West Oakland Occupation @ 18th & Linden Grows

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An autonomously organized occupation of a lot on 18th & Linden in West Oakland is the latest expansion of the Occupy movement. The lot is in the process of being foreclosed upon by Wells Fargo. West Oakland community members have set up their occupation encampment here as a first step towards building a powerful neighborhood movement to resist foreclosures and take back their neighborhood. This is an important next step in the occupation movement and is hopefully just the start of many more neighborhood occupations and foreclosure defense actions. The Occupy Oakland General Assembly has previously agreed that it will provide material and political support to all autonomously organized reclamations of space throughout the city of Oakland. Below is the flyer handed out to neighbors of the new occupation today:


One Response to “West Oakland Occupation @ 18th & Linden Grows”

  1. yerba

    and yet…gone. Where will the hipster and homeless block party go next? Stay tuned!