We need you on the Facilitation Committee

Categories: Facilitation Committee, General Assembly

The GA is vital to the movement for building consensus regarding  actions we take as a body, building solidarity with other movements, and getting everyone involved in decision making.  Our GA process has strengths and areas for improvement.  Many people have great ideas for improving the GA process.  We need your presence, time and energy on our committee.

*We are always in need of Co-facilitators to guide the assembly through the agenda.  Different voices and faces are encouraged to get involved.

*We are in need of Crowd Advocates who are sensitive to the needs of the assembly – including questions, comments, confusion, enthusiasm, and overall “vibes” checking.

* We are in need of Stack Balancers who streamline assembly participation on the mic, making sure that clarifying questions, pros, and cons are focused.  Stack Balancers may also contribute to being sure that multiple voices are having the opportunity to be heard at the GA.

*We are in need of people who can document the process: if you can take audio, video, help with live streaming, or take notes, you are WELCOMED.  We need people to take minutes.  Templates for note taking on a laptop or with pencil and paper are available.

*We have other supportive roles that do not involve public speaking or managing crowds – feel free to get involved in that manner if that is what makes you the most comfortable.

Help us help everybody and join!  Please contact us via email, or talk with us in person so that we can plug you in.  Thank you!


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