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Rally in Direct Defense to Save Our Post Offices: National Day of Action


We petitioned. We wrote letters. We got the City Council and the Mayor to write letters. We rallied and marched. We got our state reps and Barbara Lee, our US Representative, to make entreaties. The decision to sell the historic Berkeley Post Office was made in flagrant disregard to all such. Then we appealed the decision. And We were brushed off as only a bureaucrat, secure in his perch far above the voice of the people, can: “While I am sympathetic to the concerns raised by the concerned parties … … Continued


Open Call to Comrades in Germany

Occupy Oakland peeps, Occupy4 Prisoners are working on California Prisoner Hunger strike solidarity. We had a solidarity demonstration at Corcoran State prison on Day 6. Today is Day 14. California Governor Jerry Brown is in Germany this week, we don’t know exactly where when, but he is scheduled to be in “Soest, Wüsten, Bremen, Berlin, Munich in Germany.. and visit the Dachau concentration camp.” Stop Torture in the California prisons! Please ask comrades in Germany (1) to do solidarity flash mobs/protests wherever Governor Brown is, and (2) to send pictures … Continued


Stop the Oakland DAC surveillance city, speak out at City Council Tuesday, July 30


Everyone was sure the Oakland City Council would simply rubber stamp a resolution to accept, appropriate and administer upwards of $2 million to implement phase 2 of the systems enhancements and integration of the Domain Awareness Center (DAC) this past Tuesday night. Thanks to the efforts of a few concerned Oakland residents who brought facts and hard questions before the Council they decided to hold off on the vote and postponed a decision to the following regular Council meeting taking place on Tuesday, July 30. The DAC, which is a … Continued


Sunday: East Bay Hills deforestation discussion with David Theodoropoulos: Invasion Biology vs Integration Biology

INVASION BIOLOGY OR INTEGRATION BIOLOGY? Who is behind the deforestation and pesticiding of the East Bay Hills, from Richmond to Hayward? **Slideshow with narration, followed by discussion** DAVID THEODOROPOULOS Conservation Biologist and Author: Invasion Biology: Critique of a Pseudoscience + Update from Save Mt. Sutro Forest SUNDAY, JULY 14, 2013, 6:30PM (doors open 6PM) Historic Hall, Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists 1924 Cedar, Berkeley, California (one block east of MLK, Jr. Way) Hear about Invasion Biology from a different perspective of non-native species, based on Evolutionary Biology, and find out … Continued


Israel’s High Court Orders Government to Reopen Case of Tristan Anderson.


From Justice 4 Tristan Anderson. For Immediate Release. Israel’s High Court ordered the state to re-investigate the case of Tristan Anderson, an American activist who was shot in the head by a tear gas grenade in 2009 in the West Bank village of Ni’lin. Anderson’s skull was shattered in the incident, which also caused severe brain damage and paralysis to half his body. According to Israeli human rights group Yesh Din, the High Court ordered the state to investigate the claims made by Yesh Din and the Anderson family that … Continued




Rides available by bus and carpool. Contact or 510-444-0484 . Caravans will leave from MacArthur BART in Oakland at 9:00 AM and Chuco’s Justice Center in Inglewood at 9:00AM. We will gather at Cesar Chavez Park in Corcoran (1500 Oregon) at 2PM and then march to Corcoran State Prison where our demands will be heard! . . SUPPORT THE STRIKE! . Stand in solidarity with the hunger strike and other job actions being called for July 8th! Support Pelican Bay and other SHU Prisoners’ Five Core Demands: . 1- … Continued


First Occupy Oakland Lawsuit Settled for $1.17 Million.


You may never have heard of Suzi Spangenberg or Sukay Sow, and to tell you the truth, neither had I. But Suzi received $500,000 and Sukay $210,000 as part of a settlement agreement announced last night in a lawsuit, Campbell v City of Oakland that arose from Oakland police having tear-gassed, flash-bang grenaded, beaten, clubbed and shot Occupy Oakland protesters October 25th through November 3rd, 2011. Suzi Spangenberg, a 52 year old seminarian, said, “I was in the middle of telling OPD I loved them when they threw explosives at … Continued


Strike Debt: Ideas Into Action!


The press has been overflowing with reports on exploding student debt, and the payday lending industry is under increasing public scrutiny. Let’s take this momentum and radicalize it! Join Strike Debt Bay Area on Saturday, June 29th at 3:00 PM at 900 Alice St (ARC offices) in downtown Oakland for our next Ideas Into Action meeting. Bring your ideas and/or plug into ongoing projects: – reading groups on debt & capitalism – the seeds of some exciting debtors union tactics, both locally and nationally – a series of solidarity actions … Continued


Mass Arrest Lawsuit Settled – OPD Costs Oakland’s Taxpayers Another Cool $1,000,000.


The National Lawyer’s Guild yesterday announced the settlment of a lawsuit from 2010 in which one hundred and fifty Oscar Grant verdict protesters were “mass arrested” for no reason other than revenge by Oakland Police and then mistreated by Alameda County Sheriffs’ Deputies. The protest took place on November 5th, 2010, the day that Johnannes Meserle, the BART Police Officer who killed Oscar Grant was sentenced to less than two years in jail (with time in custody reducing the sentence) for the murder of Oscar Grant. U.S. District Court Judge … Continued


Art & protest exhibit for the Turkish people, June 29 & 30th


An Art Exhibition Showcasing The Truth & Humor of the Turkish Resistance Original scenes from Istanbul Gezi Park Protest by Turkish American Gezi Platform: An organization representing the Turkish American Community in support of the Gezi Movement Saturday, June 29th, 4PM – 9PM Sunday, June 30th, 11AM – 2 PM Studio Location: DILEKSEZEN 1933 Union Street, San Francisco, CA  94123 51690