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Pi Day (3-14) OO Hike around Knowland Park: This may be the last chance to see it before it is privatized.

Save Knowland Park

As early as next month the Oakland Zoo is going to start throwing up 8′ fences topped by 3′ of barbed wire around perhaps the most lovely park on the western flank of the East Bay hills and excluding the public from it forever unless you pay big bucks to visit the newly constructed paved roads, 50 structures, 15-car gondola, vistor center or high-end restaurant.  So I’m leading a little hike Saturday, March 14th so we can see what we are about to lose unless we fight back. BACKGROUND Knowland … Continued


Wild Bill Bailout (Dave Lippman) concert at the BFUU Friday April 26th at 7PM

Dave Lippman and his ego alter Wild Bill Bailout are singing Friday night April 26th at the Berkeley Fellowship Of Unitarian Universalists in Berkeley at 7 PM. Wild Bill, AKA George Shrub is the “Bard of the Bankers.” Check out some of his songs here. 1924 Cedar Street at Bonita, Berkeley, CA 48673


Check out the “1968” Exhibit at the OMCA

The Oakland Museum extended its 1968 Exhibit through November 25.  Tomorrow, Sunday, November 4th is the last time to see it during one of OMCA’s monthly free days, otherwise it is a prohibitive $12 (until a few years ago the Oakland Museum was always free for everyone all year long). 1968 was a pretty amazing time to be alive, I was 10 at the time. When I was a young child I almost dreaded growing up. The society seemed so conformist & macho in the early sixties, which very much … Continued


Bring a dish to share #O25

Just a reminder, we are having a potluck Thursday on the first anniversary of the destruction of the 1st camp. It will hopefully start at 4-5PM and continue until the food runs out or the cops chase us away.  Please bring a dish to share with your comrades/cronies.  I don’t think we have to worry about the pot part of the equation, but we could do with a bit more luck part. By the end of the Birthday Party all we had left were Ed’s wretched beans and ice water. … Continued