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#BlackLivesMatter Shuts down Oakland Police Union, Police Bank

In coordinated efforts, groups affiliated with #Blacklivesmatter here in Oakland, in Chicago, Detroit and New York City, and likely elsewhere, shut down police stations, union buildings, and police banks Wednesday afternoon. In Oakland, as of 10:00 PM, they were still barricading. Oakland: “We’re here because officers pay dues to this group that does nothing but defend and justify murderers across the country,” said Anti-Police Terror Project co-founder Cat Brooks, who added that half a dozen protesters chained doors shut. “We want the city to divest from police and put money … Continued


FastMo: How the Freeway Was Blocked.

The I880 Freeway in downtown Oakland was blocked for some three and a half hours last evening as more than 3000 people responded on a day’s notice to a Facebook event post calling on Oakland to SHUT It DOWN in response to the executions of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. The Freeway was taken at approximately 8:30 PM, after thousands marched from Oscar Grant Plaza to the downtown Police Station and then, finding the freeway unguarded by the usual CHP patrols, up the Broadway ramp. Watch in fast motion as … Continued


Dear Libby: Homeless Families Need Solutions NOW.

A week ago the Beal family, homeless, moved into Oakland City Hall, confronting Mayor Libby Schaaf, asking for help for themselves and all those families in desperate straights – homeless or about to become homeless – because of a rising economic tide that is drowning many instead of giving them a houseboat. Read their open letter (scroll down) to the Mayor and watch the video that Community Ready Corps made of the encounter: Mayor Libby, what are you going to do about people being homeless? There are kids out here … Continued


Blue Pimping: OPD and the Sex Industry

Let’s not bury the lead deeper than officer so-and-so buried his wife. This begins with a woman’s murder. She was murdered by her husband, and the police covered it up. As we deign to address the sordid, fleshy affairs of Oh Pee Dee (as a perfunctory course, addressing pertinent market matters), let us not forget the murdered sex workers, their bodies regularly found strewn through Oakland’s hills, like so much illegal dumping. Let us be ever vigilant that not even one more should die, especially at this time of tumult … Continued


Liberty City Redux.

In late November and early December of 2015, homeless residents of Berkeley and supporters, organized by First They Came for the Homeless, created Liberty City, an occupation of Berkeley’s Old City Hall Grounds in protest of Berkeley’s soon-to-be enacted anti-homeless ordinances and in support of equal rights and homes for the homeless. After eighteen days the City had had enough, the ordinances had passed, and they were evicted, homeless still. Seven months came and went and the City, despite its declaration of an emergency shelter crisis in December 2015, has … Continued


BART Creates a New Way to Become a Criminal. The Vicious Crime of Seat Hogging.

You put your purse on the seat next to you. Now you pay.  In April, the BART Board passed a law making it illegal to occupy two seats during rush hour on a BART train. The law was not to take effect until the BART police presented their implementation strategy. At the most recent BART Board meeting the BART police presented how they intend to enforce the new law. You can read about it here Debate Stirs Up Controversy Over ‘Seat Hog’ Arrest Policy Some BART directors might have buyers remorse … Continued


There Will A Vote Be For No Coal In Oakland !

The No Coal in Oakland Campaign didn’t know until this past Friday what the City Council would be voting on—a complete ban, some phony mitigation plan, or a choice between competing ordinances.  It is a relief that the only option on the agenda is to ban coal completely – the ban we want.  But we are not sure we have the votes we need.  The council has been quite intimidated at the prospect of a lawsuit from the developers.  They need to see the massive support for a ban. On … Continued


And Then There Were None…

OPD Haiku. ‘Scandal!’ Screams Out the Headlines. And Then There Were None. OPD Chiefless. Libby says Sabrina rules. The streets awaken. ‘Tis said Whent is gone. Figueroa cannot cope. Whence the shaft for Schaaf? Where have you gone, Judge? The dead are forgotten here. No justice. No peace. A fraternity. A toxic, macho domain. And eternity. Demouria Hogg. Executed in his sleep. Sex it is that brings down Chiefs. On the streets at 12. The bane now of OPD. Child into woman. 61160


Reggina Jefferies

Daily Mail summary:   Reggina Jefferies,16, died at Highland Hospital in Oakland a short time after being shot along with three other people  Jefferies was attending a vigil for two teen boys who died last month  Witnesses say there was an altercation in the street before two men fired into the crowd, hitting Jefferies and three other people The shooting happened a block away from where the vigil was being held for 15-year-old best friends Josiah Pratt Rose and Jamari Wilson at Venue    #oakmtg#SayHerName Reggina Jefferies. — Victor … Continued


An Open Letter to SF Police Officer Association President, Martin Halloran: “The Intimidation and Hate Will Stop Today.”

This open letter by Edwin Lindo, SF Hunger Striker for Justice and Candidate, District 9 Board of Supervisors, is in response to Mr. Halloran’s most recent newsletter to his rank and file officers. Dear Martin Halloran, You and your mob-like leadership of the San Francisco Police Officer Association have proven to be a rotten influence in our beautiful city, preventing us from being the progressive champion we should be. The POA is a para-military organization that fails its creed of being a true union — proving its failure by threatening its members, the public, and elected … Continued