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A beautiful day, an abundance of food and a visit from a non-victorious but never-say-meow candidate for Oakland Mayor marked the 2nd annual Thanksgiving feed on the steps of the Berkeley Post Office. Sponsored by First They Came for the Homeless, Berkeley Post Office Defenders, and Occupy Oakland, about thirty people were fed until stuffed. Thanksgiving feeds have in fact been a tradition since 2011, the first two taking place at Oscar Grant Plaza, with the first one featuring the infamous Port-a-Potty war with the Oakland Police.  While there were … Continued


We Are The People – Don’t Shoot!

Last night, November 25th, protesters in Oakland #ShutItDown for Mike Brown on two freeways: I 980 near 14th St and I 580 near 36th St. Temporarily stymied in their attempt to get onto I 580, protesters managed to down a section of fence and pour onto the freeway through it, instead of up an on or exit ramp. Reports of hundreds of cop cars converging on Oakland and large numbers of mutual aid officers from other jurisdictions came over the twitterverse. Barricades were erected and fires set burning in the … Continued


“We Have Taken the Freeway.”

After the “No indictment of Darren Wilson” die-in at 14th & Broadway on Monday night, November 24th, marching began, up Broadway, down Broadway to the police station, finally heading North and East towards the north side of Lake Merritt and the I580 freeway. Our tweet set begins with the pronouncement of the seizure of I580, and continues until the protesters head back to Oscar Grant Plaza. For a more complete set of tweets covering the whole night’s actions and video of Cat Brooks reading the decision go here. We have … Continued


Convergence Tonight (Monday) at OGP after the Darren Wilson Indictment Decision Announced.

Officials have announced that a decision on whether to indict Darren Wilson for the murder of Michael Brown has been reached, but what the decision is is not public yet.  The decision itself is to be announced later today, sometime between 3:00 PM and 6:00 PM Pacific Time. The call associated with the picture to the left. FTP March Tonight at 14th and Broadway 7pm #getfree — Occupy Oakland (@OccupyOakland) November 24, 2014   The call from Stop Mass Incarceration Bay Area email: If Wilson Walks, America Halts! No Business … Continued


UC Berkeley Students Occupy Wheeler Hall Over Tuition Hikes, Receive Solidarity Letter from Cairo.

Thursday morning the University of California Regents passed, 14-7, a plan to increase tuition by 5% a year for five years at all UC campuses – over the objections and nay votes of Governor Jerry Brown, Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom, State Schools Superintendent Tom Torlakson, newly appointed Regent John Perez, and Sadia Saifuddin, the student Regent. Students in the audience and outside the building were livid. UC Berkeley students on campus decided on direct action: Occupying Wheeler Hall and demanding a reversal of the decision. They were soon joined by … Continued


Three Years Ago, UC Davis Students Got Covered With Pepper Spray.

Today marks the 3rd anniversary of UC Davis Police High Asshole Lt. Pike serving up students a la pepper spray, remembered on campus with protests against tuition increases.   Despite massive protests and outrage, Pike was never charged, eventually retiring with benefits and given $38,000 in workers compensation benefits for “pain and suffering.” President Katehi, ultimately responsible for the violence to peacefully protesting students, remains at the head of UC Davis. No bad deed goes unrewarded. UC Davis students sued, eventually settling for about $30,000 per pepper sprayee. Lt. Pike’s … Continued


Ferguson to Oakland: Demand Oakland’s Electeds Call for Indictment, Federal Prosecution.

Originally posted on Indybay. November 18, 2014 Occupy Oakland Police De-Militarization Working Group Michael Wilson Mayor Jean Quan and Mayor-elect Libby Schaaf: Re: Oakland residents need their government to ease the tensions surrounding the St. Louis County Grand Jury investigation of the death of Michael Brown. The atmosphere around the country in response to events in Ferguson, MO is no more highly-charged than here in Oakland where the statement “We are all Michael Brown” embodies the experiences of so many of our residents long-oppressed by the racist culture of … Continued


What Do David Rovics, Einstein and the Bay Area Light Brigade Have in Common?

Einstein the candidog, that is. The answer is… they were all at the Berkeley Post Office Monday, November 17th, along with some fifty other people, biting the good bite, lighting the good light, and singing against might makes right into the night to save the Berkeley Post Office from the privatizers with music and community. Berkeley Post Office Defenders put together the mini-concert, featuring David Rovics on the guitar singing “If Only It Were True,” “Commons” and other anti-capitalist songs. What’s the status of the Post Office fight? When the Postal Service announced … Continued


Strike Debt Radio Turns an Ear Towards Predatory Payday Loan and Check Cashing.

She’s not Mike. He’s not Cassie. And together on Strike Debt Radio the debt-dispatching duo expose the nasty business of Payday Loan shops. These shops operate on the fringes of the law, charging what amounts to 300% – 1000% and more interest on the money they lend, trapping people in a bubble of fees and accrued interest. Get the details – listen to their latest Stride Debt Radio broadcast: A synopsis: With more and more people living paycheck to paycheck, and banks unwilling to provide short-term credit, people are finding … Continued


Protect Public Land From Private Takeovers

Oakland’s beautiful and wild Knowland Park is under threat, and we need your help at an important City Council vote. Right now, the free public park is home to a range of wildlife, including threatened species, native grasslands, and woodlands. However, the Oakland Zoo is trying to take over the heart of the park–77 acres!–which would displace local wildlife…for an exhibit about species that are regionally extinct due to development. What?!  This would also mean privatizing our public park, and since the zoo has been working behind closed doors with … Continued