Anti-Repression Committee

Works with Occupy Legal to coordinate jail and medical support. Takes care of getting people out of jail, providing bail, packing the courtroom when people are being arraigned, and general solidarity and support work for those who have been brutalized by the police at Occupy Oakland.

To Occupy Oakland, from Antirep

First of all, we would like to introduce ourselves to folks who do not already know us: We are the Anti-Repression Committee. What We DO: -We provide educational materials and workshops with Occupy Legal that seek to empower people against the repressive tactics of the State and its legal system. -We work to gain political and material support for people who were arrested as part of Occupy Oakland in and out of custody through letter writing and campaigns to pack the courtroom on certain court dates. -We help facilitate rides … Continued


OPD is summoning witnesses via letter; What to do if you recieve one.

OPD has been sending people letters telling them that they may be a witness to criminal activity and asking them to come in.  It appears that these letters are being sent to people who were arrested on January 28th but there may be more we aren’t aware of. It is our understanding that these letters are NOT legally binding summons.  As always, we strongly urge you to exercise your right to remain silent, and to NOT speak with the police. This includes Internal Affairs (IA). Anything you say to IA … Continued


Court Support Calendar 5/28-6/1

5/29: 1 felony arraignment at 2pm in 112 5/30: 1 felony arraignment in Dept. 11 at Rene Davidson, 9am 1 pretrial hearing at 9am in Dept. 104, Wiley Manuel 5/31: 1 prelim hearing in 104, Wiley Manuel 6/1: 2 arraignments in 107 from the farm 32404


Update on Kali’s Sentencing

KALI’S SENTENCING Kali had a hearing this morning in Pleasanton where he plead to a deal negotiated by his public defender. He plead no contest to one felony count of 241.1 (assault on a custodial officer), with a sentence of 2 years. He also admitted to one prior “strike” for the purposes of sentencing, therefore doubling the two year sentence. He has thus agreed to 4 years of state time (the original offer was 6 years) at 80% time served (meaning he has to actually serve 80% of those 4 … Continued


Charges Dismissed against the Ice Cream 3

PRESS RELEASE This morning, felony robbery and hate crime charges were dismissed against Occupy Oakland activists, Nneka Crawford, Michael Davis & Randolph Wilkins. The three defendants commend the District Attorney’s office for dismissing these charges in the interest of justice, and encourage the Alameda County District Attorney’s office to continue to dismiss future cases that are without merit. Ms. Crawford said: “These dismissals are very telling of how the Oakland Police Department operates. I hope everyone realizes that despite how horrible the charges sounded,the presumption of innocence is really, really … Continued


Court Support Calendar 5/21-5-25: UPDATED

5/22: Pretrial hearing for Kali in Dept 704 of Gale-Schenone Hall of Justice (Pleasanton), 9am. 5/23: One comrade in Dept 115 of Wiley Manuel, 9am. 5/24: SENTENCING HEARING FOR JESUS, Dept 14, Rene Davidson, 9am. Two comrades in 104 for pretrial at Wiley, 9am. One arrested at the farm, one arrested on May Day. 5/25: One comrade in Dept 111 of Wiley Manuel, 9am. chris in dept 112, 2pm, wiley manuel (arraignment). 31820


Court Support Calendar 5/7-5/11

as of sunday, May 6th, only two comrades arrested during May Day remain in custody. 5/7: One comrade in dept 112 at Wiley Manuel, 9am arrested on May Day. 5/8: Probation hold hearing for Truth, 11am, dept 11 at Rene Davidson One comrade at Wiley Manuel in dept 107, 9am, arrested at OPD open house last Friday. Two comrades at Wiley Manuel in dept 112 at 2pm, both arrested at OPD open house last Friday. 5/9: Two comrades at Wiley Manuel in dept 115 at 9am. One comrade arrested on … Continued


Update on Oakland May Day Arrests and What You Can Do to Support as of 5/3/12

About seven comrades are being released from Santa Rita tonight but four more are still being held over for arraignment & will have court tomorrow. What you can do to help! Go to court 5/4/12! Wiley Manuel Courthouse is located at 661 Washington @ 7th Street in downtown Oakland. The one misdemeanor arraignment is at 9am in department 107 and three felony arraignments are at 10am in department 112. Packing dept. 112 is really important so if you only want to attend one arraignment, this is the one to go … Continued


Update on Oakland May Day arrests and support as of 5/2/12

That was a great MayDay! Now let’s get our people out! Here’s an update: We are aware of about 15 people in custody. Fifteen or so have been cited and released. We believe that no more people will be released today, but the rest of our locked up comrades have court tomorrow. Here’s what you can do to help! Go to court tomorrow! Wiley Manuel Courthouse is located at 661 Washington @ 7th Street in downtown Oakland. All the misdemenors are at 9am in department 107 and all the felonies … Continued