Justice 4 Alan Blueford Coalition BBQ, Sat. April 13 1:00 PM Arroyo Park

Please join us for a free community BBQ with a health booth, music, activities for kids, and much more.  OPD officer Miguel Masso murdered 18 year-old Alan Blueford last May 6th in Deep East Oakland.  As Alan was laying on the ground with his hands raised his last words were “I didn’t do anything.”  The Justice For Alan Blueford Coalition has been fighting to get officer Masso fired and prosecuted, rallying and marching, shutting down City Council, and occupying the District Attorney’s office.  Come out and share some food and … Continued


Labor Day BBQ at Snow Park, 2pm

OO’s Nomads are hosting a potluck BBQ at Snow Park at 2 PM on Labor Day, September 3rd.  Bring a dish to share with your comrades & cronies. OK, Labor Day is the establishment’s alternative to May 1st, International Workers’ Day, celebrated by progressives all over the world. May Day started as a commemoration of 7 anarchists unjustly sentenced to execution after being railroaded after an incident at a workers’ demonstration in Chicago in 1866.  But even that attempted cooptation of workers’ own celebration of their solidarity had to be … Continued


Justice for Alan Blueford coalition passed resolution thanking Occupy Oakland Barbecue Committee

. . . Justice for Alan Blueford coalition passed resolution thanking Occupy Oakland Barbecue Committee: The Justice for Alan Blueford Coalition wishes to express that it deeply appreciates the hard work of the Occupy Oakland Barbecue  Committee in organizing the July 21st Justice for Alan Blueford BBQ  at Arroyo Park in East Oakland. It was a great success and we all look forward to working together in the future. . . . Photo Credit: Alyssa. 37871


What’s Next? Occupy Oakland BBQ – June 9th, @ 2PM Bellevue and Grand

Occupy Oakland BBQ - You are invited! Tu estas invitado!

Mayday has come and gone… Capitalism is still here.  Now what? While Occupy Oakland has many great projects in the works, our energies are so dispersed we often don’t get the chance to come together face to face and strategize for the future. This is why the BBQ assembly is planning a picnic this Saturday June 9th at 2PM at Lake Merrit to discuss our vision and plan for the future. From the the AC transit campaign to school closure defense to vengeance for the victims of killer cops, let’s … Continued


Kitchen check in and important information!

Hi Food Justice Community! The Oakland Kitchen wanted to give a shot out to all the amazing and powerful food people. The BBQ crew has been on it! We also have a ton of occupy oaklanders helping at the kitchen farm, also thanks to the crazy autonomous cook and his huge meal actions all over town… know who you are, suspenders and all. Its such hard work and a lot of us know what it takes to cook for dozens and dozens, if not hundreds of people. We wanted to … Continued