Facilitation Committee

Helps facilitate the operation of the General Assembly. Meets every Wednesday at 12pm and Saturday at 4pm at 19th and Telegraph in downtown Oakland.


All Female Facilitation Team for GA on Sunday Jan 15, 2012

The Facilitation Team is initiating a new approach towards greater inclusion and diversity of facilitators.    The committee has decided to make it a goal to have each Sunday’s facilitation team represent a specific demographic.  Initially, we are focusing on creating teams of Female, Queer, People of Color, and Spanish Speaking facilitators.  We hope this may offer a fresh approach to the facilitation of the GA’s and help build community.  We also hope that this will encourage more people to step forward and facilitate. This Sunday, January 15th,  the facilitation … Continued


Return to Regular General Assembly Schedule at 2PM This Sunday (1-8-12)

This is just a friendly reminder that the General Assembly returns to its regular schedule at 2PM this Sunday, January 8th, at the Oscar Grant Plaza Amphitheater (unless actions require us to change locations). The agenda for that GA will be up by Saturday night, and can be found here. The regular schedule is as follows: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 6PM Sundays at 2PM The Facilitation Committee meets to prepare for each GA at noon on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. We also meet at 4PM on Saturday to prepare for the … Continued


Holiday GA Schedule

Holiday Calendar for GA’s and Facilitation Committee Meetings The last GA meeting on the “regular schedule” was on Sunday, December 18th. Assemblies  WILL  be held on the following dates: – Monday, December 19th at 6PM. – Wednesday, December 21st at 6PM. – Monday, December 26th at 6PM. – Wednesday, December 28th at 6PM. – Monday, January 2nd at 6PM. – Wednesday, January 4th at 6PM. Regular scheduling of  General  Assemblies will resume beginning Sunday, JANUARY 8, 2012. The corresponding schedule for the facilitation committee meetings will be adjusted as follows: Facilitation committee will meet at noon each … Continued


We need you on the Facilitation Committee

The GA is vital to the movement for building consensus regarding  actions we take as a body, building solidarity with other movements, and getting everyone involved in decision making.  Our GA process has strengths and areas for improvement.  Many people have great ideas for improving the GA process.  We need your presence, time and energy on our committee. *We are always in need of Co-facilitators to guide the assembly through the agenda.  Different voices and faces are encouraged to get involved. *We are in need of Crowd Advocates who are … Continued


Facilitation Working Group Meeting Notes 10/19

The Facilitation Working Group (FWG) will be trying to post our meeting notes daily so there is greater transparency. We meet everyday at noon on the concrete area just north of Oscar Grant Plaza, below the trees. Everyone is welcome. The first 30 minutes are devoted to letting folks NOT in the working group share their suggestions and concerns about the General Assembly (GA) process and structure. After that, we close the meeting to just the working group so we can plan for that day’s GA agenda. That said, EVERYONE … Continued