Anti-Repression Committee

Works with Occupy Legal to coordinate jail and medical support. Takes care of getting people out of jail, providing bail, packing the courtroom when people are being arraigned, and general solidarity and support work for those who have been brutalized by the police at Occupy Oakland.

Mass Arrest Lawsuit Settled – OPD Costs Oakland’s Taxpayers Another Cool $1,000,000.


The National Lawyer’s Guild yesterday announced the settlment of a lawsuit from 2010 in which one hundred and fifty Oscar Grant verdict protesters were “mass arrested” for no reason other than revenge by Oakland Police and then mistreated by Alameda County Sheriffs’ Deputies. The protest took place on November 5th, 2010, the day that Johnannes Meserle, the BART Police Officer who killed Oscar Grant was sentenced to less than two years in jail (with time in custody reducing the sentence) for the murder of Oscar Grant. U.S. District Court Judge … Continued


Court Support needed tomorrow January 23rd

COME SUPPORT ADAM WEATHERS  tomorrow at 9am Dept 11 at Rene C. Davidson courthouse (by the lake). This will be a bail reduction hearing and community support  can play an important factor in the judges decision.   Adam was arrested on J28 in front of the YMCA  with hundreds of other comrades while serving as a medic. He was brutalized by police, including being kicked in the head by his arresting officer. It has long been a practice of OPD to stick those they brutalize most with the most severe … Continued


Confronting the Many Faces of Repression

Rethinking Repression Over the past year, we have experienced many forms of overt police repression, from the camp eviction and night of tear gas on October 25th, to raids on the vigil, to snatch and grab squads on May Day.  We have come to expect the riot-clad police, with their batons and chemical weapons, although repression comes in other forms as well.  As a community, we have not been sufficiently attuned to these other faces of repression.  As the Anti-Repression Committee (ARC), we too have focused primarily on the overt … Continued



TONIGHT: Sunday, August 19 – 7:30pm Gather to bring in the sunset for our sister Tsega. Join us as we gather at the site of Tsega’s murder for a candlight vigil and open mic. Lake Merritt (on Grand Avenue between Harrison and Bay, near Fairy Land) “I didn’t come to die. I came to sunshine.” REST in POWER TSEGA! 38769


Financial Statement from the Anti Repression Committee

FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING for the ANTI REPRESSION COMMITTEE JULY 29, 2012 The following is a full accounting of all funds raised and spent by Occupy Oakland’s Anti Repression Committee (ARC) as of July 29, 2012. Anti Repression funds are only used for providing support for OO arrestees.   Total Funds Raised: $40,874.38 $20,000.00 – Occupy Wall Street Donation $19,464.38 – Funds raised through the ARC’s We Pay account and fundraising activities $480.00      – O100 Support Committee Donation $ 930.00     – Fundraiser event at the Starry Plough   Total Funds Spent: $21,020.14 … Continued


Support Melvin, Chris (AKA Wildebeast) 7/30, and Tiffany 7/31 9am @ Wiley Manuel Courthouse Room 112


Come to Support Melvin, Christopher Lorge (AKA Wildebeast) this Monday July 30th 2012 at 9AM and Tiffany Tran this Tuesday July 31th 2012 at 9AM at Wiley Manuel Courthouse Room 112 661 Washington Street Oakland, California 94607 -for directions click here or the images- COURT UPDATE!! 7/31/2012: “Court Update! After pushing all the way to trial, charges against Christopher Lorge AKA Wildebeast have been dismissed. Tiffany Tran was set to go to trial today as well. The DA offered another plea deal instead. Tiffany refused the deal and in response the … Continued


IRREPRESSIBLE VOICES: A benefit for the Occupy Oakland Anti-Repression Committee 7/19/12 @8pm


  IRREPRESSIBLE VOICES:  A benefit for the Occupy Oakland Anti-Repression Committee Featuring: Mad Noise, The 21st Century, Kent Decide Thursday July 19th.  8PM @ The Starry Plough Pub (21+) 3101 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley, CA Suggested donation 5-20 dollars. Larger donations gladly accepted. No one turned away for inability to pay. All proceeds will go directly towards prisoner support and bail funds for Occupy’s political prisoners.   35274


6/20 8:45 am – Pack the Court for Kali!


Kali was originally arrested December 16th on minor misdemeanor charges, but because of a probation violation hold he was incarcerated for 4 days before any charges were formally filed. While most people would have been released from jail and asked to appear for a future court date given the minor nature of the misdemeanor charges, the DA denied Kali’s release because of the county’s assertion that he is homeless. At his arraignment Kali immediately notified the judge that he did have a residence and provided the address. The staff that … Continued