Mike Zint, Occupier, RIP

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Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2020 15:52:19 -0800

At approx. 11:40 AM Mike was taken off the respirator. At approx 12:35 he took his last breath. A small handful, his sister Pamela, Sarah Menefee, Stacey Hill, Marcia Poole and I were with him through the entire process. James Cartmill & Michele Lot arrived about 15 minutes after he was taken off support and stayed with the rest of us to help him transition. He is soaring now with his fallen comrades. He is survived by his kids, the lizards, who will be well taken care of. Soon we gather for a big party in his honor.

Barbara Brust

He could breathe no more.
A classy homeless hero.
Mike Zint died Friday.

SF Occupy.
The Federal Reserve camp.
Then across the Bay.

Months outside Staples.
Fighting privatization.
Saving union jobs.

The Postal Service
and its New Deal properties
In peril, he came.

Downtown Berkeley.
Seventeen months he remained.
On Post Office grounds.

The Postal Police.
Evicted. Garden fenced.
He got last laugh though.

We rezoned PO.
Still today remains unbought.
Judge Alsup affirmed.

Homeless not Helpless.
First They Came for the Homeless.
House Keys not Handcuffs.

Liberty City.
Challenging City Council.
They failed us all.

A Poor Tour conceived.
Chased by Berkeley’s finest.
Exposing the Hub.

Round and around town.
Cold. Wet. Raided. Stolen from.
Still, they persisted.

No Man’s Land. HERE/THERE.
An intentional village.
Zint’s wish reality.

UN Rapporteur.
Housing is a Human Right.
US not so much.

Finally housing.
A flat in deep East Oakland.
Four walls. A slumlord.

Homeless not heartless.
Rest in peace wounded comrade.
A home in the sky.



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