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Q&A With Einstein For Mayor: Everything is Relative.


Q. Do you have any special relatives? A. No, only general ones. Q. What’s your favorite food? A. Schrodinger’s pet. Q. Dead or alive? A. All the same to me. Q. What about the election? What do the polls say about your chances? A. I’m the only dog in this race. How can I lose? Q. How are your campaign finances? A. You’d have to ask my campaign manager. Q. Who would that be? A. Ed not Bombs. Q. That’s a funny name. A. I’m a funny dog. Q. When’s … Continued


Fred Hampton Jr. Sues City of Oakland.


Fred Hampton Jr., a leader in the movement against police terror, filed suit against the City of Oakland in August, 2013, a little more than six months after Oakland Police stopped him and his companions at Target in Emeryville on bogus charges of stealing a cell phone and held them for three hours, injuring one of Hampton’s associates. Hampton, who lives in Chicago, has spoken out against state oppressions many times in Oakland, including recently against the Domain Awareness Center, testifying to the City Council. He addressed the 2nd Anniversary Party … Continued


Voices Against the DAC.


Four statements from Mohamed Shehk, the Seattle Privacy Coalition, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and the National Lawyers Guild. ======================================== Dear Honorable City Council Members: My name is Mohamed Shehk and I’m a community advocate with the San Francisco, Bay Area based Advancing Justice – Asian Law Caucus’s National Security and Civil Rights program. Our work focuses on combating racial and religious discrimination, profiling, Islamophobia, and other abuses against African, Arab, Middle Eastern, Muslim, and South Asian (AAMEMSA) communities in our post-9/11 era. AAMEMSA communities have regularly been the target of … Continued


“Here They Come!” Imperial Storm Troopers Arrive to Arrest Killer Cop Protesters.

Outside looking in. Solidarity with the arrestees.

Christina Arechiga, seen in the short video below (cousin of Ernest Duenez Jr), and six other peaceful protesters – plus their lawyer – were arrested as punishment for peacefully protesting police terror on February 13th. At the event the Justice 4 Alan Blueford Coalition, family members of many killed by police violence, and friends were asking for a meeting with California Attorney General Kamala Harris, demanding that she do her job and prosecute killer cops! Having exhausted all the polite avenues trying to have a meeting with Harris to demand … Continued


5000 Against the DAC


At approximately 11:15 AM on Friday, February 28th, a Joshua from Oakland became the 5000th person to sign the petition to oppose the Domain Awareness Center in Oakland. Dan Siegel, outspoken anti-DAC civil rights attorney, was seconds behind, clicking in at 5001. Like the 300 Spartans at Thermopylae against 100,000 Persians, The Oakland Privacy Group (which sponsored the petition) is battling against forces which it cannot, in theory, defeat: The National Security Agency, the Department of Homeland Security and the City of Oakland’s insatiable appetite for grant funding, no matter … Continued


An Offer Only a Quan Could Not Refuse.


Yesterday, Saturday, February 22nd, 2014 at a townhall meeting in West Oakland, Mayor Quan revealed part of the truth about the origins of the Domain Awareness Center. Anyway, Mayor Quan came up to me and said: “When Homeland Security comes up to us with an offer like that ((money for the DAC)) I do not think we are in the position to say no.” — S from O And after subsequently combing through 5000 pages of Public Records Request information, we found this transcript from back in late 2011. DHS … Continued


David Rovics & Eric Drooker Benefit Concert for Tristan Anderson

Download and print the PDF

. David Rovics, Eric Drooker & Tristan Anderson will perform together on Sunday, Feb. 23rd at the Art House in Berkeley, 2905 Shattuck Ave. The event will be a benefit for Justice 4 Tristan.  $5-$20 sliding scale suggested donation Schedule: 5 PM Potluck dinner 6 PM Welcoming 6:15-6:45 Tristan Anderson slide show 6:45-7:15 David Rovics amplified set 7:15-8:00 Eric Drooker Multimedia Performance 8PM-….. David Rovics acoutic set   David Rovics is a great folk singer of songs of social significance. You can download most of his music at his web site … Continued


Ding Dong the DAC is… Wounded.


Sometime past when February 18th, 2014 turned into February 19th, the Oakland City Council threw some water on the Domain Awareness Center. From an all encompassing surveillance system throughout Oakland with camera feeds from schools, housing developments and traffic monitors, with input from social media, Shotspotter and license plate readers, and facial and gait recognition technologies to boot, it has gotten to the point where the City Council seems to be seriously considering restricting its surveillance capabilities to the Port of Oakland while unplugging and uninstalling some its capabilities. Some … Continued




The Oakland Domain Awareness Center (DAC) is a $10.9MM surveillance hub for the Port and City of Oakland. It will integrate data from public and private cameras across the city, license plate readers that track where you go in your car, and other sensors into a mass surveillance system. Plans for the DAC include facial recognition and cameras aimed at our schoolchildren in Oakland public schools. Our data will be shared with fusion centers, law enforcement, and other government agencies and their private partners. Regular meeting and our get-together begin at … Continued


TAKE ACTION: Oakland Spy Center


Read/Learn/Download/Distribute Download Letter here: TAKE-ACTION_Oakland-Spy-Center – – – – – – – – – Letter Starts Here ———- Dear Neighbors:   I am writing to you about the Oakland Domain Awareness Center – coming up for a vote at the City Council meeting on Tuesday, February 18.   The Oakland Domain Awareness Center (DAC) is a $10.9MM surveillance hub for the Port and City of Oakland. It will integrate data from public and private cameras across the city, license plate readers that track where you go in your car, and other … Continued