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Sixty OPD Surround Plaza as Crowd Sings Happy Birthday, Dines on Roast Suckling Pig.


Hundreds of people gathered at the Marriott at 5:00 PM, took to the streets at 6:00 PM and ended up at Oscar Grant Plaza by 6:30 PM – just in time for roast suckling pig and other goodies provided by Occupy Oakland peeps. In commemoration of the 2nd anniversary of O25, OGP was reoccupied, if only for an evening. See previous essays on earlier events of the day here – My Shield is Justice. Facing Down Urban Shield and here – OPD to the Left of Me, OPD to the … Continued


OPD to the Left of Me, OPD to the Right of Me. Caught in the Middle with You All.


Some one hundred people gathered in front of the Marriott Hotel’s Oakland Convention Center for the start of Facing Urban’s Shield’s press conference at 11:20 AM Friday, October 25th. One by one the speakers denounced the activites going on in the Marriott – the glorification of the warrior cop known as Urban Shield. Seven or eight people spoke, including Scott Olsen, “Uncle Bobby,” Oscar grant’s uncle Cephus Johnson, and Dionne Smith, mother of James Rivera, a 16 year old murdered by Stockon Police in 2012. Many made reference to the … Continued


My Shield is Justice. Facing Down Urban Shield.


One of a number of similar signs created for today. Set outside the Marriott Hotel, where Urban Shield, a conference dedicated to the glorification of the militarization of the police, is taking place today. Outside, protesters are picketing.   See here. here and here for the day’s activities.   Tweets: mary mad ‏@marymad #UrbanShield RT @mrdaveyd: They have hundreds of white police vans down here at the Marriott in downtown Oakland Adam ‏@AdamInOakland #oakland a few protestors at hotel entrance of Marriott. OPD & ACSO have 10th blocked off & … Continued


San Francisco Bay Area Urban Shield 2013 Overview Presentation


Alameda County Sheriff’s Office Urban Shield 2013   Download the Alameda County Urban Shield 2013 Presentation here.: 15.65MB PDF File •Urban Shield is a continuous, 48-hour Full Scale Multi-Disciplinary Homeland Security/Disaster Preparedness Exercise hosted by the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office, with the support of the Bay Area Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI), and more than 150 local, state, federal, international and private sector partners. •First responders are presented with exercise scenarios that incorporate key elements of real-world emergencies and major critical incidents at various scenario sites in Alameda, San Francisco, … Continued


O25. They Are Coming.


Two years less one week later, Scott Olsen was sitting next to me having a beer and discussing the state of his lawsuit. Hours before that he, a hundred others, and I had watched yet one more time the infamous video clip (2:20) “What’s your name! What’s your name! Shit!” It was embedded in a new documentary entitled “The Battle for Oscar Grant Plaza.” shown at a benefit at the Parkway Theatre on Saturday, October 19th. Scott Campbell, shot and severely wounded by a rubber bullet on November 2nd, 2011, … Continued


Proposal to lower quorum

Occupy Oakland GA

Whereas the General Assembly of Occupy Oakland has continued to meet every week, Whereas the last resolution regarding quorum set quorum at 70 attendees, Whereas the General Assembly is generally attended by less than 20 people, Whereas the current quorum makes it impossible for Occupy Oakland to pass official resolutions endorsing new committees or actions, It is resolved to set quorum at 25 attendees until such time as typical attendance increases and this number can be re-evaluated. 53332


Truckers, Supporters, ILWU Combine to Stop Port Activity.


All images via Alyssa’s tweets. At about 7:45 AM battalions of police surrounded Port Truckers and their supporters, forcing them back up against the fence separating the road from the port facilities. Picketers had been walking the gate there at 1717 Middle Harbor Road since 5:00 AM, police continually harassing them and threatening them with arrest. This new, massive show of force by police – some with batons drawn – apparently had the opposite of its intended effect. According to tweets sent out subsequently ILWU members decided that they would … Continued


Come Say NO! No WAR GAMES in Oakland – Oct 25 9am-5pm


Friday, October 25 – in Oakland  SAY NO! NO WAR GAMES, NO WAR PROFITEERS, NO MILITARIZATION of POLICE in OUR COMMUNITY Community witness/walking picket  9 AM – 5 PM Marriott Hotel, 11th & Broadway, downtown Oakland Rally 5 – 6 PM URBAN SHIELD:  MILITARIZING THE POLICE WITH MORE WEAPONS Urban Shield deepens the militarization of police in our neighborhoods, which results in harassment and violence, disproportionately against African-American, Latino and Arab/Muslim communities. Urban Shield provides training and information sharing among SWAT teams and international police forces, many of which are … Continued


OO & JAB Stand in Solidarity with BART Workers on Strike.


Justice 4 Alan Blueford Coalition and Occupy Oakland peeps stood alongside SEIU 1021 rank and file as they shut down the Port of Oakland almost a year ago. With the BART strike now official, J4AB once again stands with SEIU 1021 rank and file and all the other BART workers involved. JAB coalition members at the Alan Blueford Center for Justice (Office and Facebook) produced this awesome video:     Occupy Oakland passed a resolution on October 10th, 2013 in support of BART and AC Transit workers and a possible … Continued