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SF Police: “We Object!” -To Policy Recommendations That Suggest They Stop Executing People At Will.


San Francisco has a police department whose members get to send racist texts without any reprecussions and execute people firing squad style without a care – and want to keep it that way. No matter that the firing squad execution of Mario Woods and the publishing of some truly disgusting racist remarks – that you’d think would only be overheard at a Trump rally – have outraged much of San Francisco. The police are showing no love towards the idea that there is an alternative to “shoot first, shoot often.” … Continued


OPD Is (Still) Out of Control.


Twelve years of federal monitors, $30M in taxpayer money to pay for them, and more than $70M in lawsuit settlement costs later, OPD is no closer to not being a rogue agency than it ever was. Having managed to hide the video of Hernan Jaramillo being suffocated to death by its officers for years, even apparently from the family until after a lawsuit settlement was seemingly agreed to; having managed to kill Demouria Hogg after finding him asleep or unconscious in his car, unable with an entire squad of officers … Continued


Mehrsa Baradaran Writes the Book, Nails the Talks and Brings Home the Candidate on Postal Banking.


How the Other Half Banks is both the historical story of banking for the non-wealthy in America and why we once again need postal banks to serve the un- and underbanked, now in thrall to “alternative credit services” such as payday lenders. When the book, authored by Mehrsa Baradaran, was published last Fall, Strike Debt Bay Area (SDBA) was all over it, having been advocating for Postal Banking for years. One of their members wrote the first Amazon review and they invited Professor Baradaran of Georgia University’s Law School to … Continued


A Reporter at Court: Hands Off Janye!


By Jesse Smith There is a long tradition of targeting activists with trumped-up charges. This is a simple and disgraceful fact of America’s sordid history with activism. To a large degree, false charges are SOP (Standard Operational Procedure). This practice is a mundane (yet Orwellian) reality known to any activist who has been arrested-for-resisting-arrest, or charged with assault after being brutalized by police. Activists seen as “leaders”, are targeted for charges that will never stick, in an attempt to neutralize them through harassment and intimidation. After all, when one faces … Continued


Occupy The Farm Meditaters Arrested.


For almost four years now Occupy the Farm protesters have been fighting to save the Gill Tract, a large parcel of prime urban farmland at the corner of Marin and San Pablo in Albany, CA, from development. The latest fight has been part of the acreage where a new Sprouts, a parking lot and a high-end senior assisted living facility are to be constructed. Five meditators took their seats early this morning so as to halt, or at least delay, construction crews. Three were ultimately arrested. 3 meditators arrested; one … Continued


Saying Her Name: Yuvette Henderson. One Year Long.


One year after the execution of Yuvette Henderson on the streets of Oakland by Emeryville Police, nothing has changed. No officers have been charged, Emeryville’s police still carry AR-15’s, and the Emeryville City Council has taken no action. The carnage, nationwide, continues. Group in front of Home Depot- Showing up for racial Justice #justice4Yuvette — Alyssa (@alyssa011968) February 4, 2016 One year to the day after the execution of Yuvette Henderson, some one hundred people gathered in front of the Home Depot in Emeryville from which she exited only … Continued


Alameda Renters Coalition: “What Do We Want? Rent Control! When Do We Want It? Now!”


The Alameda City Council was at it again, debating rent control, eviction restrictions and whether mom and pop landlords deserve a break even though the rents they charge go up as much as the rents neither mom nor pop landlords can charge. And again doing it at 2:00 in the morning as Tuesday, February 2nd turned into Wednesday, February 3rd. It’s not clear what, if anything, they decided, and no votes were taken. That will happen on February 16th. The agenda item on Tuesday was for further discussion – and … Continued


Brooke, Founding Member of the Occupy Oakland Foreclosure Defense Group, Talks about OOFDG, Race Class and Housing.


The Occupy Oakland Foreclosure Defense Group was formed in late January / early February of 2012, just about four years ago now. It was able to undertake a number of campaigns, some very successful, some less so, to stop foreclosures and keep people in their houses.  Numerous articles about the group’s activities can be found on this website (e.g., here, or here) Its most intensive campaign was to keep Morgan Stanley from foreclosing on Jodie Randolph (pictured on her porch, 2nd from right, with oofdg members). She was a woman … Continued


$450,000 for Family of Mentally Ill Man Beaten to Death by OPD.


The Oakland City Council voted 6-0-1 in closed session to settle for $450K the case of the late Hernan Jaramillo, a mentally disturbed man who was dragged by OPD from his apartment “20-feet on his back to the sidewalk.” This settlement adds to the ever-growing total of police execution and brutality payments paid out by the taxpayers of Oakland, with more sure to come as four men have been killed by Oakland police in 2015, and a fifth died under suspicious circumstances while being chased by OPD. Hernan Jaramillo is … Continued


Black.Seed Activists Shut Down Bay Bridge.


Just minutes before 4:00 PM on Martin Luther King Jr. Day DaveyD broke the news. Breaking News: folks have locked themselves on the Bay Bridge…,traffic at a massive stand still — Davey D (@mrdaveyd) January 18, 2016 Five cars moving in tandem westward on the Bay Bridge halted side by side before Treasure Island and people came out, cabling themselves and the cars together. CHP acted quite quickly. About thirty minutes after the first reports of what happened were tweeted news flashed that the protesters had been cut from their … Continued