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“OPD Has Brought a Serial Killer Back to the Force.”


Scott Olsen talks about the reinstatement of OPD Officer Robert Roche, fired by Oakland for lobbing a flash-bang grenade into the crowd of rescuers who had come out to help Scott when he was felled by a bean-bag round on Octobe 25th, 2011. Listen as Olsen relates how Roche has bragged about killing people. Roche was reinstated with back pay days ago when an arbiter ruled that he was “just following orders.” The person who allegedly gave those orders? Oh, he’s now the assistant to the Chief of Police. Two … Continued


The Story (So Far) of the Trayvon 2.


The Trayvon 2 appeared in court on July 25th. Their trial was delayed yet again and is not scheduled to begin until some time in the Fall. 1) The Trayvon 2, Hannibal Shakur (Lamar Caldwell) and Tanzeen Doha are two local activists being prosecuted for protests last July against the George Zimmerman not-guilty verdict in the murder of Trayvon Martin. According to the San Jose Mercury News, they are the only two people being prosecuted in relation to the July protests. 2) They are being railroaded through the judicial system … Continued


National Occupy Gathering: Sacramento, CA July 31st – August 3rd.


A Guide (FAQ) to the NatGat. Website.   Original FAQ What is the National Gathering? Occupy National Gathering is a yearly gathering of Occupiers, supporters and coalition groups. Occupy’s third national gathering, NatGat 2014 or NatGat3, will take place July 31 – August 3 in Sacramento, CA. Occupy Sacramento is busy rounding up venues for 4 days of teach-ins, skillshares, workshops, open spaces and actions. When is the National Gathering happening? July 31 – Aug 3, 2014 Where is the National Gathering happening? Sacramento, California Main Venues Thu., July 31, State … Continued


Buttons Make the Message Go Round! And You Can Help!


The Button Project needs some help. In particular for their project to deliver buttons across the United States to the National Unity Against Police Brutality campaign. The Button Project designs, assembles and delivers National Unity Against Police Brutality buttons and provides them totally free of charge to families who have lost a loved one to police violence. To date we have made over 15,000 buttons for over 100 families in 14 states. It is our policy that buttons cannot be purchased and should not be sold… We accept donations to … Continued


Tent City Is Up At Staples!


The protest at Staples took on new dimensions today at 5:00 PM in the shape of small, but Occupyable tents between the sidewalk and the Staples parking lot in Berkeley on Durant between Shattuck and Milvia.  Peeps from Berkeley Post Office Defenders and Occupy San Francisco are among the participants. As one of the campers said, “We’re here until Staples’ Post Offices aren’t.” The United State Postal Service and Staples began a pilot program back in October of 2013 whereby full-service Post Office stations were installed in some Staples around … Continued


The Killers Are Back in Town.


It’s Urban Shield 2014, September 4th through 8th at the Marriott Hotel in downtown Oakland. Just a bean-bag round’s throw away from where Scott Olsen was nearly murdered by the same kind of thugs you see in these pictures. Urban Shield has grown into a comprehensive, full-scale regional preparedness exercise assessing the overall Bay Area UASI Region’s response capabilities related to multi-discipline planning, policies, procedures, organization, equipment and training. Urban Shield continues to test regional integrated systems for prevention, protection, response and recovery in our high-threat, high-density urban area.  Vendors … Continued


You Have a Choice. Einstein, or one of Twenty Two-Footed, Prehensile Two-Handed Humans.


  Twenty candidates for Mayor on the wall. Twenty candidates for Mayor. You take one down… You pass him or her around… Twenty-one candidates for Mayor on the wall. And then there’s Einstein.  On the Internet, no one has to know you’re a dog, but at the City Clerk’s office it’s a different story. Species bias has prevented the next Mayor or Oakland from being listed on the ballot, but that has not stopped the future His-Canine-Honor from creating a Mayoral platform, website, twitter account and a Facewoof page. Now, … Continued


Thousands Rally, March in Protest in SF Against the Bombing of Palestine.


Saturday afternoon thousands took to the streets of San Francisco to protest Israel’s bombing of Palestine. Around the country and around the world similar protests have been taking place: in London, Paris and Rome; in Oslo and Stockholm; in Chicago, New York City, and Minneapolis. Selected tweets and pictures from today’s action in San Francisco from Alyssa. The crowd gathers. Stop Bombing Children- Free Gaza #youth4palestine — Alyssa (@alyssa011968) July 12, 2014   “From the River2the Sea Palestine Will b Free!Justice is our demand.there will b no peace on … Continued


Chalkupy Returns. Not As Protest but in Sadness.


They’ve been away for too long, but the Chalkupy crew came back, with Fresh Juice Party and a host of other sketchers creating chalk art at Oscar Grant Plaza in honor of Monique Robinson, honoring her life and mourning her death. Occupiers can from as far away as Canada to participate in the Chalkupy that began around 1:00 PM on Thursday, July 10th, 2014. Below are snaps showing the design, the work, and the result. More Chalkupy art can be seen here and here. Chalkupy was a weekly occurrence on … Continued


No Justice for Andy Lopez.


Slain by a Sonoma Sheriff’s Deputy who believes he’s perpetually in the “kill zone”, Andy Lopez of Santa Rosa, CA will have no justice in death. His executioner, Eric Gelhaus will have to live with whatever conscience he dubiously possesses, as no jury will judge him.   The Sonoma County District Attorney’s Office announced Monday that it will not file criminal charges against a sheriff’s deputy who shot and killed 13-year-old Andy Lopez.   District Attorney Jill Ravitch said … that investigators concluded Deputy Erick Gelhaus “fired his weapon in response … Continued