Port Shutdown Updates… One Day Away!

Categories: Announcements, Events, West Coast Port Shutdown - 12/12/11

  • Organizers are hearing from ILWU rank and file of local 10 in the Bay Area that they are being told by their local president NOT to cross the picket line on Monday. This is a major victory and is in line with the long history of the ILWU respecting community picket lines
  • Oakland Educators Association has endorsed the 12.12.11 call to Blockade the Ports and will be participating in the action. Read their statement here.
  • Iraq Veterans Against the War has also endorsed the action and will be participating. Read their statement here.

Further Reading:

Numerous articles have been posted online explaining the context for the blockade and the relationship with organized labor.

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One Response to “Port Shutdown Updates… One Day Away!”

  1. Niccolo Caldararo

    I find it hard to understand how confronting rank and file labor is going to advance the movement. If I understand statements made over the past several months from New York to San Francisco, most people involved are concerned with educating Americans about the causes of the credit crisis and how banking and finance have undermined our democracy. Trying to stop average working people from going to work may be a stunt to get the media there since they like to see workers and radicals fight as that fits in with the 60s images of student radicals vs Reagan Teamsters, but really do you think this backward action is going to result in educating people about the economic system?