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The Berkeley Post Office is Still to Be Sold. But It’s No Longer for Sale.

Such is the mythology the US Postal Service would have us believe about the Berkeley Post Office. You see, Postal Service lawyers were caught lying to a Federal judge in a hearing on December 11th about the City of Berkeley’s lawsuit against the sale of its downtown Post Office. I was there in the courtroom. I heard them lie. They argued to the judge that the lawsuit should be dismissed because the downtown Berkeley Post Office was “no longer for sale.” But a quick check immediately after the hearing showed … Continued


Hella Privacy.

#HellaPrivacy. That’s the new hashtag and slogan of the Oakland Privacy Working Group as it attempts to get the City Council to pass a strong privacy policy for the Domain Awareness Center. A year ago the spy center known as the DAC was, after hella protests and public outrage spearheaded by OPWG and the Muslim community, confined to keeping tabs on things only at Port of Oakland, and was not allowed to come on line until a privacy policy was developed. (See the DAC FAQ for a detailed history). An … Continued


300+ Ralliers and the Berkeley City Council say “Drop the Charges” against the Black Friday 14. Where is Oakland’s City Council?

At least 300 protesters filled the BART Board’s hearing room, plus an overflow room, and the lobby outside on Thursday, January 21st, demanding that the BART Board tell District Attorney Nancy O’Malley to drop the charges against the Black Friday 14 and not to ask for restitution payments. What they got after three hours of testimony by Black Friday shutdown participants and supporters – ranging from mention of slave patrols to the Montgomery Bus Boycott to Oscar Grant and to Nubia Bowe – was a promise by Rebecca Saltzman, one … Continued


Oakland Livable Wage Assembly. The Fight for a Living Wage in the East Bay Continues!

The inaugural meeting of the new Oakland Livable Wage Assembly will take place this Tuesday, January 27th, at 6:30 PM. It is being hosted at SEIU 1000, 1433 Webster Street Oakland,CA 94612. The Oakland Livable Wage Assembly builds community and power among those who seek higher wages and better work life conditions for area workers. It will meet every second and fourth Tuesday of the month at the SEIU Local 1000, 2nd Floor in downtown Oakland. The meetings will run from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm. The work of this new assembly … Continued


Omni Commons Fundraising Goal in Sight!

The Omni Commons, a collective of collectives and open space for all Oakland, set itself a challenging goal of raising $80,000. With almost $33,000 raised online at this writing, they’re almost there because… “Thanks to some generous anonymous donors and Oaklandish, who are sending us checks directly, we have actually raised $40,000 MORE than the total shown here!” That leaves just $7000 or so to raise; not an easy task, but one well within the bounds of possibility. If you or your group use the Omni for meeting space, or … Continued


Thanks But No Tanks!

San Leandro, like other cities in the Bay Area, wants to acquire a tank.  Well, not a tank exactly; more like (actually, exactly like) an armored personnel carrier. The kind you see in war movies and Iraq footage. On January 8th a rally against the tank, followed by a San Leandro City Council meeting in which much opposition  to the acquisition of this vehicle was voiced, was held.  (The City Council plans to hold a vote sometime in February).  Most of the voices opposed were San Leandro residents, and a few members of … Continued


New Mayor Gets a Wakeup Call.

Nothing like a 6:00 AM wakeup call for the new Mayor of Oakland, Libby Schaaf, on Martin Luther King Day.   Breaking News A large contingent have come to the home of Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf to protest police terrorism… OPD is now here — Davey D (@mrdaveyd) January 19, 2015   On her first full day in office two weeks ago, Schaaf spent the entire day with the Oakland Police. Three days ago, she refused to speak with #BlackLivesMatter protesters when they came to City Hall with a list … Continued


No Justice, No Federal Building.

The main entrance to the downtown Oakland Federal Building was blockaded for four hours and twenty-eight minutes Friday morning, January 16th, 2015. Beginning at 6:30 AM, a half hour before the announced “spoon” action at the Montgomery BART, this unpublicized action by a group identifying with the hashtag #3rdWorld4BlackPower quickly became one of the highlights of a wide-ranging day of action across Oakland and San Francisco in support of #BlackLivesMatter. Some blockaded the main entrance with arms linked in black tubing, while others held signs that said “South Asians for … Continued


Call BART, Tell Them to Drop Charges and Fines Against The Black Lives Matter 14

Support the BART 14. #BlackLivesMatter. #NotOneDime. Demand that BART stop its persectution of civil rights protesters; those who halted BART for a time on Black Friday. BART is tabulating the number of call they get on this, and that the person coordinating  the tabulation, and therefore an important number to call, is the BART District Secretary, at 510-464-6080.   Please take a moment to make your voice heard in this matter.  Remind them that Rosa Parks never paid the losses felt from the Montgomery Bus Boycott.  this is another such … Continued