This Saturday: Massive Day of Outreach for the 12/12 Port Blockade!

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This Saturday, December 10th, come out for collaborative outreach events to build support and dialogue around the 12/12 Coordinated West Coast Port Blockade across Oakland communities!

The Who, What, Where, When:

1. Community BBQ and Door-to-Door Outreach Event

sponsored by Occupy Oakland’s West Coast Port Shutdown Committee and the OO Events Committee, reaching out to the West Oakland community and beyond.

10:00 am-11:00am: Activists and community members from across West Oakland and beyond will gather in DeFremery park for outreach training about the Port Blockade Action.

11:00 am-1:00 pm: Groups will disperse from the park to engage Oakland community members in real conversation around why the West Coast Port Blockade is crucial to achieving solidarity with the working class who live next to and work in the Port of Oakland.

1:00 pm-3:30 pm:  BBQ handled by Oakland’s own Jabari Shaw @ DeFremery Park as everyone regroups, reflects and visualizes the co-creation of port blockades across the state and the nation to defeat Wall Street on the Waterfront!

2.  “The Kittens Action”

As a mass action on Saturday, December 10th, we will take the movement to the people and do the “Kittens Action” (named so because kittens–unlike sheep–are not herd animals; they can’t be herded or corralled).

12:00 pm- 4:00 pm: We will converge at Oscar Grant Plaza at 12 pm, form teams or affinity groups of say 2-5 people, do mini-trainings and share materials–surveys, flyers, posters, chalk, scripts, etc.–choose neighborhoods, and then fan out around the city, to engage the community in thinking and talking together about the realities we share and the future we want and the movement we’re building.

4:00 pm- Evening: We will re-converge at the Plaza at 4 pm to share our stories and insights, and to hold a celebration rally.

Note: Affinity groups and teams are autonomous in what materials they want to use, but collectively we will especially focus on 2 things:
1) Getting the word out about the West Coast Port shutdown and
2) Getting feedback from the people of Oakland about how the Occupy movement can be stronger and more inclusive for them.

For the second purpose we will use a simple survey with the following questions:
•    What do you think about the Occupy movement?
•    Have you been involved in any Occupy-related events or activities?
•    How can it be more effective or inclusive?
•    What would you like to do to contribute to a stronger movement?

If you have any questions feel free to email for the Community BBQ or for the Kittens Action.


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