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MONDAY PORT BLOCKADE: last minute info

Action Schedule: 5:30am March to Port from W. Oakland BART 3pm meet at 14th & Broadway 4pm March to Port 5pm March to Port from West Oakland Bart Text ‘bayaction’ to 41411 for updates & @occupytheports on twitter for updates NLG Bay Area Legal Number (best to write this on your arm): (415) – 285 -1011 Occupy Oakland Medic Dispatch Number: (510) 712-8129 (If this is a life-threatening medical emergency, call 911 FIRST, then call the Medic Dispatch) Map of the Port of Oakland There will be busses and cars … Continued


Port Shutdown Updates… One Day Away!

Organizers are hearing from ILWU rank and file of local 10 in the Bay Area that they are being told by their local president NOT to cross the picket line on Monday. This is a major victory and is in line with the long history of the ILWU respecting community picket lines Oakland Educators Association has endorsed the 12.12.11 call to Blockade the Ports and will be participating in the action. Read their statement here. Iraq Veterans Against the War has also endorsed the action and will be participating. Read … Continued


This Saturday: Massive Day of Outreach for the 12/12 Port Blockade!

This Saturday, December 10th, come out for collaborative outreach events to build support and dialogue around the 12/12 Coordinated West Coast Port Blockade across Oakland communities! The Who, What, Where, When: 1. Community BBQ and Door-to-Door Outreach Event sponsored by Occupy Oakland’s West Coast Port Shutdown Committee and the OO Events Committee, reaching out to the West Oakland community and beyond. 10:00 am-11:00am: Activists and community members from across West Oakland and beyond will gather in DeFremery park for outreach training about the Port Blockade Action. 11:00 am-1:00 pm: Groups … Continued


Occupy Our Homes on December 6th!

On Tuesday, December 6th ACCE, Occupy Oakland, Labor, Community Groups and families facing foreclosure are coming together once again to continue our call for stopping Foreclosures and Making Banks Pay!  Please join us in this National Day of Action called by Occupy Wall St. Here’s a partial list of the “Occupy Our Homes” events happening next Tuesday: 9:30am:  ACCE & The Home Defender’s will be meeting @ Snow Park (20th & Harrison by the Lake) for a “Speak out on Foreclosures” to stop the sale of homes prior to the … Continued


Indigenous Solidarity Thanksgiving Celebration Attacked by OPD

Occupy Oakland gathered in the amphitheater of Oscar Grant plaza on Thanksgiving day to show solidarity with Indigenous Struggles and feed hundreds of people with an impressive feast of donated food including over 10 turkeys! Organizers had ordered two porta-potties to be on site during today’s celebration. But when the delivery truck rolled up, police immediately surrounded the vehicle and stated that the celebration did not have authorization to place porta-potties in the area. When members of Occupy Oakland gathered around the truck to question police about what justification they … Continued



6 AM to 8 PM Tomorrow morning, as an act of unity with the Indigenous People’s Sunrise Gathering on Alcatraz Island, Occupy Oakland will be broadcasting the Sunrise Ceremony at Oscar Grant Plaza. We will be assembling a community altar space beginning in the early morning and continuing throughout the day. All are invited to bring sacred objects to share. In particular, we’re requesting sage, copal, objects symbolizing the 4 directions, images of indigenous resistance, and images of indigenous life before conquest. The community is also invited to bring breakfast … Continued


West Oakland Occupation @ 18th & Linden Grows

An autonomously organized occupation of a lot on 18th & Linden in West Oakland is the latest expansion of the Occupy movement. The lot is in the process of being foreclosed upon by Wells Fargo. West Oakland community members have set up their occupation encampment here as a first step towards building a powerful neighborhood movement to resist foreclosures and take back their neighborhood. This is an important next step in the occupation movement and is hopefully just the start of many more neighborhood occupations and foreclosure defense actions. The … Continued


Tuesday Demo in Solidarity with Cairo

Last minute solidarity demo organized by members of Occupy Oakland in response to calls from Egyptian comrades for an international day of action to support the Egyptian people in their continued revolution. The past days have seen intense clashes in and around Tahrir square that have left dozens dead in confrontations with security forces of the current military government (SCAF – Supreme Council of the Armed Forces). The people of Egypt continue to struggle for freedom and once again we must stand with them as they have stood by Oakland. … Continued


Repression of Occupy Oakland Continues

• Early Monday morning the encampment at Snow Park was successfully evicted by Police, no arrests reported • Early Sunday morning the new encampment at 19th & Telegraph was cleared by Police, no arrests reported Here is a video that includes the initial occupation of the empty lot on Saturday evening as well as a report the next morning following the raid: • On Sunday afternoon, Police, private security & DPW workers destroyed the garden planted in Oscar Grant Plaza during the Saturday Day of Action More info regarding … Continued