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How to get a Proposal to the General Assembly?

Develop the Proposal. Proposals to the General Assembly can come from individuals, committees or working groups of any kind. Any proposal brought forth must have full consensus by at least three persons whom have attended at least one Occupy Oakland General Assembly. Seek Relevant Input. Groups submitting a proposal are strongly encouraged to consult with all parties who shall be impacted by the proposal, like caucuses or committees or working groups, to develop  cohesive proposal. Submit the Proposal to the Facilitation Committee. Get your proposal to the Facilitation Committee by … Continued


What is Occupy Oakland’s Collective Decision-Making Process?

Occupy Oakland’s Collective Decision-Making Process is the manner in which our General Assembly makes a decision pertaining to a specific proposal. A decision is reached through the mechanics of Occupy Oakland’s Collective Decision Making Process. The following outlines the said mechanics: Step 1: Proposal is Presented Proposal is presented to the General Assembly by following the mechanics of submitting a proposal to the General Assembly. Framing and Actual Proposal   Step 2: Clarifying Questions Members of the community present clarifying questions to that proposal in front of the assembly (i.e. … Continued


Hand Gestures used at the General Assembly

The following gestures have been agreed on in order to express an opinion, to complete a decision on a proposal and to allow the entire community to co-facilitate our General Assembly: 1. Applause/Agreement: Place both hands in front of yourself, with palms facing out and open, then flutter fingers. 2. Disagreement: Hands in front of self, open hands and face tips of fingers to the ground, while shake hands from side to side. 3. “That has already been said”/”Get to the point”/”Time is up”: Place your arms in front of yourself, with your … Continued


General Assembly

Our General Assembly is a participatory gathering of Oakland community members and beyond. Occupy Oakland’s General Assembly uses a participatory decision-making process appropriately called, “Occupy Oakland’s Collective Decision Making Process.” Our Assembly and the process we have collectively cultivated strives to reach agreement while building a mutually respectful community. Proposals are brought to the Facilitation Committee, either in person at their regular meetings or through email to facilitation@occupyoakland.org, and then are brought to Occupy Oakland’s General Assembly. A proposal becomes a resolution only when it is approved through the mechanics … Continued


Proposal for agreement to non-violent compliance for members of the movement

Hello all, I am writing to propose the drafting of an agreement to compliance with the utilization of non-violent mediums for changes in governing legislations, to be signed by each member of the movement, as Martin Luther King Jr. did during the civil rights movement, in an effort to send a unified message of our desire for change through theafter means of afore mentioned and to distinguish the movement from individual instances, such as what occurred today, and also from groups who may sympathize with the cause and efforts of … Continued


Man Killed at 14th and Broadway

A man was shot and killed outside of Tully’s just before 5pm this evening. Occupy Oakland medics were the first on the scene to try and assist the victim. Others formed a circle around the victim to prevent gawkers and media people from interfering with emergency procedures. Oakland police now have the area marked off with yellow tape. Our condolences and greatest sympathies go out to the man’s family and friends. Come down to support the occupation now — bring candles and flowers to show solidarity with victims of violence. … Continued


very sorry to hear the latest turn of events near OO

i believe OO campers who say it had nothing to do with OO. i am sorry for the man who died and his family, and for the cause, the camp, the canceled celebration tonight, and the city of Oakland and poor Tully’s Coffee. http://www.ktvu.com/news/news/breaking-news/shooting-injures-one-near-occupy-oakland-encampmen/nFbKP/ 5331


Death of a young man shot who came to the Occupy Oakland location

I hope all the folks who have been participating in Occupy Oakland, will not allow themselves to be drawn into any vandalism or retaliation for the death of this young man.  If you are angry and frightened and hurt – I don’t blame you, and you have my sympathy and understanding.  However, retaliation in any form of violence or vandalism will result in more deaths – so I encourage all of you to remain as calm as you can. I’m 72 years old and have lived in the Bay Area … Continued


Prevent the undermining of OO and the movement

The significant amount of discussion about destructive behavior clearly indicates that it’s a critical issue; many of us believe it’s the most critical issue. Yet, I believe the discussion isn’t focused sharply enough on the most important point:: Significantly growing the movement is critical to its success and destructive behavior results in large numbers of people viewing the movement negatively, not getting involved in or dropping out of it, and opposing it (Occupy is losing support: two weeks ago polls showed significantly more support than opposition; a recent poll indicates … Continued


Weekly Interactive Theatre for Racial Justice!

What: Interactive Theater Workshop for Racial Justice Where: North side of the plaza When: Thursdays at 6pm, starting November 17   Description: “We are a group of theatre activists and drama therapists comitted to racial justice. We use Theatre of the Oppressed, Playback Theatre, and many drama therapy methods. We are offering a weekly interactive theatre workshop for community members who would like to partake in a space for anti-racist community building, working through dynamics with “isms” within the movement, letting off steam, and practicing embodying our racial justice ideals … Continued