All Female Facilitation Team for GA on Sunday Jan 15, 2012

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The Facilitation Team is initiating a new approach towards greater inclusion and diversity of facilitators.    The committee has decided to make it a goal to have each Sunday’s facilitation team represent a specific demographic.  Initially, we are focusing on creating teams of Female, Queer, People of Color, and Spanish Speaking facilitators.  We hope this may offer a fresh approach to the facilitation of the GA’s and help build community.  We also hope that this will encourage more people to step forward and facilitate.

This Sunday, January 15th,  the facilitation team will be female.  We are looking forward to hearing your feedback on how this is working for you!


2 Responses to “All Female Facilitation Team for GA on Sunday Jan 15, 2012”

  1. Will H

    More awesomeness from our excellent facilitation committee!

  2. Liberate Oakland

    good idea!

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