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Riseup, a Worthwhile Cause to Support

Since the early days of our movement, the Web Committee and many others in Occupy Oakland have received valuable free services from the activist collective at Riseup provides secure and stable communications tools for free to social revolutionaries and groups around the world. We in the Web Committee have long benefited from our group’s email list, one of the valuable services that Riseup provides. Other committees, caucuses, and groups have taken advantage of this service to facilitate efficient communication amongst their members. Additionally, Riseup allowed us to use their … Continued


Web Committee Update 4-10-12

We have been cleaning up bugs, making design improvements and tightening up for the spring actions. We are also working on better outreach to committees for delegate postings. 27370


Site Upgrades 1/27/12

The Web Committee has been struggling with two different issues. Our site is in need of more (and more timely) content, in order to reflect the events and issues of the Occupy Oakland community. On the other hand, we have seen a rise in spam posts. The measures we take to open the site up more will allow more spam in, while measures which prevent spam from getting in at all will prevent most  Occupiers from getting in as well. We have formulated a plan to address this problem. The first … Continued


Make noise to support the prisoners and dance in the New Year

On December 31st meet at Oscar Grant Plaza at 9pm. We’ll begin with a march to the jail for a noisy demonstration to show prisoners we have not forgotten them in our struggles. Afterward, we’ll return to the Plaza for a Dance Party. New Year’s resolution: Destroy Capitalism… Oakland style. This event is inspired by the North American call out for a day of action against prisons in the New Year of 2011, which remains relevant and unchanged: Noise demos outside of prisons in some countries are a continuing tradition. … Continued


General Assembly Proposals & Resolutions Are Now Online

Proposals and resolutions are now being placed online. Proposals prior to the General Assembly in which they will be discussed and Resolutions once they are passed by the General Assembly. General Assembly statements, decisions, agendas, and proposals are posted online so that participants can keep track of what is going on with the occupation. GA Statements | GA Minutes | GA Agendas | GA Proposals | GA Resolutions Read more about Our General Assembly at 8384


Vigil Needs Support Tonight

We (OO) Need You at Oscar Grant Plaza (14th and Broadway) at 9:30 PM Tonight (Tuesday, November 29th)! A teepee was erected at OGP today after initially being blocked but then succeeding after a stand-down between OO, the police, and the city. This action was an exercise for freedom of religion and is also part of the vigil being held at OGP (see below) and also in support of the tree sitters. The standoff ended when the city granted permission for the teepee to be present except between the hours … Continued


Mexican Solidarity Statement (En Español y English)

Compañerxs, Hace unos días, hicimos circular esta carta invitando a compas en México a sumarse a una campaña de solidaridad con el movimiento de Occupy Oakland, en California, EEUU. El 10 de noviembre la Comuna de Oakland cumplió un mes, y en las últimas semanas ha surgido como un espacio muy importante de resistencia y organización autónoma en una ciudad emblemática por su fuerte legado de militancia y activismo anticapitalista. Después del primer intento de desalojo del acampe el 25 de octubre, miles de personas marcharon y la policia respondió … Continued


Vigil to Honor POC Who Died for Liberation

Called for by the People of Color and Queer People of Color Caucus:   The People of Color and Queer People of Color Caucus of Occupy Oakland cordially invite you to an event to honor our ancestors that died resisting colonial domination: Our foremothers and our forefathers, ancestors who fought and rebelled from day one of this land occupation: Slave Revolters, Freedom Fighters, Migrant Workers, Indigenous Warriors, Indentured Servants.WE PROUDLY HONOR inspirational figures from our diverse backgrounds and the resiliency of our communities that brought us to this pivotal moment … Continued