Facilitation Working Group Meeting Notes 10/19

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The Facilitation Working Group (FWG) will be trying to post our meeting notes daily so there is greater transparency. We meet everyday at noon on the concrete area just north of Oscar Grant Plaza, below the trees. Everyone is welcome. The first 30 minutes are devoted to letting folks NOT in the working group share their suggestions and concerns about the General Assembly (GA) process and structure. After that, we close the meeting to just the working group so we can plan for that day’s GA agenda. That said, EVERYONE is welcome to join the FWG. We will have an email set up shortly! We promise!

Also every Monday and Friday at 6pm the FWG will be hosting a facilitation training for future facilitators of Occupy Oakland’s General Assemblies. This will also take place in the concrete area just north of the plaza. Everyone is encouraged to learn the process and help facilitate the GAs.

10/19 FWG meeting

Reportback from Lucy, a facilitator of UC Berkeley’s student movement GAs:
– facilitator’s being too controlling, participants don’t feel able to control what’s discussed in GA.
— agenda should be approved by GA
— when presenting the agenda, read proposals
– open agenda to participants
– minute note taker and proposal note taker: proposal note taker will have a computer to write new proposals down, straw poll to decide which ones we will put through the decision making process.
– forum questions are too vague, should be more solution oriented
– GA should be promoted during the day; forum question should be posted
– FWG meeting notes should be recorded and sent to media committee
– let the crowd determine how long the meeting/portions of the meeting should go; check in with the crowd (straw poll) often to see how they are feeling, if they’re riled up and would like to continue or are over it
– if visual aid is not available, reiterate the agenda between each section: “now we’re doing action announcements, next will be proposals, and general announcements will be after.”
– informational sheet for info booth: what is a proposal…

Agenda for tonight’s GA
– open forum: skype session with greece
Ali will frame and present: How can we strengthen our solidarity with other occupations? Tomorrow’s question: Gang injunctions and youth curfew which will be discussed next Tuesday.
– before introducing proposals, facilitator should clarify that autonomous actions do not need to be a proposal, but to be an “occupied oakland” event, they must be voted through as proposals. check the info tent soon for a flyer clarifying proposals etc.
– proposals: strike proposal, proposal about responding to the city, proposal about march on friday

– how to get people more invested in GA
— close kitchen/have coffee and drinks
— post agenda to facebook/twitter
— make announcements beforehand on the megaphones


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