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Capitalism Roasting Over an Open Fire.


More than six hundred people protested at the San Leandro Walmart on Black Friday beginning at 3;00 PM, participating in a nationwide event that saw over a thousand Walmarts with protesters of one form or another. The Brass Liberation Orchestra came to San Leandro, along with many other East Bay activist groups and unions. As the protest was waning, a large dollar sign appeared in the parking lot and began combusting. This picture was snapped and sent out via twitter at approximately 6:30 PM that day. While dollars themselves are … Continued


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Food, Solidarity and Camraderie: N28 On the Steps of the Berkeley Post Office.


As if by magic vast quantities of food appeared at five o’clock, Thursday, November 28th on the steps on the Berkeley Post Office: two hams, five pies (one apple), beans, tomato rice, cookies, salad, mashed potatoes, pinto beans, fruit salad, bread, rolls and more. Food Not Bombs, Berkeley Post Office Defenders and Occupy Oakland peeps came together to offer food for anyone who happened by or was notified by word of mouth, twitter or the calendar entry. By the time all was said and eaten, most of this large stockpile … Continued


Oakland City Council Meeting – Item 20: Domain Awareness Center Phase II


Oakland City Council Meeting -Item 20: Domain Awareness Center Phase II Unfortunately, but expected, it passed; 6 to 1. – November 19, 2013 – Oakland, California Speaking against the Oakland City Council Meeting. Item 20: Domain Awareness Center (DAC) EFF representative speaking at the Oakland City Council Meeting. Item 20: Domain Awareness Center (DAC) Data Engineer Speaking at the Oakland City Council Meeting: Item 20 DAC Oakland Police and Homeland Security Personal at the Oakland City Council Meeting Item 20: Domain Awareness Center (DAC) . 54076


Debtors’ Assembly! Resistance is NOT Futile!


Strike Debt Bay Area is holding its third Debtors’ Assembly this coming Saturday, November 23rd, in Berkeley, California. It will commence at 2:00 PM at the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists Fellowship Hall, located at 1924 Cedar St. Last week Strike Debt’s Rolling Jubilee project announced the symbolic burning of some $15,000,000 in medical debt, purchased at $0.02 on the dollar. Strike Debt is also involved in the fight for principal reduction via the use of eminent domain, centered now on Richmond, California. (See here and here for detailed explanations.) … Continued


Oakland City Council Ignores the People (As Usual). Votes to Move Forward With Domain Awareness Center.


Not before getting Mic Checked though. Mic Check! Seventy people gathered in the drizzle at 5:30 PM before the City Council meeting on Tuesday, November 19th. The rally against DAC was muted by the rain, as the Brass Liberation Orchestra had to cancel due to the H2O, but a huge kettle of soup provided by good samaritans keep spirits high as the crowd waited for the City Council non-consent agenda to begin. The latest DAC proposal was to give the City Administrator authorization to select a new contractor instead of … Continued


Federal Judge Allows Eviction of Albany Bulb Residents. Occupation Begins.


A valiant attempt by Albany Bulb residents, supporters and legal representatives to stave off eviction with a federal civil rights lawsuit failed today (Monday, November 18th), as the judge refused to issue a temporary restraining order against the eviction. A federal judge cleared the way Monday for Albany to evict about 60 homeless people from their tents on a waterfront landfill known as the Bulb, saying they had failed to show that the removal would violate their rights. At the hearing in San Francisco, Breyer quickly dismissed the arguments by … Continued


Protest Art.


Buttons, Banners, Buses, Flyers, Posters and Chalk Art. Protests in and around Oakland have resulted in some amazing art these last two years. Here is a sampling. 53984


“Occupy the Bay” Documentary on YouTube


“Occupy the Bay” A documentary, by Jonathan Riley, about the Occupy movement in Oakland and the San Francisco Bay Area.  . Click image or link below for photos from the pre-release screening:     53974


Stop DAC Spying! Come to City Hall Tue 11/19: Meeting in Progress come and join us (100+)!! LIVE STREAMING:


Please click the link: or twitter images to connect to the meeting live stream. Meeting in progress, 7:40pm status: Meeting in progress, 7:26pm status: Tell City Hall: NO SURVEILLANCE STATE IN OAKLAND! The Department of Homeland Security and Oakland Police are building a massive surveillance center to videotape, track, and log the movements of all Oakland residents and visitors!  The Domain Awareness Center (DAC) as its called, is an unprecedented attack on our civil liberties, giving the police department unlimited access to our whereabouts.  This includes a computer system … Continued