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Strike Debt Radio Asks: “What is Money, and Where Does it Come From?”


Strike Debt Radio, hosted by (he’s) Mike and (she’s) Cassie, aired its fifth segment Wednesday morning, April 2nd, on KPFA’s Morning Mix. They begin with the question of where money comes from (you might be surprised!) and end with an interview with Ellen Brown, an advocate of public banking. “Money is an idea…” “A thing we can exchange…” “A general equivalent between all things…” “Ones and zeroes on the banks’ computers.” “Only 3% of ‘money’ is coins and cash.” “All cash is money, but very little money is cash.” “Where … Continued


Nationwide Occupy Movement

I have been seeing on FaceBook that Occupy Wally Street is advertising that all the original Occupy movements will be having rally. But haven’t seen anything on Occupy Oakland website. Is Occupy Oakland not involved? I did see that there was something in Walnut Creek, but I live in Oakland, and would rather attend a rally here. 55345


Santana Spills All: The Bad, the Worse and the Ugly at City Hall.


In a detailed interview with investigative reporter Winston Ali Smith, Deanna Santana, the former City Administrator of Oakland, spilled it all, providing confirmation of everything we figured was going on behind closed doors at City Hall, but – until now – had no proof of. Here are some excerpts from that interview: Q: What was it like working for Mayor Quan? A: Frustrating. First she’d be, like “Shoot the protesters!” Then a day later she was, like, “Oh, God, what have we done?” It was sickening to watch. Q: You … Continued


Strike Debt Radio, Show #5, airs this Wed. 4/2

Strike Debt Radio, Show #5, airs this Wed. April 2, on KPFA’s “Morning Mix”, 8-9:00AM. “What is Money?” We explore how money is created, some common misconceptions about money, and we interview public banking advocate Ellen Brown, author of “The Web of Debt” and Green Party candidate for CA State Treasurer. Listen live tomorrow (Wed) starting at 8:00AM: 94.1 FM or Listen later: 55317


Public Banking at the Post Office!


Laura Wells, a well-known Oakland activist, will be speaking on a topic – public banking – that has received increased interest in the last few months. A variant on public banking, postal banking has received a “thumbs up” in a report issued by the Office of the Inspector General of the Post Office on how to help the Post Office maintain its solvency. It has also gotten the endorsement of some mainstream politicians such as Senator Elizabeth Warren. Public banks, a more general riff on the theme, are financial institutions … Continued


The battle for a democratic Pacifica and KPFA


There is an ongoing struggle over control at listener sponsored Pacifica radio right now, including an ongoing occupation of the national headquarters by supporters of the Pacifica Executive Director of Pacifica, Summer Reese that has been going on for the last week. The issues are very complicated, and came to a head when the Pacifica National Board (PNB) voted to fire Summer Reese despite the fact that she has a 3 year contract. Supporters of the PNG then padlocked the door to the Pacifica offices on March 14th. Summer Reese … Continued


Party Like Large Swaths of America Are Not Being Crushed by Massive Debt!


The Debt Resisters Operations Manual (DROM) was published on September, 2012 by Strike Debt New York City, an offshoot of Occupy Wall Street. In it you can find specific tactics for understanding and fighting against the debt system… detailed strategies and resources for dealing with credit card, medical, student, housing and municipal debt, tactics for navigating the pitfalls of personal bankruptcy, and information to help protect yourself from predatory lenders. A year and a half later, Strike Debt New York is about to release the new, expanded, super, how-to-crush-your-debt second edition of … Continued


Q&A With Einstein For Mayor: Everything is Relative.


Q. Do you have any special relatives? A. No, only general ones. Q. What’s your favorite food? A. Schrodinger’s pet. Q. Dead or alive? A. All the same to me. Q. What about the election? What do the polls say about your chances? A. I’m the only dog in this race. How can I lose? Q. How are your campaign finances? A. You’d have to ask my campaign manager. Q. Who would that be? A. Ed not Bombs. Q. That’s a funny name. A. I’m a funny dog. Q. When’s … Continued


Fred Hampton Jr. Sues City of Oakland.


Fred Hampton Jr., a leader in the movement against police terror, filed suit against the City of Oakland in August, 2013, a little more than six months after Oakland Police stopped him and his companions at Target in Emeryville on bogus charges of stealing a cell phone and held them for three hours, injuring one of Hampton’s associates. Hampton, who lives in Chicago, has spoken out against state oppressions many times in Oakland, including recently against the Domain Awareness Center, testifying to the City Council. He addressed the 2nd Anniversary Party … Continued


Voices Against the DAC.


Four statements from Mohamed Shehk, the Seattle Privacy Coalition, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and the National Lawyers Guild. ======================================== Dear Honorable City Council Members: My name is Mohamed Shehk and I’m a community advocate with the San Francisco, Bay Area based Advancing Justice – Asian Law Caucus’s National Security and Civil Rights program. Our work focuses on combating racial and religious discrimination, profiling, Islamophobia, and other abuses against African, Arab, Middle Eastern, Muslim, and South Asian (AAMEMSA) communities in our post-9/11 era. AAMEMSA communities have regularly been the target of … Continued