Domain Awareness Center

An Offer Only a Quan Could Not Refuse.

Yesterday, Saturday, February 22nd, 2014 at a townhall meeting in West Oakland, Mayor Quan revealed part of the truth about the origins of the Domain Awareness Center. Anyway, Mayor Quan came up to me and said: “When Homeland Security comes up to us with an offer like that ((money for the DAC)) I do not think we are in the position to say no.” — S from O And after subsequently combing through 5000 pages of Public Records Request information, we found this transcript from back in late 2011. DHS … Continued


Stop the Spy Center!

We can be Snowden-confident that the NSA did not miss the protest that took place against their little cousin the Domain Awareness Center (DAC), February 4th, 2014, at Oscar Grant Plaza in downtown Oakland, nor the fact that it took place in the amphitheater that once held the massive General Assemblies of Occupy Oakland.     Some 200 people participated in the light brigade, rally, entertainment (thanks, Clowns Not Bombs!), and march to the site of the not-quite-yet activated Domain Awareness Center located, more than ironically, on Martin Luther King … Continued


Oakland City Council Meeting – Item 20: Domain Awareness Center Phase II

Oakland City Council Meeting -Item 20: Domain Awareness Center Phase II Unfortunately, but expected, it passed; 6 to 1. – November 19, 2013 – Oakland, California Speaking against the Oakland City Council Meeting. Item 20: Domain Awareness Center (DAC) EFF representative speaking at the Oakland City Council Meeting. Item 20: Domain Awareness Center (DAC) Data Engineer Speaking at the Oakland City Council Meeting: Item 20 DAC Oakland Police and Homeland Security Personal at the Oakland City Council Meeting Item 20: Domain Awareness Center (DAC) . 54076


Oakland City Council Ignores the People (As Usual). Votes to Move Forward With Domain Awareness Center.

Not before getting Mic Checked though. Mic Check! Seventy people gathered in the drizzle at 5:30 PM before the City Council meeting on Tuesday, November 19th. The rally against DAC was muted by the rain, as the Brass Liberation Orchestra had to cancel due to the H2O, but a huge kettle of soup provided by good samaritans keep spirits high as the crowd waited for the City Council non-consent agenda to begin. The latest DAC proposal was to give the City Administrator authorization to select a new contractor instead of … Continued


Stop DAC Spying! Come to City Hall Tue 11/19: Meeting in Progress come and join us (100+)!! LIVE STREAMING:

Please click the link: or twitter images to connect to the meeting live stream. Meeting in progress, 7:40pm status: Meeting in progress, 7:26pm status: Tell City Hall: NO SURVEILLANCE STATE IN OAKLAND! The Department of Homeland Security and Oakland Police are building a massive surveillance center to videotape, track, and log the movements of all Oakland residents and visitors!  The Domain Awareness Center (DAC) as its called, is an unprecedented attack on our civil liberties, giving the police department unlimited access to our whereabouts.  This includes a computer system … Continued


Occupy Oakland Shoots Down Defense Contractor Spy Agency

SPEAKER JOSHUA SMITH / OAKLAND CITY COUNCIL / AGENDA ITEM #9 / NOVEMBER 12, 2013   TRANSCRIPT: “My name is Joshua Smith I’m a resident of Oakland. We were here before shaming you for hiring a company that is involved in nuclear weapons procurement. SAIC also trains for Interrogation. SAIC facilitates the telecommunications for the drone program in Afghanistan, that s murdered over a thousand innocent civilians, including children, and this is the company you chose. I would like to know what genius vetted this company? Dan Kalb I remember … Continued