Out of Control.

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With no apparent reasonable suspicion or probable cause, fifteen or more San Francisco Police Officers descended on a group of young black men making a music video recently, demanding that they put their hands up. The young men were then handcuffed and searched. No explanation was given, no justification provided, as far as anyone has written.

It has not been established whether any of the young men were arrested. Watch the first few minutes of the video, and decide for yourself whether young men of color live in a police state.

A few comments from the Youtube Video page:

Notice the cops refer to them as “bodies”. Like they’re property. Objects. Not detainees. Not individuals. Not breathing human beings with unalienable rights. BODIES.

This is unbelievable, anyone that says there is still such a thing as innocent until proven guilty isn’t living in reality and needs to get their heads checked.

I used to direct music videos just like this in SF and the cops were way cooler about it. Of course, I am white.

A few days ago, Jabari Shaw, a well known local activist and musician, his daughter and his friend, were one wrong move away from being executed by police and Federal agents in a case of mistaken identity.

Here’s video of Shaw at the hospital in the aftermath being interviewed as to what happened. And here:



Only a miracle saved Jabari and others from being killed from the start, as agents using unarked cars, to the finish, with guns drawn at people’s heads.

ca-hwy-patrol-beatingIt was a truly outrageous abdication of judgement on the part of law enforcement officials.

The police both rule and reign on the streets, killing and beating at will, with no oversight or control. And nothing, not even videos of obvious and indisputable executions, seems to be changing that.


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