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Port Truckers Documentary: “Need To Treat Me Like A Human Being.”


A recently released video by “manningcaitlin” tells of the trials of Oakland’s independent port truckers as they try to organize, and the lack of respect they have been given over the years. It features a number of truckers telling of their frustrations with the Port and the police. It also features an excellent explanation of air quality issues, comparing emanations from the trucks vs. that from other equipment at the Port of Oakland, and showing starkly how the truckers are forced to idle endlessly, breathing air no one should have … Continued


Free Kali!


Sunday, December 15th, marked two years since Kali was arrested for occupying Oscar Grant Plaza during the vigil, arrested for possessing a blanket. WHY WAS HE ARRESTED? As absurd as it sounds even now, he was initially taken into custody for sitting on a public bench with a blanket. But we know the real reason they brutalized him and locked him away for 3 more years (nearly giving him a life-sentence!) was for being a bold, beautiful, black man they want so badly to break. He was one of many arrested … Continued


Now We Know What Getting Beaten Nearly to Death is Worth: $645,000.


We predict that Jean Quan will not be decrying the “economic violence” to Oakland any time soon, but yesterday the City of Oakland and Kayvan Sabeghi agreed to settle Sabeghi’s civil rights lawsuit for $645,000. Sabeghi nearly died after being beaten by OPD Officer Frank Uu – who has since retired from the force as is likely enjoying a fat pension at taxpayers’ expense.(The $645,000 will be taken from Oakland tax revenue; Uu has not been sued or prosecuted.) Kayvan Sabeghi, a veteran, had participated in the peaceful Port of … Continued


Strike Debt has a Song… And A Radio Slot to Sing It On!


Strike Debt Bay Area now has a radio segment! The first piece aired on KPFA on Wednesday, December 4th, 2013 beginning at 8:33 AM. (33 minutes into the Morning Mix show here). Future shows are planned for approximately the same time slot weekly, although the next show is currently scheduld to air on December 18th, two weeks from the first one. Listen to Mike and Cassie talk about debt, building resistance to unjust debt, and Strike Debt. There’s also a Strike Debt song to go along with the show (although … Continued


Feed the People (FtP)! Food and Toy Holiday Drive!


The Justice 4 Alan Blueford Coalition endorses (and highly recommends!) the Food and Toy Holiday Drive being organized out of the Alan Blueford Center 4 Justice (2434 Telegraph, come on by!) in conjunction with the Mary Ann Wright foundation. The drive began on First Friday, December 6th, but the elements were not cooperative, hurling down cold water upon the streets and peeps. All the more reason to help the hungry and homeless in these coming days. Four homeless people have already died in the South Bay due to exposure to … Continued


The Face of Quan. The Arms of Santana. The Body of OPD. Or, DAC Spelled Correctly is NSA.


Some ten members of the Oakland Privacy Group braved the cold and rain on Friday evening to bring Oakland the story of DAC: The Domain Awareness Center. One of the best non-artist First Friday booths evahhhh held the DAC exhibit – complete with both mock and real surveillance cameras, a beautiful banner, and a movie screen showing Minority Report style scenes from ’1984′, the surveillance camera livestream, and a privacy poster slide show. Too bad the rest of Oakland had the sense to stay home and away from the shivering … Continued


It’s Official! Developers Staying Away from Post Office Purchase.


It’s not often one has reason to quote the Wall Street Journal pointing as evidence that what you are doing is having an effect. But as the Journal just reported, a novel tactic seems to be having the desired effect of making developers wary of purchasing the downtown Berkeley Post Office. The idea, a restrictive zoning ordinance, was first proposed by an Occupy Oakland participant and developed into a concrete proposal by organizations hoping to save the downtown Berkeley Post Office from sale and Berkeley Councilperson Jesse Arreguin. Along the … Continued


Capitalism Roasting Over an Open Fire.


More than six hundred people protested at the San Leandro Walmart on Black Friday beginning at 3;00 PM, participating in a nationwide event that saw over a thousand Walmarts with protesters of one form or another. The Brass Liberation Orchestra came to San Leandro, along with many other East Bay activist groups and unions. As the protest was waning, a large dollar sign appeared in the parking lot and began combusting. This picture was snapped and sent out via twitter at approximately 6:30 PM that day. While dollars themselves are … Continued


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