Request for Cooks and Food Support for Rise Up Festival/Move-in Day on Jan 28 & 29, 2012

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Hi beautiful community! The kitchen is requesting food support and cooks to sign up for the Rise Up Festival next weekend. If you’d like to help you can:

1) Commit to cooking and bringing food during a festival meal time slot. Schedule below (We can transport as well so let us know if you need or would like that assistance.). Please let us know your specific needs, for example: you need us to provide serving gear for your meal, you want to cook but need supplies to do so, etc.

2) Collect food donations. Email kitchen so we can write a non-profit letter if needed to any place who donates. Also email kitchen or call: 510-205-4550 to make sure food gets to a cook and will be utilized. We are seeking bulk foods, beans, lentils, rice, potatoes, coffee beans!, tea!, canned foods, cakes, and sweets for fun, fruit!, nut butters, jam, and veggies, but not until later in the week.

3) Ask restaurants and food service places to hop on board and help us! Kitchen can send them a mission statement, general information, and a briefing on what is desired if needed.

4) Coffee and hot drinks are a big help. If you want to sign up to do a batch, let us know we can supplies what you need.

Email us at:
**Thanks to everyone for doing such amazing work. We love you.*

Food schedule for both days as follows:

Sat: Start at Oscar Grant Plaza
Lunch at OGP 12-1 pm, during rally, then march to building location.
Dinner at building location 5-7 before GA.

Sun: At building location
Breakfast 8-10 am.
Lunch 12-2 pm, hoping to get some outside support for a BBQ, please send ideas.
Dinner 5-7 pm before GA.


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