie Campbell is an all-star activist at Occupy Oakland. There from the very 1st planning meeting in Mosswood Park, there the night the camp struck back in October, … Continued


SF Occupation Underway at 888 Turk! – 4/2/12

The San Francisco Commune was opened today after a large march through downtown San Francisco. The SF Commune has been asked to provide an autonomous headquarters for the Occupy SF movement. There is space for food preparation and distribution, bedrooms for housing, event rooms for General Assemblies, and art projects, classrooms, and space for medical services. The SF Commune will be a social center of our making. The Archdiocese of San Francisco and its subsidiary, Real Property Support Corporation, have kept this space vacant for 5 years, while those of … Continued


OGPG 4/1/12

In This From My Heart by Linda The camp was the most beautiful experience of my life. Then they tore it down. We responded by bringing tens of thousands to march on the Port of Oakland, declaring a General Strike in the city of Oakland. The night of the General Strike, everyone came back to the plaza and the police shut down the buses so I couldn’t go home. Someone let me use their tent and I didn’t mind staying out all night. It was my first time ever encountering … Continued


Occupy Oakland Re-Occupies in Mosswood Park (Ongoing Action) – 37th and Broadway, Oakland – March 22, 2012

While hundreds of NYPD officers were deployed to intimidate OWS protesters last night in Union Square, Occupy Oaklanders organized a non-publicized occupation of an undisclosed location in solidarity with occupations around the country and to give Occupy Oakland a new organizational home base. In the cover of night, a dedicated group of Occupy Oakland protesters were able to set up a new camp without any harassment from the overbearing local police force by keeping the location a secret, until this morning at about 7:15 AM. An estimated 30 people held … Continued


OGPG 3/18/12

DAY 160 =================================================================================== UPDATED: DEFENSE LAWYER THREATENED WITH ARREST, POLICE REPORT DOCTORED IN PRELIMINARY HEARING OF ICE CREAM THREE by Jesse Three Occupy Oakland activists, known inside the movement as Teardrop, Cincinnati and Nneka, were arrested  on felony robbery charges aggravated by PC 422.7, the now infamous hate crime charge. Each was initially subject to $100,000 bond. The court has refused to lower the bonds on Cincinnati and Teardrop, who remain in custody since February 29th and May 1st, respectively. Last Friday, I attended a preliminary hearing in their trial. … Continued


Oscar Grant Plaza Gazette 3/7/12

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 7: DAY 149 EAST BAY SOLIDARITY NETWORK AND OCCUPY OAKLAND HOUSING NETWORK FORESTALL FORECLOSURE FOR TWO OAKLAND FAMILIES by Jesse The stories of these two families run parallel to those of many Oaklanders these days: working people thrust by an economic crisis caused by the 1% have been denied loan modifications by the very same institutions bailed out by the federal government with billion dollar sums. Then these institutions did their best to foreclose and evict, “losing” reams of financial documentation that proved the families’ abilities to continue … Continued



Oakland, CA – March 5, 2012 – Last week, three of our comrades from Occupy Oakland were charged with robbery and “hate crimes” against someone for allegedly making hateful remarks about her (perceived) sexuality. Our perspective is this: police frequently lie, and we have no reason to believe them now. We have worked with and alongside these three people with solidarity and love for months. These are people we’ve cooked with, cleaned with, cracked jokes with, and danced with, at Occupy Oakland encampment, and at countless events. We will be … Continued


OGPG 3/4/12

SUNDAY, MARCH 4: DAY 146 PIGS ARE NO FRIENDS OF OURS excerpted from a statement by some women and queers of Occupy Oakland Because of recent manipulations leaked by the Oakland Police Department, we felt compelled to make something unquestionably clear: The exclusive role of the police is to serve and protect the interests of the patriarchal and racist state and the rich capitalist elite. The “justice” system of the united states has one function: to protect the rulers from us, those who would want to overturn this horrible state … Continued


Violence and Crime Rates during Occupy Oakland encampment. Spin and fact.

For anyone who believed or questioned the media spin, promoted by the City of Oakland and the Chamber of Commerce, that Occupy Oakland increased crime during the encampment, here are the facts.  Please read and share with others who are buying or need facts to help refute the narrative that the encampment was removed due to increased crime or violence. 22021