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Debt Resistance! Projects! Books! Shirts! Strike Debt Bay Area Has It All.


Strike Debt Bay Area made its presence known at First Friday this Forth of July, featuring copies of the Debt Resisters’ Operations Manual, T-Shirts advocating for a Public Bank of Oakland, Occucards and a Strike Debt Bay Area tri-fold describing its ongoing projects. For any of the above, or to get involved, contact Strike Debt Bay Area at, check out the web page, facebook page, twitter feed, and/or come to the next meeting on July 19th at 3:00 PM at or near he Oscar Grant Plaza amphitheater. Read about … Continued


Monique. OO Comrade. Rest in Peace.


Oaklander and OO participant Monique Robinson was found unresponsive near the corner of 24th and Chestnut streets Thursday morning, July 3rd. News articles say that she was murdered. She was the mother of a small child, Taylor, who is being taken care of now by some of Monique’s comrades. You can help support Taylor with a donation through YouCaring. A memorial shrine has been set up at Oscar Grant Plaza as of the afternoon of July 4th and people were gathered there in the late afternoon in her memory.   … Continued


$0.00 – What a Jury Just Told Oscar Grant’s Father His Life Was Worth.


This morning, July 1st, 2014, five and a half years after Oscar Grant was killed at the Fruitvale BART Station, a verdict of  ”no justice” was given to Oscar’s father. Former BART Police Officer Johannes Mehserle won’t have to pay any monetary damages to the father of BART rider Oscar Grant. A federal jury in San Francisco ruled Oscar Grant Jr. is entitled to no monetary damages in the death of his son who was shot and killed at the Fruitvale BART station early on New Year’s Morning 2009. Mr. … Continued


Yet Another Civil Rights Lawsuit Against OPD.


What’s one more?  From OPD’s attacks on Iraq war protesters, to the Riders case which ultimately brought on Federal monitoring – which continues to this day, to the Oscar Grant and J28 kettling lawsuits (only the former has been settled), to Scott Olsen, Scott Campbell et al and Kevan Sabeghi, one more is hardly a blip. But one more it is.  As the San Francisco Chronicle reports Two independent journalists filed a federal civil rights lawsuit…  saying they were wrongfully detained and ticketed for minor infractions at protests because of … Continued


Not Bending, Not Folding, Definitely Not Spindling; Just Keepin’ it Lively Outside of Staples.


This is the one week anniversary of the Berkeley Staples table and outdoors occupation, staffed continually.  Dave Welsh honored that one-week anniversary by bringing his keyboard and playing from his repertoire of resistance songs, along with other musicians. The Boycott of Staples is in full swing. #StopStaples #BerkeleyPO — Strike Debt Bay Area (@StrikeDebtBA) June 28, 2014 Meanwhile, a number of people, some from Berkeley Post Office Defenders, some from Save the Berkeley Post Office, passed out flyers to passersby, engaging them and convincing them not shop at Staples, … Continued


Occupy Google Protesters Arrested.


Operation Occupy Google, which began early afternoon on June 23rd, came to at least a temporary halt as Mountain View police arrested some 10 Occupiers just before midnight on after they refused to leave. Google execs refused to do anything about the Occupation in the afternoon, but apparently changed their minds as the evening wore on and demanded that the Mountain View police arrest for trespassing anyone who refused to leave. A livestreamer, PunkBoySF, got arrested while videoing, along with the protesters. Numerous accounts of the action came out in … Continued


Operation Occupy Google!


Twenty some East Bay and San Francisco peeps headed down from Berkeley this morning to Mountain View to – and, no, I’m not making this up – Occupy Google. Hoping to engage the Google community in discussion about Net Neutrality and spur Google’s management (hello Sergei! hello Larry! hey there Eric!) to take further again to protect the Internet for use by all, for the benefit of all, they’ve taken up residence on Google’s campus between 101 and the Bay, with a popup, wireless infrastructure and more. They’ve established a … Continued


Occupyin’ Staples; Jammin’ the Sale!


At the beginning of June some Occupy San Francisco peeps took up stations outside of a Staples in San Francisco, protesting Post Office privatization and union-busting, and stayed there, 24-7, for nine days, garnering national attention. Now they’ve come over to the East Bay, to Berkeley, setting up a table in front of the downtown Berkeley Staples store at Shattuck & Durant.They’ve been there for three days and counting. Visitors welcome, but don’t shop at Staples!   #StopStaples outside the Berkeley Staples for the past 3 days spreading the word … Continued


San Francisco Projection Department Illuminates State Capitol.


The San Francisco Projection Department, an offshoot of Occupy San Francisco, lit up the State Capitol last night in support of the March for Democracy that has travelled on foot from Los Angeles and is arriving in Sacramento today (Sunday, June 22nd). We are the San Francisco Projection Department and we Project and Serve the people of San Francisco and the San Francisco Bay Area to inform and educate folk on vital issues of importance regarding social inequality and environmental justice. Check out more pictures from last night and other … Continued


Deja Iraq all Over Again


Protesters, and the Bay Area’s own Emperor of Protesting Frank Chiu took to the streets Saturday, June 21st in San Francisco, decrying the deployment of US troops to and possible airstrikes on Iraq. The calls for war keep getting louder from Washington. Obama said he would send up to 300 additional U.S. Special Operations troops to better assess the situation McCain (R-Ariz.) ratcheted up the pressure on the Obama administration Thursday over the growing crisis in Iraq, calling for air strikes and special forces on the ground to arrest the advance of … Continued