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Two Vigils for Sandra Bland.


Oakland held two vigils/memorials for Sandra Bland today, Wednesday, July 22nd. The first, from Noon until 1:00 PM, is being held all week at that same time (Thursday and Friday), and happens at Oscar Grant Plaza at the interesection of 14th & Broadway. The second was held at and around the Rockridge Bart beginning at 5:00 PM. Below are some tweetpics from that event. Late today the Texas District Attorney in charge of the investigation into her death told the Bland family that the autopsy was “defective” and that authorities … Continued


Going, Going, Not Gone! The Incredible, Inedible, Real-Life Tale of Oakland’s Land Sale that Couldn’t.


It probably happens all the time. It probably happens all over. An out-of-the-limelight negotiation, some winks and nods, a few shrugs, a quiet vote and a developer ends up with a prime piece of previously publicly owned land on the cheap. This time it happened in Oakland, and this time, one time, it didn’t happen. The not happening began with deliberate action to violate the law on the part of City officials, proceeded to astroturf, a surprise direct action, eight million dollars of “sweetener” and ultimately a leaked document. Here’s … Continued


Berkeley City Council Tables Homeless Criminalization Ordinances.


At 1:00 AM on July 1st, 2015 the Berkeley City Council tabled four ordinances that would have criminalized Berkeley’s homeless. They were up against an extremely upset, rather large crowd that had stubbornly stuck around beyond the witching hour, determined not to go down without a  fight long into the even wee-er hours of the morning. Linda Maio, sponsor of the ordinance package, relunctantly acceded to Mayor Tom Bates’ request to table and adjourn after acknowledging the fierce opposition but saying “Something has to change!” The confusion and consternation had … Continued


PredPol: An Open Letter to the Oakland City Council


AN OPEN LETTER TO THE MEMBERS OF THE OAKLAND CITY COUNCIL FROM THE OAKLAND PRIVACY WORKING GROUP. We are deeply concerned that the Oakland City Council is, as it was with the Domain Awareness Center, voting to allocate funds for a system that it has not debated, has not gotten public input on, is not what it is represented to be, and is troubling in its civil liberties implications. We are referring to the $150,000 line item for ‘Predictive Policing’ software that is included in the Mayor’s budget proposal. It … Continued


Video from the UC BSU Vigil and Speakout for the Charleston Victims.


UCB BSU members, students, labor and community people rallied at the UC Berkley campus Sproul Plaza on June 18, 2015 to protest and condemn the terrorism and racist murder of 9 Charleston South Carolina church parishioners. They pointed out that this is a long continuation of murder and terrorism against the Black community throughout the history of the United States. The murder was also done on the anniversary of the rebellion against slavery that was planned at the church. (Video description) Oaklander Gerald Smith from the Oscar Grant Committee and … Continued


Who Killed Demouria Hogg?


The following demands have been made by the community in the OPD officer-involved killing of Demouria Hogg on June 6th, 2015. Community Demands: If the Mayor of Oakland, the Oakland Police and the City of Oakland wish to have us believe there is any shred of accountability within, they must 1. Immediately release the name or names of the officer or officers involved in the shooting, as required by the 5/29/14 California Supreme Court decision, Long Beach Police Officers Association v City of Long Beach. 2. Immediately make public all … Continued


Public Land for Private Profit: Only It Didn’t Happen.


Everyone expected it to pass. As the Oakland Post put it before the vote City Council Set to Approve Sale of City Land for Luxury Apartment Tower and again after it Before Tuesday night’s City Council meeting, the proposal to sell a city parcel to build a luxury apartment tower at Lake Merritt seemed like a done deal. On June 2nd, with the doors blockaded and the upper galleries closed off, 90+ speakers’ names were called to speak on the proposal to sell the 12th St. parcel at a fire … Continued




If I owe the bank thousands, the bank owns me; but if, together, we owe the bank trillions, then we own the banks.   Strike Debt is responsible for the Rolling Jubilee, a mutual-aid project that buys debt at steeply discounted prices and then abolishes it; the Corinthian 100 Student Debt Strike; and the Debt Resisters’ Operations Manual. On Saturday, June 6, Strike Debt Bay Area, the local chapter of Strike Debt, will host a Debtors’ Assembly. As individuals, families, and communities, most of us are drowning in debt for … Continued


Hella Privacy! Maybe.


Almost two years after the Domain Awareness Center first crept onto the radar of Bay Area activists… it will be allowed to power up. Two years past it was a system spec’ed to spy over all of Oakland, incorporating traffic cameras, Shotspotter, school cameras, license plate readers and social media, with no controls on information sharing with other agencies like the FBI or ICE. Now, it is a system confined to take input from the Port of Oakland (at least without Council approval of further expansion). It may not use … Continued


In the Unending Battle Between Bulldozer and Broccoli…


Occupy The Farm took their protest against Sprouts’ plan to pave the Gill Tract down to Fremont and Mountain View , Saturday, May 30th. Some of the action included a mean, if not lean, bulldozer attempted to clear out a broccoli and a grape, but instead was chased away itself. Much music, merriment and mulch, not to mention some serious messaging, was done. Successful #boycottsprouts action. No one arrested! Message delivered. Fun had by all. #OccupyTheFarm #GillTractDefense — Occupy the Farm (@occupyfarm) May 30, 2015 Check out some non-embeddable videos of the … Continued